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She turned back to Kohr, her hand reached for the reassuring feel of the sleek metal of her rifle. “He might be bigger than me, but that just means he’ll go down harder. He’ll learn Cmdr, no one takes my ship.”

Rende, CO


Kohr attempted to stand once more, growled as he slumped against the side of the biobed. He glared away attempts to help him back to his seat. Such weakness was not acceptable! He did, however, find consolation in that his knees had held even for a moment. The Klingon would recover, of that he was certain.

“Perhaps I require more time to properly recover, Captain,” he admitted through gritted teeth. “However, this is not the place for me to be for such.”

Kohr had a point. “Alright Cmdr, but how do you plan to get there?” He was going to have to have help OR stay and endure the nurses until his legs were fully responsive again. “Monitor ship’s comms and the continual reports. And get fitted with a band before you go.” Rende didn’t need her empathy to identify the look on Kohr’s face very time he looked at Hab’rabi. The only reason that man wasn’t back on his ship was because she wanted answers…oh and they let the ship drift away. Time to go get it.

The commander tried very hard to keep his eyes fixed on Rende and the doctor; every time his gaze drifted towards Hab’rabi, his vitals jumped. It was also a matter of personal pride for him. A warrior either died from his injuries or recovered to fight again. There was no honor in laying about, being tended to by nurses and fretted over like some ailing babe. He could feel his clarity returning, his body reacting more as he would expect. Recovery would take time and nothing more. He would be much more useful to the captain at his desk, away from sympathetic eyes. Kohr’s desire to kill Hab’rabi provided him all the more reason to be gone from Sickbay.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

She turned to Tomlinson, “En you have your orders, but I want to know the second our guest wakes up. I’ll be on the bridge.” Rende tapped her combadge, =/\=Rende to Bridge. Flip this boat around and go pick up that alien ship!=/\= as she left sickbay heading for the nearest lift.

Rende, CO

The NE paused for a moment for a task that was supposed to be carried out by the medical team. “… Aye, Captain.” He assured to the fully armed skipper.

NE Tomlinson, Security

Mike had come in from the lab and had been busy checking on the empty beds in case he had more patients show up. It was not a thought that he relished but one that he had to prepare for, nonetheless. He soon came to Kohr’s bed and smiled joyfully at him saying, “Well Commander you certainly look a lot better!” Mike then looked up at the commanders’ vitals for a moment before he looked at Kohr and said, “Commander I understand you are experiencing weakness. This is quite normal as you were incapacitated for some time. During that time, you were unable to take in any solid food. Not something that a person of your vigorous physiology can handle very well. So, I have a prescription for you that you may like. It seems that the last time we took on supplies we also took on a chilled container. It seems that inside said container are some little creatures being held in a state of hibernation. I believe you know these creatures as Gagh.Would you like for us to bring them out of hibernation for you?”

Ensign Mike Jones MD

Kohr could only blink for a moment, stunned. Seething rage boiled along his bones and blistered his veins. He stood slowly on shaky legs, clenching his fists so hard his leather gauntlet crackled in his grip. Never in his many years as a Klingon warrior had he ever felt so patronized! He bared his teeth in a silent snarl, jaw clenched tight enough that the tendons in his neck thrust against his skin. Carefully—so very, very carefully—Kohr hauled back on the reigns of his fiery temper. He could not lose control now, not yet.

Gagh will not whet my appetite, Doctor,” he purred slowly. The Klingon thrust out a meaty hand to grasp the air in a savage grip between them. “Only the still-beating heart of that petaq in my hand and his blood coursing down my fangs will satisfy me this day!”

“You!” he snarled then, thrusting a finger at one of the security officers standing guard over Sacco’s inert form. “Attend me. Now!

The security officer shuffled slowly closer as if expecting the Klingon to descend upon him with mountainous wrath at any moment. Kohr hooked a thick arm around the man’s neck and propelled them both towards the door leaving Sickbay. Despite his shuffling and slightly unsteady gait, the warrior managed much on his own power. The gathered staff looked curiously between Jones and Kohr, the air crackling with anxious anticipation.

“I will be in my quarters,” Kohr grumbled as the door hushed open.
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

Mike watched the shambling, barely able to stay erect form as Kohr tried to make it to the door of sickbay without falling over. Mike rubbed his chin a moment before speaking, ” You sir!” he called to the security officer. “Stop there. If it’s not obvious the Commander Kohr can’t leave here under his own power. He needs food and water. And you! ” He pointed at the Commander then. “Only a fool fights in a burning house! And at the moment your body is the burning house. Are you so willful that you will drag your weakened body to be humiliated in defeat? Or will you show the wisdom of a true warrior and wait until your greatest weapon is in a condition to fight?”

Ens. Mike Jones MD

The Klingon rounded on Ensign Jones with a blistering glare and the vibrating tension in the room finally broke. In a howl of fury Kohr twisted his body and threw the security guard from under his arm, plucking the phaser from the guard’s hip with a deft motion. The poor man tumbled and sprawled against the bulkhead so hard that the wind rushed from him. Rage seething in his veins, Kohr bared his fangs and fired. Amber light lanced close enough to the doctor’s neck that it sizzled the hair and crackled against his skin. The instrument panel behind him spattered a shower of sparks before flickering and dying, a smoldering hole square center.

BIh je qonwI’!

Storming into the room to stand between them like a bottled tempest all her own, Nurse Hofmann scowled at the fuming Klingon. Though smaller than Kohr by more than a head, the older woman stood ramrod straight and unwavering. He growled at her and took a half step to one side, but she matched his motion with a defiant hazel glint. Snarling, he made a sharp gesture with his free hand.

“Stand aside, woman! My fight is not with you.”

Hofmann thrust out her chin and curled her lip. “How dare you discharge a weapon in my sickbay! How am I supposed to care for my patients with all this barking and saber-rattling going on, eh? If you two want to spray testosterone everywhere, take it somewhere else. I expected a senior officer to know better!”

Kohr blinked, taken aback. His angry reply choked his throat shut and sputtered from his lips. Hofmann’s scoff hardened his glower, but the phaser’s aim drifted toward the deck. Nodding curtly, the woman then rounded on Jones.

“And you, sir, need to rethink your bedside manner. The commander admits himself a threat to a patient—one that is helpless and cannot be moved because he is dying—and has the fortitude to walk away, and you taunt him?!” She rolled her eyes and shook her head, then shrugged. “A good way to get yourself killed, that.”

Jabbing her stylus at Kohr, the woman squinted. “The captain will hear of your outburst, mark me. Any more trouble out of you and I’ll have you thrown in the brig. Security, take him to his quarters and confine him there until further notice.”

The bewildered security officer looked dubiously at the Klingon, who frowned and offered him his phaser back, nodded and hauled himself to his feet. He stayed a careful distance from Kohr, but the commander only turned and shuffled from sickbay. Once the door was closed behind them, Nurse Hofmann took a deep breath and plastered on her customary matronly smile.

After hearing an unusual noise from inside, the NE stepped in with a hand above the holster. He looked around and found everything was squared away. He returned to his station outside.

NE Tomlinson, Security

“Now that you’re not busy, Doctor, would you mind having a look at our alien friend? He doesn’t seem to be doing too well.”
—Kohr, Executive Officer—

As soon as Kohr had left Mike began to laugh. He had stood stock still and glared at Kohr throughout his entire outburst. Not out of any bravery but well to be honest he had been shot at before and knew that flinching or moving was generally not a good idea. Looking at the nurse then he asked, “Is everyone around here in need of a psych eval? You try to give someone a specialty dish from his home world, and he tries to shoot you!”

Okay then nurse now as if I haven’t been busy enough what patient do you have for me now?”

Ensign Mike Jones MD

“Our guest—Lord Hab’rabi, I believe his name is—has taken a turn for the worst, I’m afraid. Doctor Semenza seems rather beside himself with how to proceed; being a neurologist he might benefit from your experience. A cortical stimulator has been applied, but so far it hasn’t so much as stabilized his condition, much less improved it.” There was twist to Hofmann’s lip, as if she’d bit into something sour. “It seems our phaser fire does not agree with his kind, even on stun.”


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