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Codem watched silently as the small group of survivors from the accident with the ship scavenged what working components they could find. He was currently kneeled down behind a makeshift device, fiddling with it, and frowning. “I can’t get any frequency to connect, we wouldn’t happen to have the relays in tact, would we?” He asked, standing up.

“Not totally, though with some of the scrap metal and a little time, we should be able to rig up something that’ll work.” A human woman said, pulling out what was once a comm relay. “That electrical storm fried almost everything on this end of the ship. We got lucky. Even if you don’t think so, Codem.”

“I got something!” Another Trill shouted, moving some wreckage to reveal an in tact comm relay. “It’s probably the only one left in tact, I think we had it in the cargo bay when we went down. Since we flipped, it wasn’t crushed.” Codem nodded, and the three of them hauled the comm relay over to the device.

“Federation in origin, so we’ll have more luck with those frequencies.” The woman said, reaching over and setting the device to emit a distress call on all Federation frequencies. It would be picked up by any ship within 50 lightyears.

GMT Munchlax

OOC: Hello and good start to the new sim. I do have a couple suggestions if you don’t mind overly much, it’s more to fill in some of the details. Where is the crashed ship located? Not exactly like which planet, but more what’s the surroundings like? I think it’d serve well to kind of explain a ship of this type crashed on a planet of that type before the crew began trying to scavenge the necessary equipment to get off a distress call.

OOC: Teaser trailers .. don’t’cha hate the lack of information .. for now .. stay tuned for the pickup .. Gene
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Kristi was on the bridge for her rotation when the NE beside her nudged her shoulder. “You seeing this?” Kristi tapped her own console and frowned. “A signal? It’s weak, but it’s on a Federation frequency…” She double checked the identity of the signal before turning to glance over her shoulder. “Ummm… it’s weak, but I’m getting a comm signal, Sir. It’s coming over a Federation frequency, but I’m not aware of any Federation ships in that location.” She nodded to the Ensign beside her who piped up with verification.
It seemed odd, but Kristi was sure someone would understand the connection. Unlike science officers and those with a penchant for seeking the unknown, Kristi was one of those who thrived on the stable and known. When signals were coming from unknown locations, from unknown persons, but the frequency was from ‘home’… it didn’t add up. And that didn’t sit well with the young engineer.
Ensign Kristi O’Larria
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Viktoryia had taken the night shift and sat quietly in her chair. She took a ship from her cup as she watched the stars pass by on the view screen. Night shift had always been a quite release for the captain and she hoped tonight would be the same.

The night had been unusually quiet and Viktoryia had just started to does when the distress signal came through.

Viktoryia Ravenfall, CO

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Lucas was blissfully asleep before the computer chimed to wake him. He had set it so that he would be notified if anything, stringently filtered, out of the norm were to be reported on the bridge. Having opened his bleary eyes and reached for the communication button, he called to the bridge.

=/\=Mackenzie to the bridge, yawns do you need me?=/\=

COS Mackenzie

OOC: thanks!

The distresss call came from a former potential colony site that hadn’t been chosen. It was Class M, but known to have electrical storms in the atmosphere, which likely crashed the ship. The group had once been 15, but was now down to five alive, which was stated in the distress call, which was text only.

“To any ship within range. This is the SS Aurora, we’ve crashed on a planet with 10 of our number dead and require assistance.”

The signal was short, but it did bring to light their situation–rather critical at this point.

GM Munchlax

Peter had a subroutine set to alert him of any incoming signals of interest, mostly in case he’d get any special messages from his Intelligence overlords so when they received a distress call he quickly got dressed and made his way to the bridge. Making it there just in time to hear the message itself he moved to the center of the bridge, he gave a slightly surprised look seeing the Captain in Command of the Bridge at this hour, having not read the duty roster for that night. He sat down to the Captains left and tapped in his access codes, looking up the Ship ‘SS Aurora’ to find the relevant information “I wasn’t aware you worked nights Captain” He said in a conversational manner.


“I do often when I can’t sleep.” She said turning to look at the engineering officer “send the corridnants to the helm, and let them know were on our way.” She then looked down to the ensign sitting at the helm as soon as you have the corridnants set a course max warp”

She tapped her badge and opened a channel to Mackenzie =/\=We’ve just recieved a distress signal and could use you up here.=/\=

She closed the channel and looked over to the intelligence officer and sighed.

Ravenfall, CO

=/\=On my way=/\= Lucas responded before slapping the channel button off and rolling out of bed.

He had instructed the replicator to make him some strong coffee in a thermos with a bit of milk and honey while he was pulling on his uniform. Taking an initial sip of the scalding beverage, he then headed to the bridge.

With a swish of the turbolift doors, Lucas walked in and relieved the officer at tactical while nodding to the CO and CIO. He perused the logs to familiarize himself and get up to speed.

COS Mackenzie

On the colony, Codem smiled from his position behind the beacon. “Got one. Identifies herself as the USS Viking. Interesting.” He said, looking around. “Pack it up! We’ve got a rescue coming!” He called, and the five survivors all began to scramble to collect what belongings they had.

A fierce wind suddenly whipped up, blowing dirt, debris, and sand onto them, and the woman shielded her face as she looked at the sky. “Storm’s beginning to gather, I hope they’ve got good transporters, cause we might not have a long window when they arrive.” She said, remembering the fierce electrical storms in the area.

A search of the computer would reveal that the planet was M-26975, once considered as a site for a colony, but the severe electrical/ion storms in the atmosphere caused it to be ruled out at the last minute. The fact that there was a group crashed on the planet was odd, as the world had no on-going enhabitence efforts or terraforming.

GM Munchlax

OOC: Did the search for the ship show any results?

Peter placed the information about the planet on the main viewscreen “Not exactly a hospitable location for anyone to be at” He commented, “Should we prepare the Naglfar for ground landing, just to avoid using the transporters?”


OOC: Oops. My bad. Knew I forgot something. Let me fix that.

IC: The search for the ship came up that it was owned by a group of mostly peaceful anti-terraforming activists. It is listed as having been involved in the sabotage efforts of several colonization efforts.

As the crew spoke, scans run on the planet would show growing levels of ionization in the atmosphere, as well as growing winds and other storm-like conditions.

GM Munchlax

Peter grumbled slightly as he read the information “That crew is one of those anti-terraformers” He said throwing the information on the viewscreen “Doesn’t explain why they’re on that particular planet seeing as it’s not a viable candidate.” He scrached his chin “Activism is one thing but active sabotage is just foolish.”


OOC: Gonna give this a couple more days before moving on. Hoping for some more crew involvement, someone want to tell the Captain about the problems in the atmosphere?

GMT Munchlax

“Sir. We’ve got some ionization and storm-like conditions growing in the atmosphere.” NE Barnes spoke up from the Science Station. “By my estimates, we’ll have a small transport window before some sort of weather event takes place

Codem looked up at the sky, frowning. “We’re gonna get caught in another storm if they don’t hurry.” He said, walking back over to rigged up computer.

“I’m detecting a ship in transit towards our position, but they’re too far out to figure out if they’re the Viking that contacted us.” Alera, the human woman, said.

“Well I sure hope they are, the other two aren’t gonna make it a couple more days.” The other Trill, Izzin, said. “And that’s my best guess Kyle was injured pretty bad and I still can’t tell what’s wrong with S’dan.”

GMT Munchlax

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