Main Sim [Damaged Systems]: Repairing the bio-neural gel packs (TAG O'Larria and Little)

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A waft of coolant misted out from around the deactivated gelpacks, catching the faint light of the nearby isolinear systems before fading. A nearby panel blinked the word “Stand-By” at Eldorin, followed by several lines of code that told him much of what he expected to find here: a surge of energy had compromised the packs to a degree that they were no longer functional according to Starfleet regulations. A visual assessment was only slightly more heartening. Each of the four gelpacks in the array was a wan shade of indigo shot through with blackened veins where the electrical jolt had seared a ragged path of destruction. While they could certainly be salvaged if taken to a starbase or, in a pinch, used in a diminished capacity, Chief Asam knew they wouldn’t hold up under normal operating stress.

The flashing codes caught his attention, drawing his eye away from the gelpacks. While several of the nearby auxiliary systems had been affected by the surge, most of the damage had been shunted along the EPS grids into only a few major systems: replicators, transporters, and artificial gravity. His expert eye and experienced mind could trace the affected systems along the most likely path away from his present position, like tracking creek waters back to their source upriver. If he and his team were able to find the root cause of the malfunctions, perhaps they could determine what had caused the surge… and how best to repair it.

Kristi had acknowledge the Chief’s call and gathered as many gel packs as would fit on the rolling tool box she now towed behind her. With most systems down that would have been most helpful, transporters being the main one, she managed to bring eight of the packs with her.
Coming to the location the Chief was supposed to be, she frowned and called out, unable to see him. “Chief! It’s Kristi! Where are you?”


Eldorin popped his head out from a bulkhead a good 6 meters down stream and said, “ Kristi I seem to have chased a trail av failures, I’m down ‘ere What are you like? Take a look at de codes w’en dey pop up next. I swear w’en I designed ships I had a special panel fhr problem codes at every majhr junction. Did Starfleet keep dem? No av course not… it wasn’t ‘aesdetically pleaseng’ hr some nonsense like dat… So now we get a standby message befhre anyt’eng shows up to tell us what de problem is! Gee it sure would be mhre useful to have my panels than waiteng fhr de damn computer to cycle through… Anyway we need to track down de root cause, come follow me”.

Fayth made several stops along the way. Most of the repair crews were going to have to do the hourly check on each deck. They didn’t have enough bands for everyone, but some of the teams were working deep into the ship and couldn’t get back to a check point easily. So she arranged to meet them, check them, and set them up with the arm bands. Her next stop was Lt Asam. She wasn’t sure how to approach him. Tabris was family and she cared for him deeply. She supposed that made the two elderly…older? Asams family too. But she didn’t know them and their thoughts and feelings towards her always made her … not uncomfortable but a little uncomfortable. They were so thankful for reconnecting them with Tabris. She walked over to him. “Lt Asam. I was sent down to fix set you and your team up with these monitors. They will alarm if you come into contact with the motes.”

Fayth, Med

Looking over a smile slid across his face as he said “ Sharah, please fhr de hundredth time it’s Eldorin. None av this rank nonsense, especially w’en we’re knee deep in troubles. Now what’s this? Oh those damn motes, thank you fhr deses. Not too sure I want to take any risks with dem. I’ve got enough coolant leaks and EPS surges to deal with to accidentally come into contact with those t’engs.”

Eldorin, CE

Sharah couldn’t help but smile. Eldorin was so earnest and sweet. She could see the similarity between him and Tabris. Despite a rocky start and a huge misunderstanding, Tabris had been kind and understanding. The first person in a long time that had seen past what she was to who she was. In fact sometimes she thought Tabris forgot about her condition all together. He was like another older brother. She’d seen Eldorin with Tabris’ kids and it always made her smile to see how much Tabris turned out like his father. Eldorin was exactly like how she imagined a grandfather would be if she had ever known hers. Someone you could talk to about anything no matter how old you got - like overwhelming grief for someone you never knew. Shaking off that thought she had to get to work. “Yes Sir, I’ll try to remember, Eldorin.” She couldn’t help it, being polite and speaking respectfully to him. Being around the Asams just made her that way. Tabris (another trait he got from Eldorin) even thanked the replicator for making whatever he asked of it. “Oh, well it won’t stop it from making contact, but the monitor will alarm and warn the people around you if one makes contact. I believe science is working with some of your department on how to contain it. Hopefully the scans we took in medical will help them.” She flipped open her tricorder to take a quick scan and then programmed the monitor and then slipped it around his arm. “If you hear one go off call medical and security. There are check points on each deck. Anyone not wearing a monitor has to check in with them every hour. All senior staff and repair teams that are too far from the check points are getting monitors.”

She turned to O’Larria and Little. “You two are next.”

Fayth, med

The motes…

O’Larria shivered at the idea of being ‘invaded’ by one of them. Holding her wrist out, she smiled. “Thank you. I’ll keep an eye on everyone as well. He,” she nodded toward the Chief, “will probably think it’s an alert of some other kind and order it to be shut off.” She laughed lightly at the teasing. It was a tense situation all the way around and she was grateful that no one she knew, so far, had been ill fated by the motes. Once it was attached, she turned back to the Chief. “All right, let’s see what we can figure out.”

She moved to the next junction down from the Chief and pulled the panel off. It wasn’t a crawl space but a conduit conjunction that would show her which direction the ‘bad path’ was moving to and if there was a ‘healthy path’ still available to be isolated and protected.


“Glad I found you two.” Tom approached them from behind. “My badge was down but I got your last transmission, Sir. It looks like something was interfering. Anyway, I got some gel packs.” As usual, he was carrying a shoulder bag when someone hailed him. The CE’s words somehow reminded him of one of his instructors on the ground. Even though there were no direct words from the CSO, the procedure was to aid the engineers. He was going to contact the Lieutenant once settled. He then thanked the officer with monitors and said, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Little, Sci

While the team worked to repair and replace the systems damaged by the EPS surge, the tiny display continued to scroll through it’s list of trouble codes. In a cramped space such as a jefferies tube, larger displays with more detailed descriptions would have been unwieldy; thankfully the codes were grouped in such a way as to point a repair team in the right direction. They served to let the crew know what systems were malfunctioning or disabled, but more than that they let them know where.

Eldorin’s team was situated near the periphery of the damage, the end of the stream of cascade failures and malfunctions that landed them all in the situation they now faced. They’d have the gelpacks replaced and ready within the hour, easily. The largest grouping of damage codes seemed to be localized to Deck 8; that made the most sense, since that was where Ensign Fairweather was at the time of the accident. But with all the backups and failsafes that Starfleet put in-place to make sure this kind of thing didn’t happen, why had it? Even had the computer been able to give them more than just a long list of numbers and letters, it wouldn’t be able to tell them everything. Sometimes a visual inspection was best when dealing with a baffling problem like this.

Kristi, looking a bit more haggard than usual, pressed loose strands of hair behind her ear for the umpteenth time and sighed. Sitting on her knees in the corridor outside the jeffries tube the Chief was in, she was tapping on the panel to once more go through the list of systems still to be dealt with. After a moment, she sighed and called into the small space the Chief was in.

“So Deck 11 and 15 still have gravity issues. Decks 25 and 26 have environmental issues. The replicators are still misbehaving and there are a few minor systems like lights and things flickering here and there.” She frowned and added. “And apparently the Main Computer is operating like it’s a decade behind and the bulkheads still aren’t one hundred percent.” She added those issues to the PaDD before her and sighed. Shifting as she moved to sit on her rump, her legs going to sleep from kneeling on the hard deck plates, she called out a second later. “What do you want to focus on first?”

Eldorin stuck his head out of the bulkhead and took a short sharp breath “While I lahve de idea dat de cahmputer is now wahrkin mahre at me speed, we need to prioritize gettin it back to foehll operation so those in main engineerin and de science labs can ‘ave full access to it and get us ooeht o’ dis mess.” He let go a quick curse in some old dialect of El-Aurian before whacking the panel and sighing.

She glanced at the outline of the Chief in the confined space and smiled. He wasn’t Mike, but she was growing fond of him, none the less. He was smart, quick witted and had made her smile and keep going when she had wanted to quit more than once in the last couple hours. If she wasn’t careful, she might actually start to like the man. She let a small laugh go before biting her lip, hoping he hadn’t heard it.


Well, at least a relief. Tom thought with a smirk. This was the reason it was designed at least two cores to function even in this event. Those errors implied to him that the system was in emergency mode and had low performance to everything except basic needs. Based on the textbook troubleshooting, he had better check what was overloading. But why these decks? Was there common ground here? He also wondered if he could shut down other unnecessary stuff and maybe let it run a self-diagnosis first. At last, no doctor knew better than the ‘patient’ about themselves.

Little, Sci

“Little, ‘ow are ya combing alahng wit de diagnahstecs?” Eldorin asked as he rubbed the small bump on his head from the spanner he had dropped earlier, approaching the science officer, his uniform jacket unbuttoned and undershirt stained with oils and gel-pack residue. This was where Eldorin was in his element, and he was relishing every moment of it.

Eldorin, CE

Gee…I need a UT. “Sir, if you want me to run a diagnostics.” Tom tried encrypting the CE’s words. He looked around and reached a corridor wall closer to the error messages screen. He opened it and found a panel there. “The EPS, Sir. It’s connected to the computer cores. If the task is to get back the processing speed, we need to prioritize things to do.” He rephrased the Chief’s words and expanded. “The reason it is so slow, that I can think of from those errors is caused by the connections. The cores are still connected to each branch and because of the malfunctions, they slowed down.” He then turned to the Lieutenant, “I have two ways now, either mask it or fix it. Both should boost the speed and then it can run diagnostics faster. Well, it should be.”

“To mask it, we could just simply cut all malfunctioned connections off from the cores and prioritize it to the engineering and science sections. Or to fix it, which would require times longer than that but solve each headache one by one.” He then lightly smacked the panel to see if it was still alive.

Little, Sci

=^=Repair Team Delta to Chief Asam,=^= came a call over the comm. =^=We’ve completed our repairs. Main systems on Decks Eleven through Fifteen are resetting and cycling, but the gravity has normalized. Moving to Deck Sixteen for diagnostics and assessment. Delta, out.=^=

The team barely had time to blink before another call came across the comm. Confusion and anxiety fair dripped through the channel. =^=Repair Team Alpha to Lieutenant Asam. Will you join us on Deck Eight at your earliest convenience? There’s… there’s something you should see.=^=

=/\=Rende to Eldorin. We’ll be coming to an all stop in about 5 hours to grab that alien ship and to initiate a static warp field. You have that long to make sure the ship is ready for it. Then we’ll be visiting the alien ship again.=/\=

Then five hours later: =/\=Rende to Woods and Eldorin. We’ve got the alien ship and come to an all stop. You’re clear to begin.=/\=

Rende, CO

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