Side sim- Main engineering- KT-QT meet her new DH

Posted Jan. 26, 2022, 4:51 a.m. by Civilian KT-QT (Engineering Officer) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief Engineer) in Side sim- Main engineering- KT-QT meet her new DH

Posted by Civilian KT-QT (Engineering Officer) in Side sim- Main engineering- KT-QT meet her new DH

Posted by Lieutenant Eldorin Asam (Chief Engineer) in Side sim- Main engineering- KT-QT meet her new DH
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It would be fair to say that the greatest symbol of the federation might and technical prowess was the warp core. A column of pure energy capable of feet’s that made most minds spin in awe and marvel. The sheer complexity of such a device was enough to confuse those who had not chosen the path of an engineer. It was a marvel even for KT but she knew an even greater technological marvel existed and she was looking at it reflect in the glass of a partition. She smiled and double checked the two pads she had with her the first was her orders and service history a simple set of data, But the second padd was the one she was excited to hand over to her new boss.

But first she had to find them, she walked further into engineer well aware of the loos she was drawing. But she had a job to do and a new person to meet. She walked up to the nearest engineer and tapped them lightly on the shoulder.

“Excuse me. My name is KT-QT and I’m looking for the Chief engineer could you point me in the right direction” she asked her tone flat and efficient similar to that of a Vulcan but it also had a sultry undertone to it.

KT-QT (Engineer)

The engineer in question looked a bit out of place, antique uniform being the most prominent of the features that would set him apart. He turned and smiled as he offered his hand and said “”Aye dere I’m de chief engineer. You moehst be KT-QT? Do you prefer a shahrter version o’ yer name? Either way I’m Eldorin, why dahn’t you tell me what cahnfuses you mahst in dis room?”

Eldorin, CE

KT hesitated for a moment looking the man up and down as if looking for some hidden weapon or trap. However she soon accepted the hand shake. She was glad her audio and vocal processors where working otherwise she had a feeling she would have struggled to understand her new DH “KT or KT-QT are fine by me sir. Which ever is easiest for you.” she said her tone identical to the first time she spoke

“As for anything that confuses me. I have yet to learn the ins and outs of the ships engine and systems. So I cant really say if anything confuses me. However I’m sure she will show me her true self soon enough.” she added after a short pause.

KT-QT (Engineer)

“KT it is den” He said with a smile as he listened to her talk about what he expected from an engineer, especially one with her unique background and heritage. He smiled when KT referenced the ship as a being rather than an object and said “You know what cahnfuses me? it’s dat mahdule over dere” Eldorin said pointing to a small bluish unit mounted to the left of the secondary plasma injectors on the starboard side. “I ‘ave no idea what it does, it doesn’t show oehp in de schematecs, and when I jeggle it, de unit ‘hums and de lights flecker to de pattern o’ Ode ta Joy!” He commented as he walked over and jiggled the unit, and as he stated the lights indeed flickered and it emitted it’s telltale hum.

KT raised an eyebrow at the strange device and decided, if she got that chance she would figure out what it was for. She liked a good mystery.

Walking back over, he said, “So I’ll read over what I dahn’t already ‘ave o’ yooehr trainengs and persahnnel file soon enooehgh. Is dere anythin you’d like to share dat’s impahrtant ahr anythin abooeht me ahr de ship you’d like ta know?”

Eldorin, CE

“My people believe in giving gifts at introductions. so here is yours” she said handing him the second padd she had. “It’s a stripped down version of my schematics. we figured that an engineer would find it most interesting” barley able to hide her excitement at the engineers reaction. Anything like that was a gold mine and she hopped the CE apricated the significant amount of trust it showed.

The padd itself was indeed a gold mine with a full break down of KTs abilities including the fact that her processing ability was four times that of the ships computer and twice as fast as the human brain. It also contained a few diagrams of her neural and bio neural nervous system this indicated that KT could react twice as fast as almost all synthetics. as well as a break down of the elements used to create her. Some where completely unknow to the federation. There was also a hint at her self charging sustainable power core. A piece of technology that was more advanced then anything in the federation. In fact even though it was only a snippet, it would take hours to go over all of it fully but it was easy to see exactly how advanced KT was.

“Does this gift please you?” she asked.

KT-QT (Engineer)

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