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Lucas opened his eyes and gave an easy grin to the engineer, “This isn’t that bad so far. Just you wait until we have to leave.”

COS Mackenzie

Kristi nodded to Mackenzie, “Oh, Lords…” she murmured as her knuckles whitened and she clenched her jaw trying not to panic herself into an attack.

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Lt. Tath’ihl Sharvi sat at the back of the shuttle, checking his equipment. He wanted to make sure non of it was affected by the ion storm. This was his first away mission since joining the ship, and he hoped as the new CMO, it would not be his last.
LT. Sharvi, CMO

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IC: After several further, long, moments of extreme turbulence, during which time every man and woman onboard would have done well to remain fully in their seats, the clouds began to dissipate and below them, the team could make out the hard ground of the planet rushing up to meet them.
“We are on our final approach. Crew, prepare for landing,” Nakuto announced, only seconds before a violent shudder indicated they had made contact with the ground. “

Turning in her seat to view the shuttle’s other occupants, the half-Klingon grinned at the away team. “There. That was not so difficult. Now let us depart as quickly as possible and locate these stranded activists.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

It wouldn’t be hard to locate them, Izzin, a Trill who was wearing a sort of hodge-podge medical case slung over one shoulder with a makeshift strap, was waiting close by. “Over here!” He called, “I’ve got two injured in that cave! A human named Kyle Rivers and a Vulcan named S’Dan.” He said, pointing to a nearby cave, as Codem and Alera came running up to the away team. “Let’s get them and go, we’re running out of time before the next ion storm hits us.”

GMT Munchlax

Lucas stepped in front of the away team to essentially be a meat shield and impress upon the stranded that he was being protective of his charges.

COS Mackenzie

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IC: Kara slipped into place slightly behind, and to the left of, the CoS. A competent warrior in her own right, the half-Klingon had always respected the tactical and strategic opinions of those actually trained in security and looked now for Mackenzie to take the lead. However, as she discreetly placed a hand on the phaser tucked away in her own pocket, she whispered to the rest of the away team, “Be cautious. We still have no real idea what we are walking into here.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Peter followed closely behind, it had been a few years since he last worked as a Security Chief but the instincts never left, but as usual, he allowed the Ships Security Chief to do his job. “I’m Commander Sigmundsson from the Viking” He said following the Trill, he was probably the most paranoid of the group and these types didn’t warrant much trust “We have medical personnel on the shuttle, how grave are their injuries?” He asked.


Kristi hated shuttles. But she knew they were necessary so she handled the short trips and stepped outside as soon as they landed. She decided she had no ability to help the wounded, so she would check the shuttle to be sure they weren’t at risk once they took off again. And overhearing another ion storm was looming, she also made note of things that needed covering if they couldn’t take off in time. The intake/exhaust ports had covered that were tucked in the back of the shuttle storage area. But they would need unpacking in swift order if needed.

She stepped back in the shuttle to check the systems and monitor the storm.


hearing that there was wounded, the klingon CMO grabbed and readied his tricorder to be able to start getting readings. He also grabbed his medical bag and headed off the ship with the others. He gave a half smile at Kristi, “Could have been a worse ride, you ok?”
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Lucas moved forward with a purposeful stride, while he made sure his hand wasn’t touching his phaser but near it.

“How many people do you have total? We can help your wounded and get you out of here but it might it a tight fit.”

COS Mackenzie

“There’s five of us left.” Codem said, watching as Izzin lead Sharvi over to the cave that passed for their shelter while they were here. “9 died in the crash, one more shortly after, we exhausted the last of the Aurora‘s power to get the medical supplies to try and keep Rivers and S’Dan alive.”

“We’re lucky that Izzin was a doctor before he left Trill.” Alera said, moving toward the Viking’s shuttle.

GMT Munchlax

Nakuto moved towards Alera and put out a hand as if to halt their progress. She had no intentions of allowing anyone to approach the shuttle without her by their side.

“One moment,” she said quickly, before turning to Commander Sigmundsson and whispering quietly, “Do we have any reason to believe they are not telling the truth about the number of survivors? Please run an independent scan for lifesigns. I am going to guard the shuttle while we load the survivors onto it.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Alera’s eyes narrowed, as she tensed up. She turned to Codem, who was standing calmly to one side, as though he had experience working with these kind of people before. That was how he’d gotten to the top of the society, his skill with people and prior experience.

Peter nodded, grabbing his tricorder and starting the Scan “Captain Nakuto here is going to escort your people to the shuttle” He smiled faintly at the woman “Chief McKenzie, help to carry the wounded” He said calmly.


Lt. Sharvi followed the Izzin to where the injured was and started scanning and tending to their injuries, pulling out medical equipment from his bag.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

“Alera, come with me to the shuttle with the Captain. Izzin and these fine officers can take care of Rivers and S’Dan.” Codem said, approaching his companion, placing a hand on her shoulder.

GMT Munchlax

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