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Posted March 7, 2020, 8:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Lucas Mackenzie (Chief of Security) (Matt Evans)

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Codem watched silently as the small group of survivors from the accident with the ship scavenged what working components they could find. He was currently kneeled down behind a makeshift device, fiddling with it, and frowning. “I can’t get any frequency to connect, we wouldn’t happen to have the relays in tact, would we?” He asked, standing up.

“Not totally, though with some of the scrap metal and a little time, we should be able to rig up something that’ll work.” A human woman said, pulling out what was once a comm relay. “That electrical storm fried almost everything on this end of the ship. We got lucky. Even if you don’t think so, Codem.”

“I got something!” Another Trill shouted, moving some wreckage to reveal an in tact comm relay. “It’s probably the only one left in tact, I think we had it in the cargo bay when we went down. Since we flipped, it wasn’t crushed.” Codem nodded, and the three of them hauled the comm relay over to the device.

“Federation in origin, so we’ll have more luck with those frequencies.” The woman said, reaching over and setting the device to emit a distress call on all Federation frequencies. It would be picked up by any ship within 50 lightyears.

GMT Munchlax

OOC: Hello and good start to the new sim. I do have a couple suggestions if you don’t mind overly much, it’s more to fill in some of the details. Where is the crashed ship located? Not exactly like which planet, but more what’s the surroundings like? I think it’d serve well to kind of explain a ship of this type crashed on a planet of that type before the crew began trying to scavenge the necessary equipment to get off a distress call.

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