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Semenza glanced back at V’tor with a subtle shake of the head, also catching what she meant as he followed where else she was looking. But the threat worked, and Sharah went to one of the biobeds, which to him was a relief. Following them to the biobed, partially to be sure Sharah actually went, he gave her the mobile monitors to calibrate while he was reading the scans. It was only after that he began to see what she was trying to tell him, looking over the information the scans had revealed. The same increases caused in all cases. Some differences in hormone levels could possibly be explained by different brain chemistry, especially across different species; kohr compared to sharah, and then a human like Fairweather. But Semenza was no neurologist, he wasn’t certain.

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Sharah laid on the bio bed while V’tor completed her scans. Without something to focus on the telepathic and empathic input she was getting was overwhelming. The crew as speculating and worried and there was a deep undercurrent of paranoia. Not to mention the intense grief and … how did one describe the feeling of dying? It wasn’t the first time Sharah had been caught in that moment with another being, but it was never easy. In fact it was terryfing. She had no idea who that mote had been, but she was convinced, with the dream like memories she had retained, it had been a person at a point in time.

V’tor, being Vulcan would not understand her grief or the tears the threatened to fall, and so she did her best to keep it to herself. Finally V’tor was finished with her scans. (ooc: copying from above) Sharah does not have the electrostatic energy anywhere but the area of her brain associated with telepathy. Her hippocampus shows signs of stress and high activity, which is not surprising given her experience. Perhaps the oddest result of her scan is the increase in synaptic paths deep within the hippocampus, suggesting that the interaction with the energy mote was beginning to form new pathways. This would go far to explain why she was able to recall the images from her experience, and why she feels like there was more just beyond the grasp of her understanding.

From her biobed she had the ability to access what was going on around her since Semenza didn’t lock her out of sickbay systems. Plus he gave her the mobile monitors, so she had to assume he wanted her to do something with them. With something to do, her focus returned, slowly, and she was able to surf above the noise, but the grief stayed with her.

The computer’s chime with Hab’rabi’s results only added to the confusion and activity brimming in Sickbay. The computer didn’t care; it had work to do, after all, and couldn’t be bothered with trivialities like anxiety and confusion. A display winked to life near the alien’s biobed with his vital signs—not to mention a healthy dose of error margin when it came to certain functions, the chief of which was his brain—showing concerning markers that hovered just between yellow and green. His hearts rate seemed a little elevated, but all other functions appeared to be at a resting rate similar to other, unconscious species.

It was obvious to even the untrained that Hab’rabi’s brain scan was a thing of diagnostic nightmares. Nearly every neuron was active and working at a frenzied pace, painting the inside of his skull in a nebulous lightning storm of sensory input. The portions of his brain closest to the site of phaser impact was noticeably darker, the signals coursing through them a bit scattered and sluggish. It was eerily similar to the erratic patterns found in Kohr’s cranial scans, though the Klingon was suffering far worse. While a phaser set to stun normally disrupted the body’s sensory receptivity, it should not have been responsible for this kind of physical damage even at the highest settings. Hab’rabi’s body seemed genetically disposed to resist injury, and yet there it was.

A clear fact would leap out to the trained eye, however: every area of Hab’rabi’s brain was pervaded by the presence of the same electrostatic charge found in the other affected patience. The different was that his levels were significantly higher and were not dissipating. In fact there was a portion of his brain that seemed specifically designed to accommodate and support this type of charge. It was a sort of loci between the two hemispheres of his brain—frontal and posterior—that could serve to facilitate communication between the two halves at the very least, and one that showed actual and rapid fluctuations of activity. Something was definitely going on in there. Whatever it was, it was definitely going to take time and study before results could be gleaned.

Through the next hour Sharah studied the results of everyone’s scans, including Hab’rabi’s. After her own experience she was certain the cause of the strange behavior was an interaction with the motes. Although her scans showed the creation of new memory engrams the side effects were the same. What was consistent was the electrostatic discharge. Even she had it, in her paracortex instead of the synaptic cleft. But the electrostatic energy pattern was the same. It wasn’t there before contact, but was after. And looking at Hab’rabi’s scans, and the greater strength of the electrostatic charge it was like he was in constant contact with them. Lots of them. That was a hypothesis though, and would need to be confirmed. But that was it. “V’tor, I need to talk to Semenza. I know he’s busy, but I think I know how to clear everyone through the check points.” While she waited for Semenza to arrive she started programming the mobile monitors to detect the electrostatic pattern and alarm when it occurred.

Once Semenza walked over Sharah didn’t waist time. “It’s the electrostatic energy in the synaptic cleft. The hormones and even the PFC activity isn’t in every one. It’s not there before contact with the motes, and afterwards it is but it dissipates quickly. So it must build and maintain starting at the point of contact. We can set the mobile monitors up to read for that energy pattern and alarm and notify the people nearby that someone is in contact with one of the motes. The quarantine check point teams can do the same thing with their tricorders. Allowing us to have enough mobile monitors for the security and engineering teams.”

Fayth, med

Mike had come up in the meantime and listened closely as Fayth stood talking to the CMO. He stood watching and thinking about one of the crazier thoughts he had had while working on the Commander earlier. Now however as he listened to Fayth his own wild hypothesis didn’t sound so crazy. Well, it did sound crazy but not so crazy now that he wouldn’t think about vocalizing it.

As he listened to the conversation, he also kept an eye on Hab’rabi’s brainwave activity. He shook his head in amazement. Then as Fayth stopped speaking, he introduced himself as the new guy and then asked her. “Excuse me ma’am I know this probably sounds silly but has anyone made copies of this man’s brainwave scans and shown them to the science people? Had them to see if perhaps this is some sort of life form trying to communicate with us?” There he had said it. He now braced himself for the response which he knew would probably be a stern one. After all he was the new guy.

Ensign Mike Jones . DR.

Sharah turned to Jones to answer when Kalika called out. She hadn’t forgotten about Kalika but Sharah wasn’t totally cleared herself, much less allowed to clear anyone else.

Having been left on her biobed awaiting release, Kalika had been as patient as she could. Hopping off and stepping through the now deactivated biofield, she moved towards the CMO. “Forgive me for intruding,” she called to any of the senior staff capable of responding. “But I really need to change and return to my duties. I need to find the Security Chief and find out what I can do to help with what is going on.” She had been so absorbed by her entity that she had no idea where the CoS was. Her next stop was her quarters to dry off the rest of the way and change, then query his whereabouts. She was sure he was upset at her absence. Growling mentally, she was upset about her absence as well.


Mike was feverishly tapping away at his PaDD trying to stay current with what was going on in sickbay at the moment when he heard the sound of Kalika’s voice. He quickly typed in the number of the bed she had been in and brought up her medical information. According to the information she had been cleared for duty, but no one had yet to sign off and send the information to the ship’s computer. As he walked up to Kalika he said, “I’m sorry ma’am. It’s been very hectic around here. ” He tapped the PaDD and smiled at her saying, “There you go you’re released for duty. And once again I apologize.”

Ensign Mike Jones MD

Sharah had to say that Jones was holding his own given he was thrown right into it. What a time to start on a new ship. “En Sheridan from sciences is somewhere around here. She’s been shunting all the information we get to the CSO. But as long as whatever information you gather goes into the computer everyone has access to it. Or at least the senior staff does.” Fayth closed her eyes and concentrated on those brief touches of memory shared with her. Memories that were now as much her own as they were the motes. “It’s not silly, Dr. They are…or at least they were humanoid life forms. Now they are…energy maybe. But still alive and capable of talking to us. They live and then....they die.” Her voice dropped to a whisper on the end, the broken connection, the snuffing out of a life, still very raw and painful. “At least one of them was trying to communicate.”

Fayth, Med

Mike could only raise his eyebrows as he tried to digest this information. He frowned and shook his head for a moment before stating the obvious. “So, then I’ve been killing off an intelligent lifeform who was only trying to find a way to communicate with us?” He paused then and asked Fayth ,”And did you …at any time actually get any clear idea what they were wanting?”

Ensign Mike Jones Dr.

Sharah blinked and tipped her head to the side. Dealing with the telepathic and empathic connection when the mote died she wasn’t aware of what was going on with everyone else in sickbay. That was not acceptable. She had to get ahold of herself, “What do you mean you’ve been killing them?”

Sharah thought back, “More the feeling she wanted me to know what happened to her…but…it’s hard to explain I was only able to hold onto a few of the memories. I’ve recorded them in the ship’s computer. She was…lonely. She wanted her mother…” her voice trailed off. Deep breaths followed and then she shook her head. “At least from my experience. I don’t know what the rest of them might want.”

OOC: Scroll down to where it says “Sharah’s Vision” for the memories she retained:

Fayth, med

A moment later, the computer monitoring Hab’rabi chirped as the display of his vitals drooped slightly yet firmly into the yellow. Blood pressure was becoming strained, pulse was weakening ever so slightly, and synaptic activity was reduced by seven percent since being brought to Sickbay. While he was in no immediate danger, it appeared that his condition was not improving of its own accord.

As if to drive this fact further home, a smear of energy coalesced on the surface of his brow before drifting lazily into the air to join the other three motes dancing lazily about their lord’s closed eyes.

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