Sick Bay Checking In

Posted Dec. 3, 2021, 5:11 p.m. by Ensign Mike Jones (Doctor) (Bob Spicer)

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Posted by Ensign Mike Jones (Doctor) in Sick Bay Checking In
Mike stood outside of sick bay now. He looked at the door and told himself. “Yup there it is.” Although he did forget to say that inside of his mind as planned. He turned his head just in time to see a passing crewman give him an odd look. Mike took another deep breath as he stood and stared at the door brutally before he once more said aloud. “Come on we didn’t come all the way from Ocoee to stand here like a long-legged Egret looking for breakfast. “

One more deep breath. Last one. He frowned with grim determination and took that final step. The one which would open that darn door. The door swooshed open with a grim efficiency. Mike might have found it more comforting if it had squeaked just a small bit. But now he found himself striding into the middle of sickbay as if he owned the place. It was then though that the realization washed over him. His eyes slowly scanned everything. He licked his lips as he took in the equipment. And he could only imagine all the things that could be accomplished here. He stood still for the longest time. Not even really thinking that he should be finding his superior officer to check in. For something else had happened to the boy from Tennessee. He had become a spacefaring Doctor!

Other staff passed him by for a while, going about their jobs. The Sickbay was generally quite a busy place, though not always. Today it was moderately busy. One of the nurses noticed Mike and stopped in front of him. “Excuse me, but were you needing something, Ensign?” the nurse asked him, gathering his rank from his uniform.

Upon hearing his answer, the nurse quickly nodded and led him to the CMO’s office, stopping just outside. The door was already open. “He should be ready for you, go on in,” said the nurse.

Lieutenant Semenza, the Viking’s current CMO, was a somewhat tall man, but not overly so, and quite lanky. His brown hair was kept messy, giving him a more casual look, along with the athletic sneakers he wore with his uniform. The desk in front of him was a plain one, smaller than one might expect, but it was kept neat and orderly and it was really all Jericho needed. The two chairs in front of the desk were equally plain, the sort of chair one would expect in a hospital waiting room or something. When he heard the footsteps of two people approaching the office, he looked up and smiled. “Ah, you must be the new officer I was told to expect. Welcome aboard!”

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Mike paid close attention to the Nurses demeanor. He had also been sure to give her a friendly smile and to show her the respect that any smart Doctor would give a Nurse. For as any smart Doctor knows it's the Nurses who really keep things moving along, constantly bringing order from chaos and somehow always doing it with a quick smile.

As he was greeted by Lieutenant Semenza Mike walked four steps precisely into the Chief Medical Officers office and replied, as he stood at attention, I thank you sir it’s good to be aboard. ” Mike quickly took in the room and the Doctor’s appearance and was somewhat reminded of someone else he had known back home. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he remembered. Old Doc Anders local GP and part time Vet! He looked to Semenza then and said, “After I had looked at the crew roster on board I couldn’t wait to be here. Between El Aurans and Klingons you must never be bored for long!”

Mike then caught himself chattering away and then straightened up to something resembling attention before he blurted out quickly, “Yes sir I’m sorry, Ensign Michael Jones Doctor reporting for duty and physical.

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