Maim Sim - Away team prepare to depart

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Kristi joined those walking in last. Mike had asked her to join the team at the last minute. She had no idea what she would be needed for. But Chief Stone said she had to take a tool box, grab the shuttle hit, and join the team So she did just that. Once in the shuttle, strapping in after stowing the kits, she nodded with generalized murmurs of hello to everyone then settled back to see what was gonna happen.

“Indeed we are ready,” Kara replied, the shuttle’s door beginning to slide to a close even as the final medic was still clambering inside. From the helm, the half-Klingon turned to view her passengers. “Strap yourselves in. This will be a bumpy ride.”

Seconds later and the shuttle rose into the air, bobbing from one side to the other as if caught in a violent air current. Before them the massive shuttle bay door juddered open and they were greeted by the black void of space beyond.
“Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam (today is a good day to die)!” Nakuto roared, then without further warning the craft shot forwards and they found themselves plummeting down towards the planet below.

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Peter, who had taken the copilots seat, instinctively grabbed the console with a massive hand as they flew away “No it really isn’t” He said in answer to the common Klingon phrase, he could understand much more of the Klingon Language than he could speak but that was a phrase common enough to most people to recognize “Flying down to Planet deathtrap is not my ideal deathday.” He was only half-joking.


At Peter’s side, Nakuto emitted another roar of laughter.
“Look at it this way, Commander. At least you are away from the Viking. And for that I would submit to a thousand away missions.”

As the shuttle continued in its rapid descent, the atmosphere from the planet was hurriedly rushing up to meet them. Turning over her shoulder to glance at the other passengers, Kara called out, “I trust we are all well back there? I hope that nobody suffers from motion sickness.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Lucas was snugly tucked against the bulkhead with his hand cradling his head and his eyes closed. Soft breathing couldn’t be heard over the atmospheric friction buffeting the ship’s shields, but a casual looker would think he was asleep.

COS Mackenzie

As the shuttle began to breach the atmosphere, it would begin to violently move, being buffeted by the ion storm that was brewing.

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