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Peter watched the security officer with a bland expression. Baker was a decent enough officer but he didn’t exactly have the temperament to be a command-level officer but his attitude was abnormal, he hadn’t been under Peters’s command back when he was Security Chief but he’d made sure to familiarize himself with the Security staff nonetheless.

Some time later after assisting Woods in engineering, Rende headed toward the brig. Sigmundsson was being detained there, along with a couple of other officers. Sigmundsson was an accomplished fighter, but it was his mind she was in need of. His ability to search out information and evaluate events and people. But first she had to know if he was safe to allow him out of the brig. There were answer needed, Forgrave was busy investigating, and the two people she wanted working parallel to Forgrave were Korczak and Sigmundsson. So with that though in mind, Rende paged Korczak to meet her in the brig. Korczak had more than impressed her with his quick and straightforward evaluation of the crew when she had come aboard. She found his opinion and advice invaluable and she needed that now.

=/\=Rende to Korczak, would you meet me in the Brig please.=/\=

Rende, CO

=/\= On my way, Captain. =/\= came the oddly accented voice after less than a few seconds.

Peter stood up and looked out the forcefield, aggression was a common enough character trait in the Security Department. He shook his head You’re just being paranoid, old man He thought to himself as he walked slowly across the small room, He was intimately familiar with the Brig of a Viking class and he knew in theory that escape was possible but a single thought of paranoia was not motive enough to make the attempt, although getting rid of a guard was an essential component to do so when alone.


Outside the Brig Rende placed her hand to the bioscanner and quietly entered her security clearance code. The door swished open quietly and Rende stepped into the room. Chavez was at the main console and sat up, then stood abruptly. Rende waved him back as she walked over. “Your assignment takes priority over saluting me, Ensign. I’d like to speak with Lt Cmdr Sigmundsson.”

Rende pulled a chair over and sat, legs crossed at the knees and her hands clasped around the top knee. Her inclination was to address him by first name. He’d been through the ringer today. But she didn’t know him overly well, unfortunately (at least not yet), and she didn’t want to set off warning bells by being overly familiar. There was enough paranoia spreading through the ship. “The ship is in quite a state, Cmdr Sigmundsson. I would much prefer you on this side of the brig.”

Rende, CO

Peter had been examining the rear wall when the Captain arrived. He was an odd sight, he was no longer wearing his jacket and had rolled the sleeves of his yellow undershirt up to his elbows. He was also not wearing his shoes or socks. Without his slightly oversized jacket his size seemed less exaggerated even though he was still clearly a very large man. He turned slowly and examined the Captain, his face as if carved from wood “As would I, Captain” He took a single step forward, standing in the middle of the Brig. “But unless I can be cleared for duty I believe it is in the best interest of the crew if I remain behind a forcefield and under guard” He paused “How may I be of service, Ma’am?”


Rende reguarded him for a moment, “You and I are of the same mind as far as ship’s security, but I need your skills out here. A team will be heading back to the colony ship. If possible, I want you with them. Or interrogating Hab’rabi when…if…he wakes up. So in that direction, Lt Cmdr Korczak will be here soon. He’s going to give you a psychological evaluation.” She didn’t say she expected him to cooperate. He was a good, solid officer and she knew he would.

What to tell him though, some information and guaging his reaction could tell her a lot. “It seems these motes of light are exactly what Hab’rabi said, spirits/energy of the dead. One linked telepathically with one of the doctors and actually left it’s memories with her.” Or something close to that if she read the medical report correctly. “So you can start by telling me what you remember, before, during, and after. As well as any observations you made about our guest.”

Rende, CO

Peter considered the question for a moment “I don’t recall much of anything after my return to the ship, for me the sequence of events was the flight from Hab’rabi’s ship followed by what I can only describe as a flash of nothing, like memories of a blackout event caused by extreme alcohol consumption. Then I remember entering the holosuite and starting an exercise program, a great desire to simply enjoy myself. Nothing mattered beyond enjoying the moment”

Peter took a moment and frowned at his thoughts “I have no problem with taking time for myself and enjoying life but such hedonistic thinking is disturbing” He smoothed his features “In any case I came to my sense after perhaps an hour of exercise and I haven’t felt anything influencing my behavior since then. When Commander Kohr and Lieutenant Forgrave came to arrest me” He paused and the slightest hint of an amused tone entered his voice “With two full security teams to apprehend me I remanded myself into their custody.” The amusement faded “When I heard of the assault I felt it became imperative to lock me up” The thought of himself out of control causing damage to his crewmates was a terrible thought.


“And what assault are you referring to, Commander?” came the odd accented voice. Korczak was in the room, standing behind and to the left of the CO. How long was a question… then man seemed to literally blend into the background at times. “And how do you feel right now?” Korczak asked as he pushed the glasses up his nose slightly.

Korczak, CNS

Rende nodded listening to Sigmundsson. “That seems to be the same for almost everyone, except for one of our doctors and NE Sacco.” She turned her gaze toward the counselor, who always seemed to be where he was needed but no one knew quite how he got there. Rende found it amusing. “NE Sacco was part of the security detail assigned to our guest. He shot Hab’rabi, point blank with a phaser, 4 times. On stun which may be the only good thing in this situation. Both have been taken to sickbay and Sacco is in custody.”

Rende, CO

Korczak considered the Captain’s words and then let out a soft hmphf. “Well… certainly adds excitement to the day, does it not Captain?” and he turned back to Sigmundsson.

Korczak, CNS

Peter didn’t react to the counselor’s sudden appearance nor did he give any indication that he was surprised by it. He simply gave the man a neutral look and waited for the Captain to finish answering his first question. “What do I feel?” He said in a musing manner “Anger mostly” he said it quite casually, without any intense emotion “A sense of powerlessness and fear but mostly anger” He clasped his hands behind back “I’ve been keeping the anger on a low simmer to avoid being overwhelmed by it. I spent a few minutes meditating on my fear to overcome it”


Ensign Linch stepped slowly into the room, several small devices clutched in her hands. Smiling brightly, she moved toward the knot of officers and held them out. Someone had affixed medical monitors to slender bands. Rather hastily, if the dissimilar design and orientation was any indication. Still, the medical officer seemed almost proud of them.

“I was asked to give these to the senior staff,” she explained, offering one to Korczak first. “They’re designed to constantly monitor your biometrics and alert both you and the various departments if there’s a radical change. I’m… not sure I understand it all, and it won’t prevent whatever is happening from happening. But we’ll at least be made aware of it in case, well, it happens. Something to do with an electrostatic charge that’s been affecting the crew?”

Doe eyes fixed Rende with a very serious expression. “I’ve been asked to do a thorough scan of you before leaving, sir. I’m sure you understand.”

The poor girl looked so nervous. “Of course Dr. Why don’t we step over here so the Lt Cmdrs can chat.” She moved away to allow Sigmundsson and Korczak privacy as well as away from the other two detainees. She snagged a chair from behind the security desk and took a seat. Rende was a little concerned when she said she didn’t quite understand how it all worked, but Semenza had an excellent crew, and Linch was young. Being assigned to the brig and scanning the Captain had probably made her nervous. “Scan away, doctor.”

Rende, CO

Linch seemed almost relieved to move her attention to the large man behind the energy barrier. “And you’ll be happy to hear that your scans came back clean! No more of that strange energy floating around in your neurons. Once we get your band snug and calibrated, you’ll be free to go. Isn’t that a relief?”

Peter turned his head slowly towards the young Ensign and studied her for a moment, as if he were weighing and measuring her for signs of trustworthiness. He unclasped his hands and looked at his wrist “I hope that it fits” He said rubbing his wrists with a large hand “Standard issue Starfleet Restraints don’t fit, I hope they took that into account” He said in a lighter tone than usual, his expression didn’t lighten, however.


Korczak gave Peter a half-smile and said “I have confidence that your stature factored into the design. I haven’t been here long, but everyone seems to pay attention to the details so far.” Korczak seemed to give an aura of serenity and non-judgment as he moved closer to the field. “You know anger is a normal response to losing one’s free will. It’s okay to be angry.”

Korczak, CNS

Peter gave an indifferent nod “I am aware of the benefits of feeling emotions counselor, I just simply do not allow them to rule me” He said in a calm tone “I also try to be honest about my emotional state, it’s as important to declare emotional wounds as it is to let someone know of physical injuries. Anything that can interfere with normal operations” he spoke matter-of-factly

Ensign Linch worked quickly but thoroughly to fit each of the senior officers with a monitor, scanning them all with a smile and some polite chatter. The woman fairly oozed bedside manner, and even her serious glances at her tricorder were difficult to take seriously. Finally, she snapped her instrument shut and gave a satisfactory nod.

“All right, everyone is free to go,” she chirped happily. A thought struck her and her face fell… but only just. “Well, those of you fitted with monitors. Everyone’s scans are clean, and vitals look good. No presence of any electrostatic charges here! I’ll leave you three to your business, then.”

Turning, Ensign Linch hurried off to the other brig cells to apply good cheer and a thorough bioscan to the rest of the contained crewmen.

“Thank you En Linch.” Rende glanced at the monitor and as long as it did the job she was happy to wear it. Medical had cleared Peter and as long as Korczak agreed he was in a stable head space she was fine with Korczak releasing him back to duty. Before Korczak and Sigmundsson could get back to it she grabbed a PaDD off the security desk and left orders for them. The room Hab’rabi had been attacked in needed looking at, and Forgrave was short handed. Sacco, Hab’rabi’s assailant, was in sickbay and needed to be questioned, and it probably wouldn’t hurt for someone to talk to that young doctor who had such a unique interaction with the motes. She trusted them to place their skills where they thought they would do the most good.

Than she left to go check in with other parts of the ship.

Rende, CO

Peter watched the Captain leave “She wants us to put our heads together. I want to interrogate the Alien when or if he wakes up as well as his assailant.” He looked down at his bare feet “I also think I’ll get my shoes from Forgraves Office” Kohr also likely had his Karambit, that could wait till later “There was also a disturbance on deck thirty four, intruder alert that I’d like to check out” He turned to Korczaak “Opinion?”


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Korczak looked at Peter and said “My opinion is not really pertinent, I don’t think. Not right now, anyway.” The Counselor walked up and released the force field. “Go take care of what is pressing, Commander. But once all of this is settled and the After-Action Reports are filed… you will come by and talk with me. Correct?” The question was delivered not so much as an inquiry, but a request for confirmation.

Korczak, CNS

Peter nodded curtly “Of course” He said before jogging out to the Security chiefs office to get his equipment


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