Main sim-Distress Call

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“We’d best do it quick if we’re going to. I’d recommend confining them to a secure deck considering their background. Grateful they may be to be rescued, I still assign them as a security threat.” Lucas responded.

COS Mackenzie

Peter nodded in agreement “We have plenty of unused quarters to house them in. Are the transporters secure enough to lock on?” He asked the security Chief.


Lucas tapped some keys on the console in front of him to see if the transporter could get a lock.

COS Mackenzie

The transporters could not get a secure lock on the survivors, considering the ionic interference. A shuttle would need to be used to get to them.

GMT Munchlax.

Lucas looked at Peter and shook his head, “It’s no good. We need to get them with a shuttle.”

COS Mackenzie

The intelligence Chief nodded “Alright, I suggest a team with at least some security and a doctor go planetside, in case there are any accidents in the next few moments.” He said to the Captain.


“I agree.” Lucas put forth, “I’ll see to securing some quarters for our guests.”

COS Mackenzie

In the centre of the bridge, Ravenfall sat alone. To her right, the Executive Officer’s chair was empty. To her left, the Counsellor’s seat equally so. Kara Nakuto knew, probably better than anyone else in this room, how lonely the centre seat could be, even with a full and competent crew manning every station. So to be there completely alone? In that moment she felt a profound sadness for the Viking’s current Commanding Officer, as well as a deep and boundless respect for her continuing to serve seemingly against all the odds.

Without invitation, the half-Klingon moved to take up the position to the CO’s left, her muscular frame settling into the seat that, the last time Nakuto had been on this bridge, had held the magnanimous Kenyan, Lieutenant Ta’lahali Beveres. She had not yet found the courage to investigate the current whereabouts of her dearest friend and former colleague, but could not blame her for abandoning this accursed ship when the opportunity presented itself, like countless other crewmembers before her.

Glancing to her right at the proud, graceful figure of Viktoryia Ravenfall, Nakuto simply bowed her head, a silent gesture from a former captain to a current one, of approval and of unquestioning support. Then, her gaze traveling from Mackenzie to Sigmundsson as she considered both of their suggestions, Kara added, “We both know, Captain, that an evacuation onto the USS Viking is no real rescue at all. A case of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’, I believe the saying goes? But with conditions on the planet deteriorating so rapidly, we appear to have no other choice.”

“Lt Mackenzie is correct that we need to prepare a shuttle immediately. Captain, I humbly offer my services as pilot, if you have nobody more preferable for the task?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Before Captain Ravenfall can respond, the ship rocks for a moment, but then stops. No injuries or damage is reported to the ship. However comm systems momentarily played loud static back if activated. This would all fade almost as suddenly as it happened.

GMT Munchlax

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