Main Sim [Bridge]: Belly of the Beast (TAG Woods)

Posted April 13, 2022, 10:06 p.m. by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Markus Woods (Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim [Bridge]: Belly of the Beast


Markus listened to report on the containment for the Remnants and nodded. Theory was his area, and sure he could make things, but he wasn’t the same level of makers that the ship’s dedicated engineering team was. All that was left was to try it. Quietly he sent orders to Engineering to test it when they got the opportunity.

Still sitting just off of center, he let out another sigh and cast his gaze about at the walls, then leaned back in the seat. Closing his eyes he let his mind drift, opening up, widening the channels, widening his perception once more. Impressions began to float in. Mixtures of frustration, determination, worry, stress and more. The crew was over-stretched and stressed. Tired. But still pressing on, like the best Starfleet had to offer. In that moment, he was proud of all of them. Despite a situation none of them had considered, they were performing admirably.

But among them was a pained spark, a mind reeling after their encounter with one of the Remnants. Guilt, shame, grief… Profound grief. And disorientation. He recognized the texture of the mind as the doctor he’d encountered earlier, first in the cargo bay then in engineering. A troubled expression crossed his features then, and he seemed to come back to himself.

“Mister Yorba, I need to attend to something in Sickbay that may give us a little more light on the situation. You have the conn. Notify me if anything… else unusual crops up, if you would.” With that he pushed himself to his feet.

A moment later he slipped into the turbolift. =^=Sickbay.=^=

Lt Woods, CSO/aXO

=^=Bridge to Captain Rende.=^= Lieutenant Yorba somehow managed to sound both exhausted and intensely focused. =^=The Muninn is in distress. There’s some kind of power fluctuation and they’re not responding to our hails. Report to the bridge immediately.=^=

=/\=Yorba get a tractor beam on it. I know, release the other one. And tell me you know Morse code.=/\=

=/\=Rende to Woods. I want these things confined or destroyed. Now From the bridge or Engineering, I don’t care. Get it done.=/\= Rende barked across the the comms in true drill sergeant mode. She wasn’t angry at any of them, but she wanted results and no excuses. This had gone on far too long.

Minutes later Rende strode onto the bridge ready to destroy the beast staring back at them across the void. “Yorba!” She didn’t even bother to sit. The old woman was steaming.

Rende, CO

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