Just a friendly visit from the Captain (Captain Rende Asam & Ensign Laju Eghimea)

Posted April 13, 2022, 7:07 p.m. by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) (Jennifer Ward)

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Eghimea stood there in silence, she was unsure what to do or say beyond the moment. Her eyes drifted over to the box and slowly scanned it. She was curious for sure, but still unsure what to do. She just watched this human woman before her. The very woman to whom Eghimea would serve during her exile. As she watched the woman, her shoulders slightly slumped as an unseen wave of despair washed over her. ‘Exiled’ she thought with great remorse.

The corner of Rende’s mouth twitched, “It is that, a bit too big to get comfortable in if I’m honest. I suppose it’s a necessity of deep space assignment though. We don’t get planet side much. Then again I remember the mental instability that such voyages on the smaller NX classes caused.”

‘Limited planet side,’ she felt her despair grow. She struggled to push past the unseen emotions and did her best to hide them from sight, “I read about the old Earth Warships. I am not an expert or anything, but I did enjoy reading about the origins of Starfleet,” she said softly trying to hide her sudden wave of being homesick. Her feelings of exile once more threatened to strangle her heart. Though it was true, she did really enjoy reading about Starfleet. While she didn’t much trust the Federation as a whole or as an organization, she did find that humans were so very clever.

“It was quite the era, a lot of good people, worked really hard to create the Federation. A bit naïve too. Going out into space and believing they would never encounter hostility. The universe is far too diverse, and it’s a factor of humanoid nature, that each species thinks their way is the only way. After WWIII, Humans were so sick of fighting they thought that space would provide peace. They assumed all species were seeking peace, but peace isn’t given as gift, it’s won with hard work. It is a goal worth working for, but not for the faint of heart. Peace and comradery and mutual benefit are harder than simply fighting.”

Deciding to cut to the chase. “Your grandfather, Colonel Zado, is a good friend of mine. When I heard you were coming aboard, I had to come and see how you were settling in.”

Rende, CO

Her eyes shifted in surprise and there was nothing she could do to hide it. “You are,” she said as her surprise was echoing in her voice. “I mean, I suppose it was possible. I just didn’t think,” she cut herself off as a new emotion washed over her. Of course, they were friends. Why else would he insist on this transfer if not to watch her and make sure she didn’t embarrass anyone. “I don’t require much, ma’am,” her voice shifting near effortlessly back into her perfect military form. “I will do everything that is expected of me with perfect precision,” she said trying to push back the mixed emotions and replace them with pride.

Rende did grin then, “Spoken like a true soldier and daughter of Laju. Physically we don’t need much, but mentally and spiritually, that’s where we live ensign. As to your performance I have no doubt.” Rende’s gaze turned piercing and implacable, “And make no mistake Ensign, if I had any doubt of that, you wouldn’t be on my ship. No matter who your family is. On the same token, you keep or lose this position on your own merits. Not the reputation of your family. Their reputation and loyalty may inspire and carry you, but it won’t keep or build your career.” Rende didn’t believe for one moment that Laju wanted it to be that way, but Rende wanted to be very clear. She might know the girl’s grandfather and they were friends, but she would be judged on her own merits. It was going to be an adjustment for her. Where she’d served totally with family, now she was alone, and would have to make a new family of strangers. Not an easy task. Better she know exactly where she stood, a firm solid foundation.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” she said with a bit of curiosity. “Where do you know Colonel Zabo from,” she asked. The manner in which she spoke his name was as natural to her as anything else.

Eghimea, Ensign

Rende knew Laju was curious and Rende thought it was curious that Zabo hadn’t told her. But a little off balance was a good way to find a new balance after tragedy and it was Zabo’s life and career. However he did not request her silence, so, “That would have been during the Dominion War. He was at the Base ship yard where my husband and I were stationed at the time.”

Rende, CO

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