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With the situation well in-hand, Kohr motioned for the detail set to remain to move behind him before engaging the progression program. The air before him sizzled to life, casting his hardened features in a grim amber glow. There was no end to his displeasure at having to treat his own crewmates in such a manner, but the situation outweighed his personal feelings. There was, however, the briefest respite to his demeanor—a brief twitch of his lip that could have almost been called a smile as they turned away.

And yet, he thought to himself pridefully, the acquit themselves admirably.

Peter nodded his head slowly and began walking “You know Forgrave, I think arresting me gives you the right to call me Peter” He said in a slightly amused tone “Since you are doing my old job” He could still feel his anger simmering at a nice low temperature but it was contained, for now he could simply converse. It had been months since the last time somebody pointed a phaser at him, odd that he missed that.


Forgrave chuckled. “Reckon so? Well Peter; I don’t care for being rude, so feel free ta call me Issac.” He was silent for a moment, considering the man’s words. “Ya used ta be Security Chief? Seems ta be a bit of a trend; going from Security ta Intelligence; though I suppose it does make sense enough ta me.” The trip through the corridors was going well so far, and Issac appreciated the bit of conversation. He felt awkward arresting a fellow officer; doubly so considering he was so new to the ship. He was considering thanking the man for his cooperation; but he thought it might be a touch early for that - there was still plenty of time for something to go wrong…

Peter chuckled rather drily at that “It was some time ago, back when…” He immidiately stopped as the Captain made her announcement.

Through the comm came the captain’s voice to the party, =/\=Rende to Forgrave. We have a possible situation with our guest. Take or send a team and meet medical there.=/\=

Rende, CO

Damn you, Murphy! Issac’s eyes flitted over to Peter; wondering if he was going to try anything. Damn; hard to have worse timing… He considered where they were in relation to their destination; and what bare information had been given. Worst case scenario… we’re all fragged and don’t know it yet. So time don’t matter. More likely, we’re reacting ta somethin’ in progress; but it’s a ‘possible’ situation, so.... we don’t know anything. Damn!

Issac barked out to his comrades “Pick up the pace, we’re on a timeline now!” He sped up into a light jog; glancing to the side to make sure Peter was matching his pace - not that there was much of an option with the rolling force fields. =/\=Read ya Ma’am; I’ll be on my way soon. Escorting Lt. Sigmundsson ta the brig now; sending ya a squad - Quarters or conference room?=/\= He shook his head in exasperation as he got off the comm. “Seems we got a situation with our guest; sorry fer rushing ya along Sir; but seems chaos ain’t waiting for us today.”

Forgrave, CoS

=/\=Quarters on deck 25 where our guest is. NE Sacco reports that he shot Hab’rabi=/\=

Issac gritted his teeth until they hurt. What in blazes is going on?! He didn’t know NE Sacco, but he could only assume such actions were wildly out of character - or so he hoped.

Peter simply started jogging alongside the Security Chief, quietly keeping his position at equal distance from all three members of his escort “No need for apologies, normally I’d advise you go on and leave me in the hands of your team but until I’m cleared by medical I can’t be fully trusted” he said it in a blunt straightforward way.


Kohr frowned as the group picked up their pace around the corridor’s curve. What had happened to send them hurried? The flashing of energized fields behind them would have been almost comical in any other situation. Now, they only served to make his hand itch for the hilt of a bat’leth.

Turning to the console again, the Klingon called up to the bridge. He could almost hear the panic in the responding officer’s voice. Hab’rabi had been injured, but how? Knowing protocol as he did, he reasoned that Forgrave would be required to respond with Commander Sigmundsson in custody. Medical staff were already showing en route. If they could not stabilize the alien on-site, they would then have him moved to…

“Coordinate with the security personnel on this deck,” he barked at his detail, storming off in the direction of the nearest turbolift. “Assume positions at all major points of ingress and egress. No one leaves this deck without a confirmed medical scan. Maintain quarantine protocols so long as we are at alert status.”

Not waiting for confirmation, the Klingon slipped into the awaiting turbolift and pressed the door close button. “Sickbay!
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

=/\=Rende to Forgrave. NE Sacco has been detained. When you are finished we need an investigative team down here.=/\=

Rende, CO

The trip from the Holosuite Peter had found himself to the Brig was only a single deck’s turbolift ride. Peter waited for the Security Chief to enter the lift first “This doesn’t sound good, if we can be influenced towards violence it is imperative that I be locked up post haste” He said in a quietly urgent tone. Peter looked down at his hands, larger than most people “Especially if I’m fully capable”


“Aye; ain’t gonna argue with you there. It’s one thing ta have a few drinks or frag off when yer on duty, but violence… well, that just raises the stakes.” Issac pulled a grimace as he thought for a moment. “Hate ta ask, but honestly I reckon I shoulda done this from the start. If you’ll please put your hands…” As the Security chief reached to a pouch on the back of his belt, he froze; teeth barred in irritation before bringing an empty hand back to his side.

“Well, shame on me - handed off everythin’ ta Yogesh, including my binders. What I get fer being in a rush…” He looked up at the taller man, a tight grin on his face. “Reckon we both get ta hope you remain peaceable for the next while. But uh, iffin’ ya do start feeling a bit ornery, I’d be obliged if you gave me some notice, yeah? Somehow, the idea of me ‘n you scrapping fer keeps ain’t very appealing.”

Forgrave, CoS

“I’ll do my best. Final suggestion I have is simple” Peter spoke in a quiet grim tone “Fight dirty” He didn’t speak again for the remainder of the short trip.

By all accounts, the trip to the brig was uneventful. Lieutenant Baker looked up from his PaDD behind the security desk, nodding politely to Forgrave before going back to whatever he was doing. Reports, from the amount of frustration sketched into the man’s features. Most found him about as personable as a starched uniform but he was efficient and handy with a phaser. The other on-duty security officer, Ensign Chavez, stood near the door to the holding cells chatting up a medical officer, Ensign Linch. Seeing the imposing pair entering the room, they quickly cut their conversation short and watched them intently.

“Another guest, Chief?” Chavez joked kindheartedly.

Issac nodded in reply. “Much as I hate ta say it, Commander Sigmundsson this time; he’ll need his own cell, if at all possible.”

Baker gave a dejected sigh, looked up from his PaDD again. “Two more detainees since you left, Chief. Let’s see here. Ah, yeah. Lieutenant D’Val felt like taking a bath in saurian brandy before taking a stroll to the mess—naked. Have you ever seen a drunk Vulcan? Now that’s a sight. Ensign Pierce thought it would be cute to go climbing in a turboshaft; he said he thought it was a good challenge. Per the commander’s orders, Linch here is passing out scans with the rations.”

Forgrave groaned slightly at the reports - whatever was going on, it was certainly wide-spread across the ship. It occurred to him that it might be good to track down points of origin; see if they aligned with their guest’s movements.

“They seem normal,” the medical officer offered cheerily, hefting her tricorder for emphasis. “Miss D’Val is mortified—can… Vulcans be embarassed?—but otherwise taking her confinement in stride. She’s surprisingly sober for the amount of alcohol in her bloodstream. Mister Pierce won’t stop pacing his cell, keeps saying he’s needed on-duty. I imagine he’ll calm down once the adrenaline has had a chance to dissipate. Shall I give the commander a look-see, or did you want to do the honors?”

Shaking his head, Issac denied the offer. “Nah; wouldn’t know what I’m looking at, and I got other places ta be. Commander’s in y’all’s care now.”

Peter looked down at the medical officer, it was a fact of his life that he looked down on almost everyone. His face had turned wooden once more and he eyed the medical officer with the same stoically neutral expression “I would prefer to be examined with a force field between us, doctor” His voice was calm yet serious “If people are turning violent I’d prefer not to harm anyone unwillingly”


Ensign Linch blinked up at the larger man, stared almost blankly for a moment before something clicked behind her hazel eyes. “Oh, you mean with what happened to…?”

“Couldn’t have happened to a nicer man,” Baker grumbled, rubbing the back of his hand with a thumb.

Chavez hissed. “Kevin!”

The other security officer grumbled and went back to his reports. Under his breath, he groused. “We’re all thinking it. We stop to help him out and he pays us back with taking people over.”

“Thinkin’ or otherwise, rumors and hearsay don’t do any of ya any good. Right now, Hab’rabi is a guest on our ship ‘till proven otherwise; as well as a victim. Investigation is pending, and I’ll thank ya to treat anyone and everyone on this ship with respect. Don’t mean you can’t be suspicious; but respect costs little and can buy a lot.” His quiet lecture over, their chief held their eyes in a level gaze briefly, before turning back to the Intelligence officer now in captivity.

Ensign Linch chuckled nervously, tried her best to give Sigmundsson a cheery smile. “I think you’ll do just fine, sir. Deep down, you’re a big ol’ teddy bear, surely.”

Still, she preceded the larger man to one of the holding cells, already tapping away at her tricorder as if nothing were amiss. Chavez pulled up the rear, a hand gripping the holster of his phaser. He didn’t look eager to draw it, mind. Just ready. Linch barely waited for the energy field to initialize before scanning the commander. She hummed a thoughtful little tune while she worked; Chavez stood nearby, watching dispassionately as if it was just another day. She made a thoughtful noise, squinted at the results before turning to Forgrave.

“And one for the lieutenant!” she chirped happily, giving him the once-over. “All done! I’d offer you both a lollipop for being such good sports, but I didn’t bring any.”

Chavez raised a brow, not sure if she was joking or not.

“I’ll get these results sent to the doctor right away,” Linch promised, a more serious expression crossing her features. “I can see some residual adrenaline in the commander’s system, but I really don’t see anything necessarily suspicious. Some trace amounts of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in his prefrontal cortex, and a bit of alcohol in his system. I’m also reading some kind of electrostatic charge in his synaptic cleft—”

“His sinwhatnow?” Chavez mused.

Linch blushed. “Sorry, don’t mind my shop talk. Basically, his brain has a bit of a buzz, showing a bit of overstimulation, but also a surprising resilience. I’ve never seen anything like it! But that’s just a cursory examination, and I’m not that experienced yet. I’ll get this to medical; maybe they’ll be able to tell us more. But I’d say he doesn’t present any more of a threat to the ship or crew than he normally would. Compared to his last physical, he’s fit as a fiddle. That’s good, right?”

“I reckon… but tell me more about that ‘buzz’. Similar at all ta the other’s you’ve scanned so far? Wait, no; I’m getting distracted - don’t tell me, feel free ta get back ta what you were doing.” Issac shook his head in self-admonishment. Looking up, he spotted the squad that had been following him just entering the brig. “Yogesh! You’ve squared away the Commander’s items? Well, we ain’t done yet - put on yer investigator hat, we’re headed ta deck twenty-five.” Orders given once more, Issac glanced around the room; eyebrows raised and waiting for questions.

“Welp, keep yer heads on a swivel; and stay in contact.”

-Forgrave, CoS

Peter kept a neutral expression during the entire exchange. When the young doctor finished he gave him a flat look “Do that” He turned to the Security Chief “Good luck Lieutenant, I look forward to reading about what happens next” He stepped into the cell, turned to face the exit then lowered himself to his knees then sat back on his heels and closed his eyes.


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