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Antos opened his eyes to see if the bizarre figure was still there…


Yes Ferl’lak was still there! Lol!

OOC: The ‘figure’ Antos is afraid of is the man that our evil GM not Ferl’lak

“You see child. That’s good. You are taking the first step already.


“ you think your smarter then I am don’t you” Crenity shot back. She glared at him for a moment.

She looked at Antos. “ you can breath now he is just one of them scientists, how thinks there smarter then everyone else” she said then turned her attention back to Fer’lak. “ are you going to tell us what skyszo what ever it was is?” Crenity said the toddler continued to glar at the scientist.


“No… The shadow that smiled and wants to eat us,” Antos said

Ferl’lak gave a slight frown then a slight smile. “Child. I do not claim to be smarter than you. I know for a fact I’m smarter than you. But only in certain fields or areas of experience and expertise. You are smarter than me in that you know how to fly and I do not. You know how to play and have a great time with your friends. I do not. Plus. You have friends. I do not. I just do not go around and jump at every shadow that moves or that you percieve to move. I do not believe in supernatural or superstition things. I do not let fear run my life. They only things that I hold dear to is Latnium and Science. Both are real as in ghosts, gods and goblins are not. “

“I am not nor will not ever belittle you. And Schizophrenia is characterized by thoughts or experiences that seem out of touch with reality, disorganized speech or behavior, and decreased participation in daily activities. Difficulty with concentration and memory may also be present. I hope that helps. ” He turned to leave and took a couple of steps then stopped and turned back around. “Oh and child. I am not just one of those science type guys as you put it. I am THE science guy. I am the Chief Science Officer and I know I am smarter then every person or being on this ship save for three people. ” He counted with his fingers as he spoke the people. “One. The Captain. Very smart Hew-Mon. Two. The Chief Engineer. Very smart and very practical. The third, is an Engineering JO. He is smarter then the previous two put together. I am very impressed that a Hew-Mon could achieve that level of brilliance. Have a nice day child. ” He turned to leave again.


Cerenity turned her head sideways and giggled. Then ran after him. “ waght… I want to learn about science how does it work maby I could teach you about flying or something else” she said. As the toddler cought up to him she grabbed his sleeve to get his attention. Crenity could be a bit difficult to get along with around new people. Bit now the science officer had her attention and she was lean to learn more about him and science.

Ferl’lak stopped and looked back and smiled broadly. He was taken aback by this sudden turn of events. He really has never been around children before. He grabbed her hand and was in reality only about 2 feet taller then her. “Well. I can’t keep calling you child. What’s your name? My name is Ferl’lak. I am a Ferengi. “

“ Crenity I’m human at least that’s what mommy says” she said.

After she said her name. “Pleased to meet you Crenity. So do you want to go see my lab and help with a project? If so then we will first have to let your parents know where you’ll be at first.


Crenity turned her head sideways at his comment. “ Momy is on the other ship Antos dad. I don’t know where daddy is” she admitted. “ momy is afraid of labs and doctors she won’t tell me why. What is a project?” She said.

“Crenity. That’s a… name and nice. ” He thought for a moment. “Very well. But if anyone asks I didn’t kidnap you. And a project is just a thing that we call experiments or tasks that we put a lot of time in. But I’ll show you when we get there. ” He was still confused knowing Hew-Mons didn’t have wings but decided not to ask.


If Ferl’lak aproched the subject carfuly he might get a chance to scan Crenity’s DNA and learn that she was human bit there were several genetic markers that belonged to birds. The child’s DNA would point to her being geneticly enginered. Ofcourse it was not Crenity who was genuinely engineered but the girls mother who had passed the trates down to Crenity.

“Crenity, we don’t know him,” Antos said, “We should not be on our own with a stwanger.”


Ferl’lak turned and looked at Antos. “Do what you want to child. You can stay here paralyzed in your fear of shadow demons trying to kill you or you can come with me. Your choice. “

Crenity smiled at Antos “ he wont hurt us besides Maby we can help figer out what happened to are parents? Sumthing about this place in space is off I can feal it can’t you. Besides there will be more people in the science lab. I think we are faster then him to and small enough to get into the ships ventalation system.” Crenity said.

“You two realize I’m right here right? And I’m only about a foot taller then you two so I myself, can fit into the ventilation system as well. But you need not worry. I am a friend. “


Crenity looked up at him. “Your still big compared to us. Link see” she said. She put her hand against Ferl’lak’s hand. Hers was tiny and delicate conpared to his. “ also his name is Dakin” she said with a smile.


Antos looked towards the counsellor not sure whether he should stay in the lounge where there were grown ups that he recoginsed and knew or whether he should go with Ferl’lak whom he didn’t know…


Ferl’lak turned back. “Coming child? Or do you want to remain here with the creature?”


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