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“He’s cunning. Slippery. We know that. The main thing he cares about is t hat anti-matter. And he’s willing to trade himself for it. But I’m not sure it’s for the benefit of his people. I sensed resignation off of him, as well as manipulation or contemplation of it. So whatever is going on, he wants that anti-matter bad.” He paused for a moment, “Devil’s advocate? <anipulation can be for both bad and good intentions. So … this may just be desperation.”

A thought came to him after a moment. “What if he’s not who he says he is? How would we know? For all we know, he could be a fugitive or trying to hijack that ship.” He took a deep breath, letting it out through his nose. “I know if I were on the up-and-up, I’d want to know where more of my people are. Even a Vulcan would. So that doesn’t track unless he’s running. Or it’s a cultural thing and they don’t care. Most advanced cultures are pretty social though. We’re being fed a line of bull and being told it’s candy, Captain.”

Lt Woods, CSO

“You’ve certainly got a better feel for the man than I do, Lt. Woods. I do think desperation is a good word - if nothing else, I think we oughta try and be careful; my concern is that Hab’rabi may make a move out of desperation if pushed. And I can’t speak for y’all, but I sure don’t want to find out the hard way what he’s capable of.”

-Forgrave, CoS

Hab’rabi looked about… “The ship just dropped out of warp and then back in.” He looked about. The ship went to yellow alert… “What is going on?”

An unnamed security officer shrugged. “I only know what they tell me, but I’m sure it’s nothing that concerns either of us.” He paused again an rocked slightly in his boots. Resting his hands on his waist, one suggestively close to his phaser the officer got a little closer with a squint… “Unless there’s something you know....”

Hab’rabi looked unafraid and unconvinced. The security guard demeanor continued to be slightly hostile and started speaking to Hab’rabi in low tones. “If you want to… remain… ” some unheard words. “why not take whole what they…”

Hab’rabi mumbled back, “That’s madness… I will .... I don’t, won’t … One life is enough to ” The starting of each sentence was more emphatic and thus louder than his other words.


Ensign Sacco looked at his hand for a moment and then dropped his phaser, then reached down to pick it up before stopping and staring it for a moment. =^=Medical emergency… I think I just shot our visitor…=^=

Ensign Sacco

It was a few minutes before Semenza came rushing in, his med kit in hand. As soon as he had arrived, he knelt by the visitor in order to assess his condition. “What happened, exactly?”

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Sacco stood a couple of meters away from Hab’rabi. His phaser was on the floor between his legs. The security officer didn’t seem to want to pick it up. “I don’t know. I was standing by the door… you know guarding. Then I was standing here, my phaser had just discharged at point blank range.”

Semenza scans of Hab’rabi would show about the same thing. Hab’rabi was stunned at close range and then shot 2-4 times at high stun - these following shots were at point blank into his skull. Hab’rabi was alive, but more than a little unconscious. With that level of fire, at that range, Semenza couldn’t imagine there wasn’t some sort of brain damage. His medical tricorder indicated as much, but the targeting seemed to be in the Pre-Frontal Cortex, burning right to the Hippocampus. His vitals outside of that seemed normal for a person of his race that was stunned super hard.

The motes flew about Hab’rabi in a manner that only could be describe as angrily. There was notably fewer motes, perhaps 3 when normally there was 5 or 6 about him at any time.


“Oh god,” Sacco murmured, voice trembling, “he’s not dead, is he? I-I didn’t think to check. I’m going to get court martialed for sure.”

Backing slowly away from Hab’rabi’s still form, the ensign toed the phaser closer to Semenza before putting his back to the wall. After a moment of thought, he tucked his hands behind his back with a wild-eyed expression. He looked very much like a man who wanted to be anywhere but here.

Reaching up to press at the earbud, the one that she and Eldorin always wore, “Eldorin, dear, love of my life times…you better not be hiding in the head doing crossword puzzles. Where are you?”

Not a moment later Eldorin’s voice came over the small device, “I hate cross whrd puzzles. You know dat, sweedeart. Just stuck in a jefferie’s tube, I’m fine. We’re haveng some systems malfuncshuns after we switc’ed to secondary systems.”

Rende appeared in the door way, the security team that Forgrave sent standing behind her. She took in the scene with a glance and pointed at Sacco, “Detain him.” She bent down and picked up the phaser and passed it to the lead security officer. “Take him to medical, private, secure room until he’s cleared. Then the brig.” She turned to Semenza, “What can I do doctor?”

“He’s been stunned. And hard. He’ll live, but there’s almost definitely damage to the areas of the brain concerning memory. We should bring him to Sickbay, I’d say he’s unlikely to wake any time soon. And in Sickbay I can take more detailed scans, see how extensive the brain damage I suspect I’ll find actually is.” Semenza reported to the Captain, frowning.

Rende nodded and then felt a gentle presence on her shoulder. It felt like Woods. Good to know someone…oh that reminded her. =/\=Asam to Woods. Eldorin is trapped due to some systems malfunctions, Forgrave has his hands more than full, and Kohr is out of commission. Two of the motes got into him and he’s suffered a massive seizure. You’re acting XO now. Asam Out.=/\=

The security team cuffed Sacco and removed him from the room. The lead officer slipped the phaser into her belt and followed behind the rest of the team disappearing into a turbolift.

As they hauled him away, Ensign Sacco gave Captain Rende a grateful—if not mortified—look. One would have thought the man eager to be whisked away to the brig.

=/\=Asam to emergency medical team, we need a transport to sickbay from guest quarters on deck 25.=/\= The reply came quickly and soon the team was there following Semenza’s directions to get Hab’rabi ready to transfer to sickbay.

With the team present and ready, Semenza initiated transport to Sickbay and he and his emergency response team made a hasty exit with their patient.

Rende stepped into the room scanning it with a practiced eye. She made her way around trying to find any clue as to how Sacco had been ‘influenced’.” =/\=Rende to Forgrave. NE Sacco has been detained. When you are finished we need an investigative team down here.=/\=

Rende, CO

The state room appeared much as she would expect it to: pristine and in order. It was a larger living quarters than most were given aboard the Viking, save for perhaps herself—and that was a prideful hope. The main door opened to a welcoming space that was, like the rest of the quarters, rather spartan in furnishings; as unexpected as Hab’rabi’s arrival was, they hadn’t had time to paint the bland Starfleet canvas with color to his liking… whatever that might have been. A star-streaked window stood opposite Rende, the universe slipping by at warp and ignorant of their plight. A couch and table crouched beneath the window, orderly and unobtrusive beneath her examining eye. Likewise the dining area to her left appeared largely undisturbed, save for perhaps a casual hand as Hab’rabi settled in. To the right sat the bathroom, dark and covetous of any secrets it might have held.

A gentle whisper of noise drew Rende’s attention to the small table just inside the doorway, not more than six inches from her hand. There a single Vulcan lily was potted, mute and dour colors meant to greet the guest without being overly distracting… much like the rest of the decor. What was curious was that the lily was not quite fresh, showed signs of withering along its petals. Several had already dropped to the polished surface of the table, huddled together against the chill of death. But again, they had been given little warning of Hab’rabi’s arrival. A wilting flower seemed such a trivial thing in her mind when compared to the vexation running rampant aboard the Viking.

Though, in all fairness, it did seem a little too warm in here. Had someone forgotten to adjust the environmental controls?

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Rende stepped out into the corridor and to a supply locker and took out a tricorder and re-entered the room. “Computer have the environmental controls been tampered with in this room?”

“Negative,” the computer replied dryly. “A malfunction in environmental control has occurred due to an overload in EPS relays.”

She stopped and stared at the Vulcan lily, and it was likely that it might have been missed, but intuition told her now. She’d also heard something coming from this area and she scanned the table and plant with her tricorder and leaned in closer, but not too close, to see what might be causing the noise. Disturbed soil, anything poking out from around the pot, disturbed dust where it had been moved.

Moving along to the table she scanned the palm print on the table left by Hab’rabi. She also scanned the room in general for any energy discharges or residual trails, also going over where Sacco had been standing, slowly. Forgrave’s team would be there soon, but no need to wait.

Rende, CO

The source of the sound had been the hush of petals, edges crisp in the warm air, at the base of the vase. While not parched and scalding, the room was uncomfortably warm. Rende’s tricorder showed as much, and the fact that the lily was dehydrated and dying. Nothing within the vase jumped out as unusual, nor did anything about the table. Just another botanical casualty of the Viking‘s current plight. Likewise, Hab’rabi’s print where he’d leaned on the piece of furniture appeared benign to her scans—skin cells, sweat, and other biochemical compounds of a carbon-based lifeform. That print, however, tugged her eye back to the lily and the pot.

It was only by the faint glow of the tricorder that Rende managed to see it, there scrawled in the pollen cast off by the lily’s final moments. To the casual eye it appeared nothing more than the working of perhaps an idle hand, something the body did when the mind was occupied elsewhere. The tricorder, being biased and infinitely more diligent, highlighted a pattern of DNA amidst the dust and flecks of pollen. A symbol, perhaps? It could have been a letter or a word or a stick giraffe, Rende couldn’t be certain.

The only energy discharges in the vicinity had come from the phaser Sacco had used to render Hab’rabi inert. The tricorder showed the air thick with the stuff, and the faint smell of ozone burned in her nostrils. Not surprising, considering how… thorough Sacco had been—or whatever had used Sacco to do the deed. Ever faithful and eager to please, the tricorder chirped to alert Rende of what she might already suspect: the pollen of a Vulcan lily beneath the nail of Hab’rabi’s middle finger.

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

The frozen tranquility of the scene was broken by footsteps; and a drawling “Ma’am” as Forgrave arrived to the guest quarters. “Apologies fer my tardiness; wanted ta see Commander Sigmundsson ta the brig personally. An’ seems like the excitement is over fer now, for whatever that may be worth.”

As he spoke, his sharp, darting eyes took in the room and it’s contents; taking note of just how ordinary it all looked. No pools of blood, insane scribbles on the wall, or manifestos. Can’t all be easy… Noting the tricorder already out in Captain Rende’s hand, he asked “Anything of note you’ve found? And how’s Hab’rabi? And Sacco?”

-Forgrave, CoS

A familiar voice cut in over the com system. =^=Woods to Captain Rende.=^= He sounded a little tense, but more focused and intense.

Lt Woods, CSO/aXO

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