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Posted Jan. 22, 2022, 1:17 p.m. by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) (Jennifer Ward)

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Posted by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) in Side sim - CO’s Office - KT-QT - reports aboard

Posted by Civilian KT-QT (Engineering Officer) in Side sim - CO’s Office - KT-QT - reports aboard
It was funny the places one found themselves when fate played her game. One moment you where serving on a ship heading to your home world, surrounded by fellow synthetics the next you were walking the halls of a federation star ship surrounded by organics. The Viking was different but similar at the same time. Officers went about there business, the engines hummed and all was bathed in the electric light of the ships lights.

To say KT-QT was nervous would be an understatement she was nervous for many reasons, being surrounded by members of different races, being on a new ship with a new crew and being the only member of her race among them. But despite all that she was excited at all the new things she would be able to learn and what the future may hold. And one of the first steps into that future lay before her. Pressing the chime to the captains office. she waited to be let in as she double checked her uniform.

KT-QT (Engineer)

“I don’t know Kohr. I’ve met more than my fair share of species in my lifetimes. Synthetic ones as well. I’ve always found them fascinating, if not a bit argumentative in their logic. A bit Vulcan like in that way. But after the Mars incident I worry how the rest of the crew will react. And I can’t help but wonder what command’s ulterior motive might be.” At the sound of the chime Rende set down her steaming mug of apple cider and looked up at Kohr, “It appears our newest exchange officer is here, and right on time.” Pressing a button on the small desk control panel the door slid open as Rende stood up. “Luchaya KT-QT, please come in. Welcome to the Viking.

Rende, CO

As the captain beckoned her in KT looked around the room and then at the woman who would be her commander for the foreseeable future, unless something went horribly wrong. She was surprised to hear her native rank, she had assumed she would be given an equivalent Star fleet rank or a civilian title. That of course could still be the case but hearing the rank she was used to and with not bad pronunciation on the word was comforting

Though the point of cultural exchanges were to provide an immersive experience for the visiting officer to experience and learn about their culture quickly, Rende also thought it was a good way for the crew to learn about the visiting officer. This ship would be home for KT-QT for the duration of her stay, and it was important that she feel welcome. Though her rank held no significant importance within Star Fleet, it did to her, and Rende had served in enough militaries for such political comparisons to mean little to her.

KT smiled at the woman and handed her a padd “KT-QT reporting for duty ma’am. Here are my orders” she said plainly but with a sultry undertone . the padd contained the usual paper work however once Rende took it she would fell something like ribbon under the padd. Taking a look she would she she had been given a necklace with a glowing crystal on it. the crystal hummed ever so slightly and shone with a deep purple hue.

“It is a pleasure. May I also introduce Cmdr Kohr our First Officer.” Rende took the PaDD and read over the woman’s orders after trying not to squint or hold the PaDD too far way. Eldorin would have a good laugh at her and then make her wear those horrible reading glasses. There was nothing out of the ordinary on the PaDD. She was a gifted engineer, and Rende was thankful Eldorin would be her DH. The old man was, like her, willing to make a friend of anyone. She was also a field medic. She’d send her over to Semenza to see how that would translate to organic medicine. There was a strange buzzing with her words, in the empathic center of Rende’s brain. KT-QT and her species had emotions, and as an empath Rende could pick it up but she always had difficulty deciphering the emotions of synthetic life forms. At least until she go to know them.

She glanced down at the necklace, it was beautiful and very unique. The color was breathtaking. Rende couldn’t quite pinpoint the cause of the hum but it was pleasant.

“A thank you gift from my people for accepting me on to your crew, and a sign of good faith.” she added once Rende had seen the necklace.

KT-QT (Engineer)

“It is a lovely gift, thank you KT-QT. I was told your people exchange gifts upon first meeting. Unfortunately my home world is long lots to the ages. But my grandchildren tell me that there is no better gift than a plant.” She smiled at the memory of them ordering her about to pick the perfect one. She set the necklace down gently and passed the PaDD to Kohr. From her desk she picked up a small pot with a small orange and purple flower growing in it and gave it to the new officer. “From my adoptive home, Ireland on Earth. It is called a Scarlet Pimpernel. The symbol of a quite famous literary hero as well. Now let’s have a seat and get to know each other.” Rende sat down in her desk chair and leaned back comfortably.

Rende, CO

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