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CMO Sharvi was glad that COS Mackenzie had followed him. He was still in security when Lt. Darz went missing and Lt. Mackenzie was assigned as the new COS. It was well deserved. He knew he wasn’t going to get it, he was the newest edition to the roster’s security team at that time. He knew Lt. Mackenzie was able to help with some medical stuff, and he was willing to let the COS assist to not only make his job easier, but faster, as he too wanted to be able to get back to the ship as soon as possible. Something was off with this place, but the klingon couldn’t tell what it was.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

OOC: Yes, they’re telling the truth about people needing rescued.

IC: Rivers’s injuries were rather severe, but Izzin had stablized him, however, S’Dan was muttering in Vulcan, with a very high fever, and several obvious plasma burns–possibly sustained during the crash.

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Peter examined the two patients “Are they stable enough to move?” He asked the doctor, he had no intention of staying here any longer than completely necessary.


Lucas motioned to the seemingly stable one, “Let’s get them loaded on the shuttle first while the Doc assesses and stabilizes the other. Plasma wounds are no laughing matter.”

COS Mackenzie

Kristi was running the shuttle diagnostic and started humming absently. She glanced back to see if the old CO had wandered in to check on her.


“They should be alright to move, just try to be careful.” Lt. Sharvi told them as he ran his equipment over the wound of the patient in front of him.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

OOC: GM, is there more to be done on the planet or should we just get everyone back to the Viking?

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Lucas and Peter nodded at each other and moved to pick the unconscious person up from both ends. Lucas held their legs behind his back and quickly led the way back to the shuttle. Upon arrival to the boarding ramping they entered and laid the person as gently but efficiently as they could onto one of the cots. They then both exited and headed back to the CMO and the other patient.

COS Mackenzie

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Codem frowned, smacked Alera on the arm and pointed to the sky. “Captain? We need to get going, the storm could start any minute and I’d fancy not getting caught in another one.” The Trill said, a sort of urgency in his voice.

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