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“Ok ok… Easy everyone.” Kalika raised her arms hoping to calm both sides as hackles got raised. She glanced at the XO as he handed over the tricorder. Growling under her breath seeing him hurt and unattended, she nodded to Luna. “Bond the XO please and let’s hold the kicking for a real enemy. Please?” She knew Luna would have all their backs in a heartbeat. But right now she just needed to figure out how to get back to the booking they belonged to.

“ how do we know they are not the enemy this could all be an elaborate atack by section 31” Luna said sounding more pairinoid then she ment to.

“Trust me, Section 31 are more subtle than that,” Nevin said re-assuringly.

She glanced back at the one who had addressed them. Apparently we were dimensionally shifted here… If that even is a thing.” She was no scientist, but she had paid a LITTLE attention at the Academy. “Is there someone who can be summoned to maybe help us get home before we contaminate timeline here?”

They weren’t doing anything but standing in the hangar at the moment. But she already knew that was too much.

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“ let me see your arme camander” she said as she stepped to the XO’s side. She held her hand out for his. The entire time glaring at the other officers. Reira would know and understand her paranoia hopefully he still remembered.
Ensign Luna

“Luna, calm down. If this was Section 31 they’d have done something by now… Besides, this is wrong. Not like them at all…” He stated, pulling Luna back gently. This had to be handled carefully, S31 or not… “We need to get our First Officer to Sickbay, he’s been badly hurt. There’s a possiblity of infection and he could lose usage of his arm if treatment isn’t administered urgently.” Reira explained, examining Akorem’s arm with concern. He wasn’t a doctor but it looked painful.

Ensign Reira Akaba (Science)

“ they could be trying new tactics scenes this crow knows there old ones ether way you are right about the XO. Any thoughts about how we get him to sickbay with getting shot” Luna asked. She carfuly looked at the XO’s arm. “ do any of use even have a med kit I don’t even think we brought a doctor along. You don’t count at a doctor right now sir” she said the last part was ment the XO.
Ensign Luna

“It just needs a coolgel pack to sooth and stop the spread of the burn and a quick scan for glass,” Nevin offered, “It is stinging as I would expect any untreated burn to. Like us, these people are Starfleet officers, and they’ve just seen us appear out of no-where on their ship. We are all aware of the security protocols and all of us will fully comply with their requests. That protocol involves a full medical of anyone they deicde to put in the brig. If they decide not to put any of us in the brig, it stands to reason they will offer medical assistance.”


Luna steeps closer to the XO so only he and possibly Reira could hear her“Sir you know I can’t comply with a full medical if they decide to put us in the brig. I don’t think Reia is able to ether. There are things that will show up in there scans that can be put in a Star fleet record. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. And you are hurt more then you are willing to admit. ” she said Just loud enough for the XO to hear.
Ensign Luna

“I am hoping they won’t, but we will not prevent these officers from performing their duty. They see us as intruders, and we need to convince them we are not a threat,” Nevin replied in a hushed voice.


T’Shura was aware peripherally of the discussion around her but she continued to work with her tricorder to see if she could get any more detailed information.

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