Checking in Counselors office

Posted Dec. 4, 2021, 5:14 p.m. by Ensign Mike Jones (Doctor) (Bob Spicer)

Mike had but one more stop to make before getting any permanent assignments from his DH . That was of course now with the ship’s Counselor. Most people found this a tedious task with some fellow you never met trying to poke around inside of the attic of your brain , as if he smelled a dead raccoon up there or something .

He always remembered what his Great Grandfather had said on the issue of Counselors. “Boy the trouble with us and Counselors, or pretty much anyone that doesn’t live where we live is that we’re pretty much crazy as heck to begin with! It’s a kind of crazy that they won’t ever understand so they’ll more times than not say we have poetic souls or something like that!

Mike’s only drawback with Counselors had ever been that Mike was a happy soul who loved people and loved to meet anyone new. This of course led to him being really talkative. This in turn led to him asking questions when the Counselors thought they should be asking some.

So it was that Mike walked on into the Counselors office whistling an old tune that didn’t really seem to have much of a rhythm to it. But Mike had a spring to his step as if the blossoms had just opened in the low pasture in springtime. Something that if all the stories were true rarely happened in Counselor offices.

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