Fond Farewells

Posted May 3, 2022, 9:33 p.m. by Lieutenant Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) (William Deaton)

Picking through the debris in the corridor, Issac carefully made his way to his office. Well, former office, now. The thought brought a wry smile to his face, though it didn’t linger. It was hard to smile after the last several weeks or so. There was just… too much loss. He shook his head, not wanting to dwell on it anymore than he already had - lessons could be learned; lessons would be learned, but now wasn’t the time for it.

Turning onto the security wing; he paused - he had known what to expect, but the wreckage still caught him off guard. He wasn’t sure if one of the charges had been placed here, or if his office became a casualty by some other reason, but it hardly mattered. Damage was damage; but he was determined to salvage what he could. Much of the Viking had been cordoned off as they limped home; in the end, the overworked Engineering department had blocked off entire sections rather than try to verify their safety piece by piece. Whole decks had been closed even after they had entered dry dock; waiting for the advanced scanning tools of the starbase to verify structural integrity - in case a wall happened to collapse on some unlucky soul. It was only yesterday that repairs had finally begun; after teams of people had scoured the entire ship, tip to stern in an effort to decide if she would live again; or be broken up for parts. Last he’d heard; the debate raged on. Beancounters gotta have their say, I reckon.

His office fared no better than the corridor outside; it was recognizable, but only barely. Poking around, he recognized much of the contents - or their pieces, more often. Bits of shelving mixed with ceiling panels and books, all dusted with extinguishing foam. He took his time; carefully sorting through the mess, salvaging what little he could. Thankfully, there were few items that couldn’t be easily replaced; the books had all been reprints, and none of the art had been original. But here and there items were found; small bits and pieces he had collected and brought with him over the years. A small, but genuine smile slowly formed as he carefully gathered what he could. Fer all that happened… most of us made it out alive. And we didn’t loose the Valh’kaeri, or her people! There had been loss. Maybe too much; Issac couldn’t say. But we knew the risk. And damnit, we did our job - damned well, by my reckoning. Can’t ask for more than that.


“Lieutenant Forgrave?”
“Yes, you got orders for me?”
“Yes, Sir - all on the chip. You’re to report immediately; we have a shuttle waiting in bay 36.”
“Thank ya; I’ll be along shortly.”

-Lieutenant Issac Forgrave, Security.

OOC: It’s been a pleasure; and I hope to see and write with y’all sometime soon.

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