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Posted March 8, 2019, 8:46 a.m. by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) (Miha Kozlevcar)

Posted by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim: Engineering

Posted by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim: Engineering

Posted by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim: Engineering
=/\= Stone to security. Scratch that escort request. But i’d still like a few security officers present here at all times while we’re so close to the nebula. =/\=

He turned to Kristi and Kalika. “We’re supposed to team up with other departments anyways. Might as well get some security personel here.”

He looked at his tricorder and just commented “Odd. Anyways back to work everyone!”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi came back around the corner as Mike was giving his report. As the others went back to work, Kristi went to her supervisor. “You said we needed to work in pairs.” She smiled and set her hands on her hips. “Guess that means I’m with you. Last thing we need is the supervisor thinking there are fish swimming around in the plasma conduits that need feeding.” She smiled and shook her head. “Department Head’s orders. No getting out of it.” The smile was soft and the look intended for him alone, despite not realizing it was on her face.


“As much as I’d love to be paired with you…” there was a hint of longing or perhaps regret in his voice, “…it won’t do. We’re getting mixed and paired with other departments. The idea behind is… if all engineers stick together and we go bananas, we could easily take control of engineering, lock everyone else out and cause god knows what. So we’ll probably get a few SEC or Medics over, that will need to act as a failsafe. Also I guess provide security and monitor our health a bit.”

He looked where Knob or whoever it was dissapeared last. “And I’m worried we might go bananas sooner then we think.”

He then looked at Kristi, smiling a bit as well, and for a second wondering if he’d even care if hereally went mad, as long as he could still be with her....

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Kristi smiled at the lilt in his voice and lightly touched his hand. “That makes sense. I’m going to head to the bridge, then. We need an engineering presence up there. Just in case.” She let go and smiled. “Don’t worry about losing your mind. I don’t think a…” she paused unable to explain it since she didn’t believe in ghosts, “whatever it was… on the ship that several of us saw is how this will go down. And I don’t think you are at risk, boss. I am certain of it.”

She looked at him once more and moved to get an away kit from the nearby locker. “Just in case,” she smiled once more and headed out before things were said that didn’t need saying. This was going to turn out fine and they would all be having a good laugh about it in a week.


“Be careful.” He said once she already left. Her optimism cheered him up as well though that nebula still gave him the creeps, like no part of the galaxy ever did. Even the closed off sections of the USS Viking didn’t seem so scary any longer.

Just as he turned and wanted to head to his office, the doors opened again, and in came three security NE’s. “Ah, our security. We just had an intruder here, seen by a few people. He disappeared though, and I have a feeling we’d be just wasting time looking for him.”

After giving a short description of what he saw, he added: “One of you head to the upper level, one should patrol this section and one of you stay by the door. Weapons on stun, I probably don’t need to tell you that. Keep a lookout on the engineers and if there’s anything suspicious raise the alarm immediately. I prefer one or two false alarms over an overlooked incident.”

As the NE’s began their patrol, Mike sighed slightly. He almost forgot how it is commanding security. It’s definitely different now that he is the heads of engineering…
Also only 3 security felt a bit weak. he hoped there would be more, but they were understaffed for weeks, they will make due.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Ferl’lak moved into engineering with a bag of equipment and safe the Chief. “I was going to fix some things here but do you need a hand with something else?”


Mike looked slightly down at the ferengi wearing the blue colour shirt. “You came to fix something here?” He said a bit confused. “I’m sure you realise this is the engineering. No offence, but last time we had a Ferengi in here, our secondary tritium microreplication control unit go stolen. We never got the food replicators to work normaly after that. So who exacly are you?”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

The Ferengi smiled showing his razor sharp teeth at that and bowed slightly. “My apologies sir. My name is Ferl’lak and I’m the new chief science officer. I’m here to not fix something in here as you all are very qualified but I brought a part from my lab that needs to be fixed and you’re the one with the tools to do that. I can fix it myself but will need to borrow the tools. As for the other Ferengi, I can’t vouch for that but we as a species are so much better and superior in technology that we wouldn’t need your primitive secondary tritium microreplication control thingy when ours is far superior. But we are a shady race and can’t really be trusted, so I understand. “


Mike felt embarased now. “sorry to jump to conclusions. You can use our equipment if you want, just… return it to where you found it. I’m afraid I can’t spend any man power to assist you. There’s lots of fixing needed. And about the control thingy.. well I’m sure you’ll regret it’s missing as soon as you order something from the replicators. Food almost never tasts as it should. Then again perheps you could get us a spare microreplicator, and that would fix our problem?” He asked.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Ferl’lak waved his hand in dismissal. “No need for apologies. I come from a race of mistrustful a##holes so I’m used to it. As for the replicator, I have my own for my specific foods and diet. I can bring it in and give it to you all and that should fix your problem. You’ll just have to program your foods to it. Savvy?”


Mike’s eyes lit up like a kids who just got a puppy for christmas. “Real tasting food,… no more steak that has a fungus texture, cheese that has a beer aftertaste or hot chocolate that tastes more like broccoli soup?” His mind trailed off for a second but he caught his composure quick. He quickly leaned in to the ferengi and whispered

“For the love of god, don’t spread the word out you brought your own replicator if you still want to use it for long. And don’t hook it up to our database no matter what.
I wouldn’t even risk hooking it up to our powerlines. Just get some battery packs and use that for power.” There was a serious expression on Mike’s face. Almost desperate one. If Ferl’lak thought he was kidding at first, there was no mistaking he was serious.

Mike didn’t even realize he was grabbing Ferl’lak by his shirt’s collar. He streightened the fabric. “Sorry about that…”

Lt.Mike Stone, CE

OOC: Food replicators on Viking are really bad. You almost never get what you order. Either it looks ok and taste compleately off, or it taste ok, but looks like a different dish. Multiple attempts were done to fix this but so far no one managed to find the problem. Some even believe it’s the ship’s cpu messing with this on purpose.

Almost as if on cue, a large plate of steaming hotcakes, teeming with butter and maple syrup, seemed to pop into existence on the console behind Lt. Stone. The smell seemed to fill the Engineering department. Enough to cause those who found it scrumptious in the first place to salivate at the mouth. Then another large plate appeared near the Warp Core. Then yet more plates appeared when no one looked on their consoles.


Mike’s mouth watered, but he immediately suppresed the wish to taste them. “No one touch any food! We’re getting to the bottom of this first. If I see anyone munching they’ll get to repaint the ship’s hull. ” He said with a loud and angry voice. ” He calmed down slightly and looked at the SCI. “It could be the nebula. I fear it might appear innocent at first, but if the whole crew starts to hallucinate there’s no telling what could happen. It’s just a matter of time before someone opens an airlock and sucks a whole apartment out the ship or something like that. We know something happens, as there is a whole ship’s graveyard out there.”

Mike made a mental note, not to forget to change all the airlocks security codes. There were of course security measures in place, that would prevent whole departmends from getting decompressed, but with Viking’s tech as reliable as it was, it was a long bet if it would function as it should. What worried Mike was that there was a lot more things that could go wrong, that would cause death to crewmembers.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Mike looked at the engineering, satisfied that everyone was following his orders. They knew well enough not to disobey orders. While he might seem often as an easy going kind of person, and to some degree he was, when he ordered something, he expected it to be done.

He sighed. “I’ll have to report on this later, for sure. And it’ll look mighty wierd, but what else is new.”

Cookies and muffins just appearing out of thin air. That’s certainly not something that happens every day.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE


It took a lot, to bring Stone off track, and although he tried to focus on keeping an eye on the rest of engineers, his mind kept wondering what was happening.
Finally he had enough. “I’m going to the bridge and see what’s new.” He said as he made his way towards the exit.

But as the large doors opened, he stopped immediately. “Well this is new?!” He said as in front of him he could see a handsome man stand in his way. “Did someone place a mirror and forgot to tell me about it?” He said as he took a step closer to the door. His mirror image did the same. Looking around he could see a faint twinkling of the image around the frame of the door, but the rest of the image he saw was exactly like a mirror. The security NE’s just looked at the image baffled just as the CE was.

Remembering what happened to Captain Nakuto who got trapped in a portal of some kind for whole year, he decided to play it safe and touch the surface with his tricorder first. It gave away slightly but maybe just an inch before resistance was felt. “Feels rubbery almost.” He commented.

Lt.Mike Stone, CE

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