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Posted Jan. 30, 2022, 12:39 p.m. by Kvasir (Story Teller) (Jason Wolfe)

Posted by Kvasir (Story Teller) in [OOC] Main Sim Summary (Updated 12/21)

As there’s a lot going on, I’ve decided to keep this update clear and clean of all previous information; if you need to catch up, please feel free to hit the Parent button below in order to follow this thread back to its source for special bits that you might have missed or need to review. Rather than sort updates by department, I’ve also decided to highlight each individual thread here in order to provide more specific hints and prompts for those in need of help.

Please remember that if you become stuck or confused, you can always reach out to Jenn or myself at any time for clarification. I never consider an opportunity to expand or improve our narrative a bother or inconvenience, so don’t be shy. With that, let’s dig in!

● [Engineering]: An Ever-Shifting Perspective— Woods and team have hit upon the idea of using a static warp field or nucleonic charge to prevent the alien energy beings from moving to and from subspace, but it’s going to take some time to get it done with all the repairs still in-progress. Luckily, they have five hours to do it before the Viking returns to the alien ship.

● [Sickbay]: The Balancing Edge— Before forcibly removing himself from Sickbay, Commander Kohr spoke briefly about his encounter with the alien energy being: though he could only piece together the vaguest sense, the Klingon was absolutely certain Hab’rabi intends to commandeer the Viking. Filled with the nigh-uncontrollable urge to murder the alien lord, Kohr compelled the medical staff to release him back to his quarters… with a phaser. Ensign Sacco, however, managed to remain asleep and is still under guard awaiting assessment.

● [Sickbay]: Triage Command— Lord Hab’rabi has taken a turn for the worse! Doctors Jones and Semenza have started cortical stimulation but it hasn’t had any effect. Scans show that his brain has suffered some serious damage from his encounter with Ensign Sacco’s phaser, and he may need a little more direct attention if he’s to pull through.

● [Deck 8]: Chaos and Reason— While exacting repairs caused by Ensign Fairweather’s encounter with another energy being during the computer switch-over earlier, Repair Team Alpha has made some unusual discoveries—discoveries that lead them to believe the main computer might have been deliberately sabotaged. But by whom and why? It would take an engineer to find out!

● [Deck 34]: Meanwhile, Elsewhere…— Lieutenant Forgrave and Lieutenant Commander Sigmundsson are on the case! After talking to Ensign Baker about his encounter and cobbling up some theories, the pair have decided that interviewing Lord Hab’rabi might not be a bad idea if they’re to get to the bottom of things.

● [Damaged Systems]: Repairing the Bioneural Gelpacks— Lieutenant Asam and his team have begun to exact repairs to the damaged gelpacks. Things aren’t quite adding up when they receive an anxious comm call from Repair Team Alpha on Deck 8, asking for their assistance with something most curious.

● [Bridge]: Belly of the Beast— Captain Rende is determined to get to the bottom of Hab’rabi’s mischief and has the Viking headed back to his strange colony ship for some answers! With five hours to get her ship under control before they reach their destination, she and the crew have their work cut out for them.

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything, and if I did feel free to let me know! If you have ideas on how you might want to fast-track your tasks during the five hour travel back to Ol’ Habby’s ship, feel free to toss them my or Jenn’s way so we can implement them. We’ve started the climax to this interesting tale, so let’s all work hard to bring it across the finish line. Happy writing!

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