Just a friendly visit from the Captain (Captain Rende Asam & Ensign Laju Eghimea)

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Rende did grin then, “Spoken like a true soldier and daughter of Laju. Physically we don’t need much, but mentally and spiritually, that’s where we live ensign. As to your performance I have no doubt.” Rende’s gaze turned piercing and implacable, “And make no mistake Ensign, if I had any doubt of that, you wouldn’t be on my ship. No matter who your family is. On the same token, you keep or lose this position on your own merits. Not the reputation of your family. Their reputation and loyalty may inspire and carry you, but it won’t keep or build your career.” Rende didn’t believe for one moment that Laju wanted it to be that way, but Rende wanted to be very clear. She might know the girl’s grandfather and they were friends, but she would be judged on her own merits. It was going to be an adjustment for her. Where she’d served totally with family, now she was alone, and would have to make a new family of strangers. Not an easy task. Better she know exactly where she stood, a firm solid foundation.

Listening to the Captain speak of times long past and even the Captain’s expectations of her were nothing that Eghimea hadn’t heard before. She remembered her first night at the academy. A group of instructors pulled her from her bed in the dead of night and put her through nearly three hours of intense physical workouts and sprints. The entire time, they demanded that she call upon her family’s name to bring it all to an end. Despite the pain, despite the insults, she refused to give them the satisfaction. The worst part was when she found out that it was her own father and brother who had set the whole night of horror up. At first it made her angry, though later she realized it actually made her more resolved to prove her worth.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” she said with a bit of curiosity. “Where do you know Colonel Zabo from,” she asked. The manner in which she spoke his name was as natural to her as anything else.

Eghimea, Ensign

Rende knew Laju was curious and Rende thought it was curious that Zabo hadn’t told her. But a little off balance was a good way to find a new balance after tragedy and it was Zabo’s life and career. However he did not request her silence, so, “That would have been during the Dominion War. He was at the Base ship yard where my husband and I were stationed at the time.”

Rende, CO

She drew in a deep breath, “I am pretty surprised. Did you know that after the occupation, Colonel Zabo went off to fight for the Marguis. His fame only grew despite the propaganda machines against him. When word leaked out that Star Fleet was holding him as a Prisoner of War, there were protests across Vekobet.” She paused then added, “our home. They demanded that Star Fleet be thrown out of the Bajoran system. Men like Commander Laju,” she looked in to the Captain’s eyes as she added, “my father. They worked hard to encourage cooperation between Bajor and the Federation.”

She filled with pride as she continued, “when the Federation finally released him and let him come home,” there were tears in her eyes as if she was reliving the moment. “You should have seen the parades in Vekobet. The Celebrations across Kendra Province were so widespread that even the ruling party couldn’t stop them. They wanted to build a monument to him.” She smiled as she scoffed, “but not my family. No, we don’t get monuments. We get speeches and causes. Colonel Zabo called for a reversal to the scaling down of the Militia. He championed the doomed Kendra project and saw the first of their line leave the construction yards. He even opposed Bajor joining the Federation, claiming that the Cardassians wanted to enslave us with ships and blasters. The Federation would enslave us with seeds and shiny new technology.”

Realizing the inflammatory nature of her statement, she fell silent. Looking down she frowned and silently cursing herself as she remembered who her audience was.

Ensign Eghimea

Rende listened, her face passive. If the captain was offended, there was no way to tell. In fact Rende had strange opinions about politics and politics never offended her, annoying, but never offended. When Laju finished, Rende didn’t speak for a moment. “I did know that actually. Where do you think I met him? Colonel Zabo was being held where I was stationed. I met him when I was taking a turn at guard duty. It was good speech if I do say so myself. Heard him practice it enough times.” Rende shrugged, “In the end they had to let Zabo go. Let him go home. The Marquis were in unclaimed territory and the Federation nor the Cardassians had any jurisdiction there. Those colonies and settlements were their own political and social and cultural entities. The prime directive forbids us from interfering. I told them if they couldn’t send aid for that reason they couldn’t arrest them either. And I told them until the saw it my way.”

Eghimea thought long and hard as she listened to what Viking Actual telling. She wasn’t sure why it surprised her that this woman knew Colonel Zabo while he was a prisoner of war. Though Commander Buln had told her a different side of the story. But that was more about family matters and didn’t need to be aired here. Though she wasn’t sure how to take the idea that Viking Actual had aided the release of Colonel Zabo.

Rende didn’t have to be empathic to see the confusion and surprise the young woman was experiencing. Rende tended to have that affect on people. Sometimes it was amusing, sometimes tedious, but slightly comforting that she wasn’t so old yet as to be dull.

“Cooperation between people is necessary for peace, but it’s not easy. And your grandfather isn’t wrong. The Federation itself or it’s people, aren’t out to enslave, but in the end we all are. We can choose to be so loyal to a set of ideals or traditions that we become enslaved and unable to adapt and change when necessary. Or in the case of the Federation you have hundreds of races with their own ideals and goals and customs. They’re all trying to work together and everyone has a hand in it. It’s like the Earth saying, ‘too many cooks spoil the soup’. They become so enslaved to the idea of making everyone happy, they get stuck and can’t do what needs done.” Rende shrugged. “It happens over and over again, and will continue long after the Federation and Bajor are gone.”

Rende, CO

Once more, Eghimea was left speechless. There was clearly more to this woman that first appeared. Eghimea struggled to hold back a yawn out of fear of being disrespectful. She painted a smile on her face, “if you don’t mind, Ma’am,” she motioned to the box. “Shall we open your gift,” she said truthfully. She opened the box and revealed the duranja within. “It’s wonderful,” she said softly and with great humility in her voice, “thank you Ma’am.” She wasn’t sure what else she could say. “It’s very lovely Ma’am,” she lifted the duranja up and moved it to a place of pride on a small table. It was a place she could love to have for her home alter.

Rende stood silently. She knew from Zebo the girl was mourning and if something familiar like the duranja helped then she was all for it. She didn’t even Korczak the task of helping this young woman. “You are quite welcome. I hope it gives you a piece of home.”

She turned back to Viking Actual, “It would appear that I have a full schedule ahead of me already. I am supposed to report to medical and seek an interview with a counselor.” She smiled and motioned to the shower and laughed a bit, “at least I can have a proper shower.” She was still exhausted from her travels, but it was what she would take care of what she had to do and was determined to get to her first task.

Ensign Laju Eghimea

Rende nodded, “We take the physical and mental health of our officers very seriously. I think you will find the medical and counseling staff quite welcoming. However, I won’t keep you.” She moved to the door. “If you need anything for your quarters, just talk to the quartermaster. And do give Zebo my best next time you speak to him. Goodnight, ensign.”

Rende, CO

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