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Posted Jan. 26, 2022, 11:37 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Medical Officer) in Side Sim - R & R at 12 Forward [open to all]

Posted by Ensign Tom Little (Science Officer) in Side Sim - R & R at 12 Forward [open to all]
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Tom finished his day watch and declared to pay a visit at the recreation facility on deck 12. The place was able to host 150 people at once. It was also the place for officers and civilians to chill from the daily routines. Menus were diverse and replicated from the best recipes possible so that everyone on board could taste a bit from their home.

It was a typical day for Ensign Little to show up at the counter, followed by the recommended nutritional intakes since the academy. He tried to balance the shape at the same time, to meet the crews in exchange for … just a good time. He was in a line waiting to use one of the 3 replicators.

Ens Little

In the line next to Little was another young officer in Blue. Science or medical, it was hard to tell some times. She had an old fashioned woven wicker basket over her arm, lined in a tea-towel, filled with plants: flowers, leaves, stems, buds, roots. She was covered in dirt, honest to goodness soil, and wearing a half grin. Sharah wasn’t quite sure how long she’d been working. Her duty shift that day had put her in the labs and several blissful hours in the arboretum. And everyone who knew her, personal or professional, knew once she got into the arboretum she tended to loose track of time. So she’d missed lunch and she still had to take her ‘harvest’ back to the labs. Deck 12 was the on the way there so it was the easiest place to grab something to eat.

Lt jg Fayth

“Let me guess…” Tom turned to her and chuckled with eyes warmly opened. “you’re from Kansas.”

Feeling attention directed toward her, Sharah looked over perplexed, “Kansas?” Then the concept floated to her through the never ending noise. “Oh, no not quite, the arboretum.”

“Hey, Pal.” A voice came from behind them, which suggested it was his turn to arrange magic. To begin with… He cleared his throat, stood up straight, and enchanted. “Wild mushroom soup. Researcher’s quick pizza.” After a brief atomic circulation, two plates showed up and smelled very much like olive, garlic, and onions.
Plus potatoe and chicken! He then carried it all the way to a round table, waiting to see if the basket girl wished to have joint dining.

Ens Little

Fayth waited her turn and then stepping up to the replicator, “Grilled cheese and uttaberry juice.” The dish and glass materialized and she grabbed them and stepped out of the way, scanning for somewhere to sit in the crowded lounge. It wasn’t like her to socialize in such crowded areas, but the last time she’d grabbed a quick bite, she’d absentmindedly taken the food with her into the chemistry lab. So she’d better sit. She didn’t recognize the young science officer, or his ‘presence’ so he was probably new to the ship. Sharah knew how that went all too well. It was part of the job, working for Star Fleet, but at least she never got used to the changes. And she’d switched ships more times than most since graduating.

Spotting him at a large round table she made her way over, it also happening to be one of the handful of tables with still empty seats. Moving up to the chair directly across from him, “Is it okay if I sit here? Or would you prefer privacy?”


“If you’re okay sitting with a commissioned ‘private,’ sure. Be his guest.” Tom replied and continued, “If you don’t mind, you’re welcome to join the blessing.” He then eyes closed with hands rested on his knees. I thank for the time well spent today and a great table time tonight. Privacy wasn’t a concern on his mind. Since everyone with a badge was trackable by the computers, some crews read minds. The table they were in could see the stars from the far side skylight windows. The background music was in a don’t-mind-it-volume.


That was something Sharah never quite understood, why people cared if you were commissioned or enlisted. People were people and all deserved to be treated well. Of course that was the doctor in her, well the empathy too. When someone was sick or hurting, rank went out the window. She sat, “No it doesn’t bother me.” The basket she placed carefully between her feet on the floor. That way the contents wouldn’t be accidentally damaged. The lounge was noisy, full of life and sound and movement. It was also ‘noisy’ and full of thoughts, and feelings, and presences, and distracting. Not her favorite place to be, but necessary at the moment. If her blood sugar dropped or she got over tired from skipping a meal it would only make things harder. Sharah was respectfully quiet during his silent blessing. When he was done, “On Betazed we ring a small gong while we eat to give thanks for our food. It’s a bit difficult here, so I always ring one when I get back to my quarters.” She picked up half her sandwich and took a bite. Honestly, best thing ever!


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