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Rende was quiet a moment. “Hab’rabi, from my brief encounter with Legion, your computer system, it is much like our AI, artificial intelligence, systems. Capable of independent thought and able to make decisions independently, at least to some degree. Legion said that the Remnants are part of itself, or integrated. It was not very clear. Afraid, most likely, we might do harm to them. If Legion is able to act as Hab…could we use it to trap the harvusha in a new prison? Execute the single, direct command ‘contain’ or ‘imprison’?”

Rende leaned forward, elbows to knees, hands clasped except her index fingers that tapped together as she stared in the middle distance, thinking. “So the wraiths are not affected by transporters? So they can go through force fields?”

Hab’rabi shook his head. “The harvusha proved most formidable adversaries, seeming capable of feeding on all manner of matter and energy. What they could not simply consume or ignore, they bypassed somehow. Legion and our own security and scientific logs could perhaps tell you more, but I would not hold out hope for a comprehensive understanding. The battle against those demons was chaotic and costly, and what began as a casual anomaly became a struggle for our very survival. I would not begrudge my praetors for being lax in their reports towards the end, frustrating as it may be for you and yours.”

Rende waved that away, “I hope you understand my meaning when I say if your praetors had been more concerned with reports than what needed doing I would find that strange. I am more curious about the anomaly they came through. Perhaps it would be possible to send them back where they came from. If I can get your scientific logs on it perhaps my chief science officer could find a way. The risk would be to the Remnants helping you hold them. To make sure they are not dragged back to the other side. The data on the weapons you used, if you don’t feel that putting your people at risk, would be useful as well. So that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But tell me, Hab’rabi, what do the harvusha want?”

Rende, CO

Hab’rabi shook his head and he made a helpless gesture. “Of their true motives, I cannot but speculate. Our initial contact with them was fleeting and furtive; they seemed cautious and evasive, almost timid in a way. When we turned our efforts to expunging them from my people and my vessel, they quickly turned savage and chaotic. When they learned of the yur, however, they turned from disparate into determined. It was… hauntingly single-minded.”

“They could not be allowed to deprive us of a precious resource, certainly,” he murmured, shaking his head again. Rende could see something play along the muscles of his jaw as he spoke. Regret, perhaps? “That was when the worst of it began.”

The alien lord took a deep breath before looking at Rende again. “You are welcome to whatever you require in regards to the harvusha and our dealings with them, limited as that may be. Whatever becomes of my people, I will not see them visited upon another species. I will see them ended for what they did to the valhrn, Captain. This, I swear.”

Rende considered, “What does the access code do?”

=/\=Rende to Kohr. Be advised our transporters will harm the remnants. Any crew that might need to be transported will have to be scanned for contact with a remnant. Priority on stabilizing the pods then on accessing the computer for information on the collision with the filiment. Maybe we can send them back through and trap them there. Rende out.=/\=

Rende, CO

“Semenza!” Rende called, “Hab’rabi says it takes the pairing of a remnant and his will to keep the wraiths contained. You have a neurologist on staff right? Get him to work with engineering, science, and security to find a way to build a trap for these things. And anyone else you think can help.”

“It is an authorization code for adjutant-level access to the Valh’kaeri,” Hab’rabi explained. “Time is of the essence, and I was hoping that—had I been incapacitated for a lengthy period by your countermeasures against the harvusha—it would provide you with better access to our logs and systems. It will also unseal the Royal Vaults where—”

“The Valh’kaeri lost too much power before we could use it. With transporters down we couldn’t send the anti-matter over right away. We’re having to bring it in person.”

=^=Bridge to Captain Rende.=^= Lieutenant Yorba somehow managed to sound both exhausted and intensely focused. =^=The Muninn is in distress. There’s some kind of power fluctuation and they’re not responding to our hails. Report to the bridge immediately.=^=

=/\=Yorba get a tractor beam on it. I know, release the other one. And tell me you know Morse code.=/\=

=/\=Rende to Woods. I want these things confined or destroyed. Now From the bridge or Engineering, I don’t care. Get it done.=/\= Rende barked across the the comms in true drill sergeant mode. She wasn’t angry at any of them, but she wanted results and no excuses. This had gone on far too long.

Hab’rabi gave Rende a pained look as he moved slowly to stand. “If you will permit me to accompany you,” he murmured, beginning to dress, “perhaps my experience may benefit you further. While the methods my people have taken to counter the harvushan threat is not entirely known to me, I am not completely ignorant of their ways.”

The alien winched while pulling on his tunic, offering her a resigned sigh. “Though… I do not expect you to wait. I will join you as soon as I am able, if you wish.”

With an understanding but no nonsense nod to Hab’rabi she left. “Leju, Tomlison” Rende stepped out of Hab’rabi’s door, “When he’s ready escort him straight to the bridge.” She was then gone heading straight to the bridge.

Rende, CO

Ensign Laju moved with haste to the place of her duty and took up station at the door. She didn’t need to utter a word to confirm her intentions or actions. She moved to the door and stood ready awaiting the actions of her senior security partner, Tomlison.

Ensign Laju Eghimea

“Ayeee, Captain.” The NE with a type-2 phaser holstered responded from a little bit distance from the door.

“Heyya.” He waved from behind Eghimea. He was checking around as an excuse while fixing his unnoticed leg strain. It was glad for him to see reinforcement from the Security office. But it was also a standard procedure to have 2 crews while transporting someone very important. “How’s your phaser?” He asked, though he was sure this was just another day at the post, he wanted to know if his buddy was ready for the unknowns.

NE Tomlinson, Security

‘How is my phaser,’ she thought of the unorthodox question. She wasn’t sure of what to make of the man now standing next to her. He was sharply dressed in a Starfleet uniform. It was a jumper, of course. She mentally rolled her eyes at the ugliness of such uniforms, though she didn’t hold it against him. The man seemed friendly and kind enough, for a FedBoy. She half smiled at the nickname given to Starfleet Officers who had been stationed on or visited Bajor. The thought of home brought a bit more to her smile. She decided that for a FebBoy he was, okay.

“Cleaned, serviceable, and available,” she said softly under her breath so only he could hear her. They were on duty of course, and her attention had to be focused on the task at hand. No sense of drawing any unnecessary attention to herself, especially after the unexpected visit from Viking Actual herself. She was on someone’s radar and that never boded well for her.

Ensign Laju Eghimea

Semenza called for Ensign Jones. “Jones, I’ll need you in engineering, perhaps you can help find a way to trap these things.” He refused to say or destroy. He didn’t want anything destroyed if he could help it. He had watched Hab’rabi attempt to dress to help and shook his head. “I’d like to give you one more quick once-over before you go wandering off. You won’t be any help if you go collapsing the moment you leave my Sickbay.”

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Lord Hab’rabi inclined his head to Semenza’s request, allowing the man to conduct his scans while he girded himself. Though earlier stripped down as far as decorum and medical necessity allowed, the alien did not seem ashamed in the least. Faint pools of light moved about his ashen skin, traveling down his rather pronounced spine before vanishing deeper into his form. Hab’rabi leaned against the biobed while he slipped the high-collared tunic of strange woven fiber over his head, wincing a bit as it seemed to tighten to fit his shape; the trousers he struggled into did likewise, though they did not elicit similar response. The alien glanced at the plating that the nurses had removed from his chest, shook his head at the ragged scoring, and placed it back with the rest of the now-scrap. Slapping a twisted metal band to his wrist, he balanced against the biobed until Semenza’s scans were complete.

By all appearances, Hab’rabi was as fit as any Viking officer save for minor fracturing to his ribs—that would explain the response to the tunic’s grip. His neural and metabolic levels were nearly the same levels as when he’d first been scanned, though protein counts were a little low. It would not worry Semenza too greatly; Hab’rabi was likely suffering from malnutrition from having been in stasis for so long. There was nothing alarming about his condition, merely a man who would have to be made to take it slow.

Ensign Laju stood at attention watching the scene play out before her. She wasn’t meant to speak or to act unless called upon to do so. She watched each and every action by those around her. Her eyes danced from this Har’rabi to this Lieutenant Semenza, the officer she was to report to about her ‘medical review’. She didn’t official violate the orders that Lieutenant Forgrave had issued. He said he wanted her to get with them. She is technically in the Sickbay; it would just be that there are more important things going on at the moment. She had no intention of drawing attention to herself, nor did she want to rush into another situation with a Doctor Nanny watching over her every acting.

She didn’t know better, but she could have guessed that like those back on Bajor, her Department Head worried that she would hurt herself or something. What was the official report? Survivor guilt is what they claimed she suffered from. Her stone face did reveal her hidden smile as knew no one would see such report after she wiped out her medical files back home. They didn’t know the truth. They couldn’t know the truth. she had done. It was her failure, her mistake. Mentally she shook the thoughts from her mind as she refused on the task at hand.

Her eyes moved about the room slowly scanning everything just in case anyone would try something. Though she wasn’t sure what was going on, there had to be a reason for security to be called in. Still, she would be ready.

Ensign Laju Eghimea

Mike walked into sickbay and looking around he walked over to the CMO .”Sir? Did I hear you right you want me to trap something?”

Ensign Mike Jones med.

“Good. You’re here because of a guest.” The NE said to the Bajor officer, who was more looked like an honor guard for a parade. He then whispered loud enough for her to hear it, “He was trying to commandeer this ship. He’s here at sickbay for quite a long time. I don’t know if his status could resist or do something stupid. At this point, we will make sure he is delivered to the bridge, alive.” He thumbed up and said. “Any questions?”

He entered the sickbay and asked one of the medical officers nearby Hab’rabi. “Is he ready to go?”

NE Tomlinson, Security

She listened carefully to the man next to her as he explained the situation and the security concerns around their ‘charge’

It wasn’t anything special, a simple escort duty. Though she also knew that situations like this often could turn in to something very bad, very quickly. So, she would be on her game the entire time.

She thought about asking about the rumors and myths around the Fate of all Red Shirts. It had been something she had really wanted to ask when she received her assignment. She knew that Klingons had a reputation for killing their own commanders. But the myths she had heard was that ‘Red Shirts’ die at a very high ratio to those of other colors. She really wanted to know if they simply didn’t like their Commanding Officers or if becoming a Commanding Officer was somehow too easy. Judging by the visit Viking Actual paid her, she doubted both were true. Which only deepened the mystery for her.

The man stiffened and turned to walk into the sickbay. Turning with him and as if they had been trained for this moment for years, Eghimea matched his steps and actions flawlessly. After all, one doesn’t become a StarGuard without knowing how to move in unison. In her mind, she could only think one thing, ‘Game Time’

Mike quickly tapped a few keys on the nearest console and turning to the security officer he replied. ” He’s been cleared just don’t jostle him around too much. “

Ensign Mike Jones med.

She heard him ask if he was ready to go, as her eyes moved over the staff of the room. The medical officer reported that the man was ready to be transported to the bridge. Then she wondered why they weren’t just doing a site to site. ‘Wouldn’t it be safer and more secure,’ she wondered. Slightly turning her head to the FedBoy next to her, she almost questioned the action they were about to take. But then fear shut her down. ‘No,’ she thought. ‘Clearly, he knows what he is doing,’ she reassured herself.

Still, her mind moved to her charge as she focused on his movements. Her eyes scanning him for any possible faint or plot of deception. She wouldn’t fail her first mission aboard. ‘I won’t,’ she swore in her mind. And as long as she wasn’t failing, there would be no need for her to seek the nurturing care of another Doctor Nanny.

Ensign Laju Eghimea

A jolt shook Sickbay, and the lights overhead dulled from bright white to an angry Red Alert status. Hab’rabi looked about curiously as every panel flickered and displayed a host of jumbled symbols and letters. His hand drifted absently to his hip before he could stop himself—likely a trained man reaching for a weapon he’d forgotten wasn’t there—before looking to Semenza and the others for answers. Mutters of confusion and panic rippled through the varied rooms from other staff members.

“What’s going on here,” Nurse Hofmann called, bustling in with her stylus poised threateningly. “Computer, report!”

I-Incapace ia bete,” the computer replied in a disjointed voice. “P-Prikaz ka’ore recon’he’cida-a

Hab’rabi cocked his head. “Is it standard for your systems to respond in a mixture of dialects and languages?”

“No, it’s bloody not!” Hofmann snapped. “Just what we need: more problems!”

Giving Semenza what could only be described as an apologetic gesture, Hab’rabi made carefully for the door. “Perhaps we should hurry to our destination, then.”

Mike stared his mouth agape as the person who was the cause of all their problems of late seemed to be about ready to just walk out of sickbay. being new to the block himself he would later question his authority in the matter and hope that he didn’t get himself in trouble. But in the moment it felt right so he turned to Ensign Eghimea and said ,”Ensign , stay on this man make sure he gets to his destination without any stops . We don’t want him getting lost or becoming ill again with no one around.”

Ensign Mike Jones med.

Ensign Eghimea didn’t show much emotion. Though she was surprised that she, a near no-body on the ship and new arrival was given the instructions. Still, she didn’t blink as she simply nodded as she said, “yes, Sir.”

She turned to her FedBoy partner and motioned that they were ready for their mission. She didn’t move to take the lead from the more senior Ensign. Instead, she slipped behind the man she was set to watch. Her hand near her blaster as she walked.

She wondered if anyone had actually read her file. Did they notice that she had barely passed her Phaser Marksmanship Qualifications? Her mind tried to drag her back to the Academy and the time she had spent with her family. It was a struggle, but she managed to hold on to the moment as she thought, ‘not now.’

She watched the two men walking down the corridor and wondered if the FedBoy had any family aboard. She had heard stories about how the Federation traveled with their families. Though she also heard that those family members were not members of Star Fleet. She wondered if those families had at least been trained like the crew. Much like how she and her family were raised.

“Eghimea,” she heard the hushed voice from the bunk above.

She looked up above her and saw her teenage cousin Ifale peaking down at her. “What…” Eghimea whispered.

“Are you scared for tomorrow?”

“Why would I be scared!?” Eghimea said softly. “I have been waiting for this moment all my life.”

“Its our first solo flight,” the teenager asked softly moving a bit on the bunk. The wire springs making a soft sound as they stretch. She glanced to the other bunks in the row, then across the walkway. There were ten bunks on either side in their large barracks room.

“For the first time in my life, I will be able to fly alone. No one will tell me do this or do that. It will be me and my fighter.” Eghimea moved slightly as she gazed through the narrow slight of their barracks window. Her eyes fixed on the stars that were slightly obscured by the clouds. “And for as far as I will be able to see, open space.”

The sudden bump into the man ahead of her snapped her mind back to reality. She hadn’t even realized she had slipped, again. She had thought that they were behind her. “Sorry,” she said taking a step back while trying to force her mind on the task at hand. Her heart sank as the memory of Ifale faded. She didn’t want to remember how her cousin had looked the last time she had set eyes on her. She fought back the tears as she forced her will to overpower the emotions threatening her focus. She won’t allow herself to be distracted again

Ensign Laju Eghimea

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Semenza nodded to Hab’rabi, letting him go. He had no answers for the jolting, flickering status of the panels, nor the symbols and letters displayed on them. He overheard Jones’ order to Ensign Eghimea, and at the sound of his voice turned and approached the junior medical officer. “Jones? I thought I had sent you to Engineering to assist them in creating a way to trap the motes?” His words were friendly, but his tone held authority, an unspoken question: Why aren’t you still there?

~ Lt Semenza, CMO

Mike turned to the Lieutenant and replied with a sound of confusion to his voice. ” I’ve been to sickbay already and returned sir. I gave them all the information that I am particularly aware of which is all I am at least qualified to do I’m afraid. Although I must say they didn’t seem too overawed by my information. I did offer it.”

Ensign Mike Jones med.

Reeed Alert? The NE used breathing techniques to calm down but still couldn’t help his heartbeat surge.

He observed the conversation between the doctors and Eghimea. He frowned when she called one of them, ‘Sir.’ The Chief doctor has the authority to relieve the command if they see unfit, but Jones shared the same rank.

“Hey, you alright?” He said to the shinny-booted officer. “You aren’t in the boot camp now. Stand fast.” He raised a few pitches not to get overwhelmed by the red sound.
“And, ” He added. “you don’t call me Sir. We’re the same rank, and I work for fighting.”

The guest suggested moving fast, but he smiled and calmly pushed the badge as if this was just another day from the drill call.

As a somewhat trained security officer, safety was the first concern. The protocol was to check with the Chief Security Officer, their direct authority, but this order was from the CO.

=^= Tomlinson to Charlie Oscar, is there a delay in the delivery? =^= This way, he checked both the comm was working and the bridge was alright. He knew this wasn’t a drill, possibly. But in exercise, if under attack, the bridge was the first or second place to get crushed, the sickbay was the least. Even if there’s a breach, here was able to defend 360 degrees by the nature of its structure. And perhaps to put the VIP into the scan machine in a pinch.

He wondered how many crews read the contract or protocols. But for most young JOs, it was advised not to have extended families. Space travel is dangerous. It required a lot of commitment to have a safe voyage home. As a redshirt, he couldn’t stand to have a wife shed tears if he had met his fate.

NE Tomlinson, Security

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