Sustenance and Shenanigans (Attn All Crew! Everyone Welcome!)

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Rende watched for what she knew was coming…leaned back in her chair a slight smirk to the corner of her mouth…the chair tipped carelessly back on two legs…her shoulder shaking with suppressed laughter…then Kohr laughed and Rende’s own laughter escaped in a rush…and the chair tipped backwards and hit the floor with her in it. “Oooff.” She laughed for a moment longer before executing an impressive backwards summersault for a woman of her advanced age she came to her feet and righted her chair still chortling.

As if that violent burst of energy had been the only thing keeping him aloft Kohr collapsed backward heavily into his chair, slamming his gloved hand on the table with a cough of laughter. So savage was the blow that the plates and silverware jounced angrily before settling… only to be startled again when he pounded the table repeatedly. The Klingon’s body was racked with wild laughter until finally he lunged forward to sneer at Rende.

Anticipating the slam, the silent Counselor had lifted the plate and glass before him and then sat them back down, never saying a word… just smiling a half smile as he continued to observe the exchanges.

Markus did as well, but simply fanned out his hand. Neither plate nor glass left the table, despite the jostling. Or at least they didn’t hop nearly so much.

“His words are strange and his frame is lacking,” he chortled to the captain, “but he has the heart of a mountain!”

Rende laughed, “Aye and the stubbornness that goes with it.” Then she grabbed a napkin and chucked at Eldorin, “Yer head’s bleedin’ old man.”

Kohr’s arm lanced across the table to strike Eldorin in the shoulder, a gesture of camaraderie that nearly toppled the man from his seat, before he settled with a satisfied grin. The Klingon shared a toothy smirk and a nod with everyone at the table, then lurched to his feet once more.

“I must find something stronger than root beer to—” he gave the chief another bark of a laugh, “—soothe my pride from such a… bestial blow, haha!”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Peter had been eyeing the exchange with a stoic expression as he slowly and methodically consumed his salad. He didn’t give much of a reaction when the Engineer headbutted the Klingon first officer nor when the Klingon made his rather expected response. “IF you wish to try something new I recommend brennivín, a spiced schnapps from my home island” He said looking at the Klingon “It’s no stronger than any other Human distilled schnapps or aquavit but the flavor is enjoyable and the burn is soothing. Best drunk chilled and often alongside Fermented shark. When I was a freelancer I’d often trade brennivín for firewine in the Empire.”


Rende, CO

Korczak, CNS

As Peter spoke up, Markus’ gaze landed on the man, filing those bits away. “Fermented shark, you say? Not something I’ve heard of. I’ve heard of shark fin soup, and shark steaks, but never that. Are you talking the real deal, or replicated,” Markus asked. He took a moment to drain the rest of his glass, then made his way over to the replicator, and pulled up a personal program. A moment later he had a whiskey glass, loaded with something amber and that looked decidedly like the real deal and sat down once more. Most of the time replicators produced synthehol. But with only a little work they could be persuaded to make the real thing. And they were off duty, so what the hell?

Woods, CSO

“Real deal. There’s only a handful of sharks used for food every year, no one saw the point in trying to replicate such a specific food as there was no real demand but traditions are traditions.” Peter said in a simple tone “It’s already rare enough to work with actual meat nowadays.”


“I had fermented shark in Iceland. I recommend the drink suggestion. As for the dish itself, I will say it is a… memorable… taste sensation.” Korczak said with a mock shudder.

Korczak, CNS

The corner of Rende’s mouth quirked into a half grin at Korczak’s mock shudder. Then she looked over at Peter, “Perhaps one day you could make it for all of us. I would be willing to try it.” Rende found that experiencing others unique or favorite dishes often reminded her of home. Which was gone now. She and Eldorin had made a new home in Ireland and had adopted that culture. Though nothing was as strange as Tea-smoked Frost Wildcat from El-Auria.

Rende, CO

Peter hesitated as he raised a fork to his mouth “Perhaps when next we visit Earth, the smell leaves much to be desired. If I were to prepare a meal it would be lamb or fish.. The counselor is correct, the taste is memorable, something one grows accustomed to.”


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