The Ending of an Era

Posted April 29, 2022, 11:45 a.m. by Captain Rende Asam (Captain) (Jennifer Ward)

It is with a heavy heart that I make this decision. It has slowly become apparent to me that I am not the right person to continue to lead the Viking. Let me be clear this has nothing at all to do with the current discussions in command. This is something I have been struggling with for some time. In the last 12 hours I have become aware of certain things and I have made the decision that it is only fair to you all as a crew to step down. Being Captain of a ship takes a significant commitment to the crew and the club. Not just in your writing ability but the time and effort that goes into the OOC work. I am no longer able to make that commitment. When I first took over as CO, Viking was on the edge of being decommissioned and with a lot of hard work from all of you, you all turned the ship around and she is now thriving and healthy. It has truly been a pleasure to write with you all and watch your characters grow and tackle the challenges of our sim.

The lid of the trunk collapsed shut with resounding slam. Well maybe not so resounding, but it was certainly with finality. She looked around the massive captain’s quarters. There was nothing left of her presence here, other than the trunks. That was the way it should be. The new captain shouldn’t come in with the shadow of the previous captain hanging over them. The chime sounded, “Enter!” Two young officers in ops gold entered with an anti-grav sled. “Your shuttle just docked, Captain.”

Rende moved out of the way while they loaded up the crates, “Thank you, Lt. I appreciate the help. What about Lt Asam and his children?”

“We have another team down at his quarters helping get his things loaded. Word has it the little ones are really excited, keep tearing up the place to make sure they didn’t leave anything behind.” Rende chuckled, remembering Tabris doing the same when they left Ireland. “I’ll go see if I can lend a hand. The shuttle won’t leave without me.” The lt chuckled and soon they were gone with her and Eldorin’s things. In the end it hadn’t been a hard decision for Rende. After centuries lost with her son, she and Eldorin decided to make their retirement permeant. They were going to be parents and grandparents and spend their remaining time with their family. They’d given their all to Star Fleet, but now it was time to do this for themselves.

It was another hour before they had the children convinced nothing had been left behind. Mercona was firmly attached to Eldorin has he carried her. Julin was skipping back and forth until Tabris young doctor friend joined them and he wouldn’t leave her side. She was going to join them on part of their trip. She’d found some semblance of progress for her condition and was leaving to pursue it. Neltus walked with her asking all kinds of questions about Asam Estate and what Earth was like. Vedi though, he never wandered far from Tabris. He was nervous and worried he wouldn’t be accepted and he felt safer with his father.

Arriving at the shuttle bay a few more people joined them, making the count roughly ten along with their stuff loading up into the runabout. A standard shuttle just wouldn’t do it. Rende took the pilot’s seat and hit the comms. =/\=Runabout Turas to Viking. Requesting permission to disembark.=/\=

=/\=This is Viking. Permission granted Captain. Safe journeys.=/\=

The runabout powered up and slowly lifted off the deck and slipped through the forcefield. =/\=God’s speed, Viking. Turas out.=/\= And the runabout disappeared in an instant as it went to warp.

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