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Lucas kept posted up on the door while keeping his attention split between the room and their exit. The XO seemed to have things in hand though maybe a bit high strung and aggressive, but Lucas didn’t know the man well enough to tell if this was out of character or not.

COS Mackenzie

Nevin kept the phaser trained on the Admiral. “You think I won’t do it?” Nevin asked in an uncharacteristically aggressive tone. Those who knew Nevin would know him as a kind, gentle person, leading the crew by encouraging them to be better than they thought they could be. His past record as a CMO showed he wouldn’t expect his staff to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. An upcoming officer and single parent with everything to loose for just threatening an Admiral.

“After what you & McHarrie did on the Semmelweiss, I believe you’d have killed me without warning,” The Admiral said, “Whatever you want from me, you’re not getting…”

OOC: Last chance to intervene…


At the mention of McHarrie Peter perked up, he motioned the Security Chief to hold his ground and holstered his phaser and quietly stepped inside “Commander, put the phaser down” He said looking directly at the Admiral, he wasn’t going to lose another piece of this puzzle.


The XO looked around at Peter, but kept the phaser where it was.

“We know you are not all the same, but why didn’t he stop them? This one worked it out and was angry about it,” Nevin said referring to himself revealing that the XO was infact not himself.

“A thriving, peaceful colony gone… Just like that!” he added


Lucas stayed in his position, fingers lightly touching his phaser that was still holstered. He nodded at the CIO and kept their backs covered, leaving it to the other man to deal with the situation.

COS Mackenzie

Peter clenched his teeth, the man was possessed by something “If that is the case allow us to bring him to justice, don’t force someone else’s hand to do the deed” He took a step closer, both hands raised to show he was unarmed.


“We didn’t kill anyone,” The Admiral said reluctantly, “We may have… re-homed some native creatures, but we had no idea any were sentient.”

“You lied once. How do I know you aren’t lying again?” the XO asked.

The Admiral glanced at Peter looking for assistance in answering the question.


Without looking from the now-possessed first officer Peter spoke coldly “Because if he lies at all he won’t get a chance to explain his actions to a tribunal” His voice turned cold as his gaze turned to the Admiral “Now explain point by point what you did so the nice ghost alien give us our Commander again”


The possessed XO lowered his weapon. “This one trusts you, I sense it in his him,” he said to Peter.

“We re-homed some what we thought were non-sensient creatures found in the caves. Only a handful mind,” The Admiral said looking weary, but releaved there was no long a phaser trained on him.

“We did not breach the Prime Directive,” the Admiral continued, “It was only ever temporary during construction as they appear to have emit a natural dampening field that inhibits sscans and transporter locks. Once construction is completed we are going to return them to where we found them. I can make the call early?”


Lucas piped in from the doorway, “As a precaution I’d not let him make any communications just yet. Things are a little too volatile and we need to verify his claims first. No offense intended Admiral, but your track record leaves me a skeptic.”

COS Mackenzie

“Well where does that leave us?” the Admiral asked MacKenzie, “Until we were free of scanning interference we were unable to beam construction equipment. Once everything is safely built and we are no longer in need of the remote transporter’s precision scanning, we are to return the creatures to their habitat.” We were also going to install some small forcefields to protect the creatures that found their way into the river from being caught in our water filtration systems. Clearly things have changed.”

“Let him make his call,” the alien possesing Nevin said, “My brother is in our home, we will know soon enough. Once my people are there we can talk about co-habitation of our world.”


Peter’s eyes narrowed slightly and he felt a little uncomfortable, the alien inhabiting the XO’s body said that the Bajoran trusted him and for some reason, that little tidbit made his constant suspiciousness and investigation into the man a little more uncomfortable. He quickly shook the feeling off and returned to his stoic demeanor “Alright Admiral make the call, do the right thing” He nodded to the Security Chief that he and the rest of the group could enter the room, his little entrapment game was no longer necessary.


The admiral tapped on his console and sent a typed message. After a few moments the console made a notification sound.

“They’ll be back within the hour,” the admiral said spinning the console so the others could see the reply.

The wait seemed like an eternity but after 45 minutes the alien possessing Nevin announced that his family were home.

“With the knowlefge and experience we have gained from hosting your people and systems, we believe we can communicate with you without the need for… this,” Nevin said, “This is not our way, and I apologise for not seeing an alternative.”

The XO went and sat in the Admiral’s over-comfy desk chair, “This one will be physically exhausted when I leave him, but other than that there should be no other effects.”

The XO’s eyes rolled back as an amber whisp emerged from him. His boddy went limp before he opened his eyes and looked around his surroundings dazed.”


Lucas sighed in relief that things didn’t end up escalating to the point of no return. He really didn’t want to have to stun the body of his XO or that of an Admiral. Thinking up to this point and the fact that the XO was going to be weakened, he tapped his comm-badge.

=/\=Mackenzie to sickbay, we need a medtech to the Admiral’s office. Bring along some scanning gear, nutrient injections, a stimulant, and probably something for a headache.=/\=

COS Mackenzie

A loud exhasperated sigh was heard down the comm line. =^= We will send someone if we have to, but you’ll have to make do with only one medical officer. NE Jon out =^=

((Not sure where to put this…))
As Stone started speaking, Kristi realized something was wrong. She immediately tapped her comm badge, =^=Engineering to Captain, or… XO…,=^= Her voice sounded slightly paniced and unsure. =^=… Sir… something is wrong with the away team…=^= She wasn’t exactly sure what to do, only that she needed to do ‘something’. Tapping a nearby Ensign, she said she was heading for the bridge and took off at a run.

(completely unaware who else has been listening…crossed from engineering… she has no idea where CO and XO are btw)

The doors to the Admirals office and a young man in a blue medical uniform with a box of equipment shuffled in. He looked more like Sickbay had take him out of their patient list, armed him with the box and sent him in there place. He was pale, thin and gaunt looking. The black rings under his eyes spoke of a man who didn’t get much sleep. He stopped just inside the doorway, looked around at the collection of people, nodded once and then shuffled closer to the XO.

“Is it just the Commander?” he asked, reaching into his box and pulling out a tricorder to scan the XO with.

Dr Harrington

Lucas nodded and responded, “Yeah, he was just possessed by some sort of non-corporeal entity. I imagine he’s feeling pretty wiped out.”

OOC: So the XO in this thread has actually left the ship. I was thinking we could ship him off to sickbay and then offload his character to a starbase or something.

COS Mackenzie

OOC: ACtually I think this sim is completely over now, nothing more to do here.

OOC: Yes, what Hjortur said. :) The sim is finished. You may have seen a couple of new additions to the roster, right down the bottom.

Feel free to sidesim with your characters. My XO will flop his way around the ship (if he has water on him) or walk around the ship (if not) so he should be by to see you soon enough.

I also wanted to thank everyone on Amanda’s behalf for keeping as active as possible during this down time.

Amanda, please feel free to add to this if you want to.


Ooc: or just have his character dissapear the way so many of our crew does.


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