Side Sim - Tom Little reporting to DH, CMO, and CNS

Posted Dec. 3, 2021, 8:40 p.m. by Ensign Tom Little (Science Officer) (Tom L)

(OOC: Greetings! As permitted, this thread will be three check-ins in one. He will report to each place by the order from the title. Looking forward to RP with you all. )

Hmm, that wasn’t bad.

“Welcome aboard, Ensign. Now step aside from the transporter. Reconfiguration…particles…voila.” Soon, a wooden box appeared to the right side of the transporter, as if it was a magical show, first a humanoid and then an object. The missing parts were probably cheers and music.

“Now help me move this box…Here is fine.”

“Whew, what’s in there, Sir?” Tom looked at the label. To Lt. Cmdr K…With a fragile tag?

“Oh, Ensign. Don’t ask, don’t tell.” The chief smiled. “If you want to finish this career without a record. That’s how I survived for a decade. Now you may disappear.”

He was carrying a seabag packed with documents and necessary items. The Academy did tell him a lot about the space. Unlike most people, he wasn’t excited about outer space exploration. May be still not. But he had a rough plan to get experience and write a journal after retirement. But first, I got to finish the obligational service.

If there was anything that surprised him so far, was the amount Cadets who didn’t make it. He has seen many talented and skillful people in the past four years. But many have ‘gone’ without ever seen again. Persistence was probably the most required trait and even in space. The processing started from a recommendation, a waiting period of 90 days, and 1460 days of training. Hew man, I was lucky to be still standing.

=C= Deck 5. =C= As guided by the ship’s computer, LCARS led him to the CSO’s office. As usual, he tucked his uniform and pushed the chime. “Good morning, Ensign Little reporting.”

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