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“Mommy said she had to leave the ship for a little wile Maby your dady is with her. Want to play tag or go exsploring. Do you go to school mommy said I can’t go until I’m this meny ” Crenity said. She held up her had to indicate 5 years old. She smiled at the boy. Thow he was older then she was she had no problem communicating with him. “ I’m Crenity what’s your name” she asked.

“I’m Dakin,” Antos replied, “I’m not allowed to explore on my own. I came here because there are grown ups and Dad says its safer to be around grown ups than on your own.”

He looked up at the counsellor, “Can we play tag in here?” Antos asked.


Tal glanced about the lounge, noticing that it was not as populated as it usually was. “Sure.. but do not run into anyone, and stick to this side of the lounge, away from the lounge host.”


Crenity giggled “ mommy and daddy have said that menny times to me. I go exsploring anyway it gives me a chance to get away from the shadow monsters in my room” she said.

The young boy puffed his chest out as though exagerate standing to attention. “I want to be an officer when I grow up. Dad says officers do as they’re told. If I don’t, they might not let me go to the Academy.”


Crenity giggled again. “ Iv heard mommy say good officers can think for themselves and don’t always follow orders” she said smiling at the boy. Crenity like her mother was freesperited and would not be told what to do. Witch might be a bad influence for Antos. “ Dakin what is that thing on your ear” she asked with a smile.

“It’s my dj’ja pagh,” Antos stated as though stating the obvious whilst he fidged with the elaborate three-chained cuff that hung from his right ear, “All bajorans have one. They tell others what family and d’jarra we belong to.”


“ what is a D-Djerra” Crenity said she struggled with the new word. She looked out the window. “ that ship just eat the smaller on” she said confused.

“Tig… You’re it!” Antos said before gently tagging Cerenity and running off around the lounge.

After a little while of playing a few of the other children in the lounge also joined them in their game…


Crenity enjoyed the game having lost interest is Antos earring. She laughed and played with the other children until she abruptly stoped and anxious look crossed her face. “ something is wrong” she said. “ the shadows say something is wrong” Crenity crystal. She opened her wings to get into the air only to be nocked over by another child. Crenity screeched as the other child had touched her wings.

“Hey, no flying that’s cheating!” Antos said running past here just before the boy pursuing bumped into her wing.

Tal had been supervising from afar, trying to make sure everything was kept under control. The screech shattered her concentration, as she rushed over, concerned for what was going on. “Crenity!” She made her way to the children, “Are you okay?”


” no he touched my wings and there’s something bad happening. She instead as she reached for a patch of feathers that was not laying in the right direction. She could not quite reach them in order to fix them. It was likely uncomfortable to have her feathers ruffled which would explain why she did not like her wins being touched. ” the shadow they said something is wrong and we are in danger” she said. A older Vulcan boy chimed it. ” shadows can’t talk there created when light cat pass through an object.” he said.

Antos stopped running having heard Cerenity only to be tagged by his pursuer when he turned around.


The shadows in the corner seemed to get darker as a figure formed and moved. Cloaked in the shadows as the lights of the room dimmed with his presence, a man moved forward. His face was white as porcelain with eyes that didn’t blink. Ruby red lips sat over sharp, pointed teeth causing him to grin like a Cheshire cat. Bright yellow eyes seemed to bore through anyone their unblinking stare touched. He licked his lips as he stepped behind the children. “Hmm, such brilliant minds for children.” His eyes passed over Cerenity, “Such minds would make for a good snack.” He ran a long slender tongue over his sharp teeth. “Please do run! I like my food tenderized with fear!”


Crenity opened her wings and got into the air. She huvered at about eye level from the man. “ no you don’t scare me my mommy eats things like you for breakfast “ Crenity said she crossed her armed and glared at the man. “ leave this ship at once you don’t belong here” she said as athoeritive as a toddler could be. She was afraid be she wanted to keep the shadows attention off the other children especially her new friend Antos.

Ferl’lak walked into the lounge setting the kids play and then then scream. He hobbled over to them and not being much taller than them. He didn’t see anything and walked right pass the creature and straight to the child. He came out of the shadows and with his big yellow eyes he stared at them.

“What’s wrong children? Don’t be afraid. It’s just me. ” He said smiling and showing his razor sharp teeth.



Crenity backed up with several wing beets as Ferl’all nearly ran into her. ” we are in trouble the shadow wants to eat everyone on the ship” she said tears streaked the toddler’s face. Crenity did not know this man, but she did not think he was dangerous not at the moment anyway. The toddler who was currently hovering in the air appeared human aside from her wight and black spotted wings. The blond hair blue eyes and pale skin told that she was Loki and Ensign Luna’s child. ” your going to get hurt get away from there” she screeched. She was distraught it was very unlikely that she was going to calm down.

Ferl’lak smiled. “Child. There is nothing here. People are afraid of their own shadows on this ship. There is no such things as ghosts and gods for that matter. Science has proven that over and over and over again. Just ignore what it is that you see. That is all. “


“ then exsplain my daddy, and the shadows are to real I can see and hear them. They will take vey one on the ship away. Why don’t anyone believe me.” she said getting more anxious.

“Look child. I am not going to call you, your dad or anyone on this ship a liar. But science will always be true, whether you believe it or not. So you can stand or hover here all you want or you can reach deep down and take control of yourself and fight this thing. I’ll help you. “

Antos was stood frozen to where he was. He had closed his eyes tight. He was too scared to even run.

“This is a dream and dreams are not real therefore cannot hurt me,” he repeated over and over trying to convince himself…


“See. This child has it right. These things can’t hurt him. ” pointing at Antos.

Ferl’lak closed his eyes and said out loud. “Why does everyone on this ship have schizophrenia?”

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