Deja Vu with the Counselor

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“Four children? Four grandchildren…If you don’t mind telling, what is their mother like?”


Korczak cleared his throat slightly and said “A question for another time, perhaps. Let us keep on track with Tabris. Familial stories can regaled ina less… formal… setting.” He looked at Fayth and said “Now, please tell Rende and Eldorin what you can about Tabris specifically. And then I want all of you to take a five minute break individually and just sit and think on the changes that are coming to all involved. After that, we will discuss next steps… specifically the need for reconnection and introductions.”

Korczak, CNS

Sharah nodded, just about Tabris, okay. She could feel the eagerness coming off of the Cpt and CE and their desire, almost a need, to know everything about him. Sharah had also been his doctor and there were things he had told her in that capacity that she could not discuss. “Tabris was assigned to the Ark Angel right out of Academy. His final grades were so high he skipped the cadet cruise completely. In addition to his regular engineering duties, he was the ship’s interior designer. The Mythology class ships are huge and the missions long. So Cpt Andone arranged for all officers to be able to personalize their quarters. That became Tabris’ job to assist with. He told me he used to do that on Earth. After our last mission on Ark Angel he took a sabbatical, he said he had some things to figure out before he could return. Before Star Fleet he was on Bajor during the occupation. He was an antiques dealer. He served on several sub-light freighters at one point. He talks to the computer like it’s a real person and not just an automated voice. He likes to tinker with antiques, fix them, make them work again, and then make them work with current power sources. He helped me fix an old vinyl record player. He had a large storage locker in Ark Angel full of antiques he had collected over the years.”


Korczak kept his face neutral and simply observed as the information came. He watched the body language and respirations of the assembled personnel and kept an eye out for an sign of someone feeling overwhelmed or in distress. Looking at the Captain, he said “Does that fit with your memories of him?”

Korczak, CNS

Rende was certainly overwhelmed she just had many years to learn how to accept it and move forward. She listened as the young doctor talked about her son. Each piece of information pulling at bittersweet memories. The mention of the Bajoran occupation took her back to the Dominion war. She and Eldorin had been stationed near Bajor. Had Tabris still been there? Had they been that close and never found each other? The possibilty hurt her heart. Hardened marine she might be, but she was still a mother. The temptation to turn the ship around and go get her son, just to hold him, was one she wanted desperately to give in to.

“Tabris always liked working with textiles,” Rende said. “He and Eldorin would spend days, sometimes, fixing old things rather than buy new. He helped renovate old condemned housing, made it livable again, saved people.from loosing their homes.”

Rende, CO

Sharah was doing her best. It wasn’t hard to discuss Tabris, though she worried how this would affect him, after so many centuries. It was the Captain and her husband though. The heartache and the loss, the hope, the self recriminations. They were both calm yet eager on the outside but inside they were raw, like an exposed nerve. It was pounding at her like a battering ram. She could feel it building, tight bands squeezing across her chest, eyes burning. She rubbed her temples, eyes squinted. Their heartache and hope was devastating. She had an overwhelming need to help to try and make it better. So she didn’t ask to stop, where would she go to get away from it anyway?

Fayth, med

Korczak cast an appraising eye at Sharah and said “Ten minute break. Lieutenant Fayth, please got to the Lounge and get four slices of apple pie. Tell the line cook at the fresh food station it’s for the Counselor’s office. Then bring it back here, if you would. Thank you.”

After she had left, Korczak looked at the two figures before him and said “I know how hard this must be… truly. But if we are to continue, I am going to ask you both to try and stay calm and collected. The Lieutenant is trying to help you, as am I, but we- those of us here- must take her into account. She is very sensitive to emotions, and lacks the ability to filter them effectively. So please… breathe. This is a good thing… keep that in mind. Always know that something positive will come from this. I guarantee it.”

Korczak, CNS

Rende turned to look at the door where the young lieutenant had left and then looked at Eldorin and back to Korzack. “She’s a super-sensitive.” It wasn’t really a question, just an acknowledgement of what Korczack was telling them. She and Eldorin had met someone like the lt., once very long ago. “Poor dear. I apologize, Korczack. We didn’t mean to make this difficult for her, and I’m sure it is difficult for her without knowing how we feel. I’ll admit to feeling rather overwhelmed by it all.”

Rende, CO

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