[OOC]: Bragging Rights

Posted Dec. 4, 2021, 2:06 p.m. by Commander Kohr (Executive Officer) (Jason Wolfe)

Hey folks! Now normally I’m not one for adulation and attabois, but sometimes it’s genuinely merited. As I wrote up my fleet report for this month, I looked back on the last thirty days of posting to find myself almost stunned on how much this writing team has come together. Until this month, it’s been a slam dunk in my mind when it comes to who I would pick for the “shining star” question, but this month I choked! Everyone on this board has blown me away in some form or another this last month—even if it’s just been by knuckling down during low-post periods or real-life struggles and pushing the sim along.

I’m finding myself genuinely excited to pull up the STF post page to see if anything new has been dropped. That kind of engaged energy is what makes writing with everyone worthwhile and rewarding. You guys need to know that your activity—main sim or side sim, long-winded or succinct—matters to people on this site. It’s likely not just myself, either; I’m just the one speaking up. So while I don’t do this kind of stuff very often (or, at the very least, I don’t go out of my way to draw attention to it) you all need to take a moment and recognize your contributions to the Viking. While I tried to keep each entry brief (because, let’s face it, who wants to read a long report?), this is what you’ll find said on my report for the month:

It may be a bit of a cliche, but it is nonetheless true to say that everyone taking part in the sims aboard the Viking deserves a little time in the spotlight. In the last month I have seen more activity and fewer AWOLs than I have since I joined as executive officer. People are not only engaged in-sim but discussing plot points and next steps outside of the STF boards as well! Our team is coming together, and it’s a sight to see!

Jennifer has been hard at work running two characters in order to ensure that missing positions are still accounted for in-sim. She’s been very supportive of her fellow writers and seems quite dedicated to finding something for everyone to do so that no one is left twiddling their thumbs. After all, a captain’s job is to keep everyone on their feet! Hjortur has been a steady source of contribution despite the fact that his character is locked away in the Viking’s brig! (Don’t ask; wasn’t his fault.) He’s a great example of how a writer can continue to develop their character personally even if overall participation is hampered for story reasons. James has a gift for packing descriptive punch in concise phrasing, and has given a lot of thought and effort to inspire his fellow writers to develop their own characters through interaction.

Despite having some real-world struggles, Brian has still managed to keep pace with the rest of the group and has been inspirational to work with behind-the-scenes to add some extra umph to the posting environment. Nicole is still relatively new to the Viking but has really managed to dig in to her place in the plot, an interest that is reflected in her writing. William has really come into his own as part of the team. His commitment to character development is a great example of how much more there is to writing on STF than just what’s happening “on-screen.”

Sam has shown some tenacity when it comes to getting to the heart of the sim, asking thoughtful questions and pulling her fellow writers in for some much-needed teamwork. Undaunted by a hammering of real-life issues, Melissa has continued to work with her team to fill in where it’s needed in order to keep the sim moving. Both Tom and Bob are still pretty fresh, but they’ve infused the team with some eager energy and I look forward to seeing how they develop their own voices.

Overall, the entire team has really come together lately and I’m very proud of everyone’s energy and commitment to pushing through on a sim that’s had some pretty serious shake-ups. It’s a team I’m enjoying writing with and that keeps me checking for new posts. Well done, everyone!

Kudos all around, folks. Y’all deserve it.

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