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As soon as the bridge notified engineering, that their shuttle was limping back, Mike took all the engineers he could spare and hurried to the hangar. Altogether they were just three of them.

“NE Holt and Vargas you two don the fire protection suit. Matthews check if our cutter is working? There’s no knowing how badly the shuttle is damaged, so be on your toes.”

Mike grabbed one of the fire extinguishers, checked that it was full and operational, then waited for the shuttle to arrive.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

It wasn’t long and the shuttle was safe on the deck, seals on the ship in place and the ramp lowering to let out the last of its occupants. Kristi remained in the pilot seat, shutting systems down and starting diagnostics. There was a small gash on the right back side of her head were she had hit the bulkhead behind her during the turbulents. And her hands were sore and cramped from gripping the controls. She kept flexing her hands to pull the muscles loose.

She glanced at Kara. “Ma’am… we’re back.” She also motioned to one of the NEs that come in to help get the officer to medical. “I don’t know what happened but she hasn’t spoken the whole trip back. Get her to the Doc, please.”

She was so absorbed in the diagnostics, she didn’t notice Mike was nearby.


Her recent interrogation at Starfleet had been agonising, yet it paled to insignificance beside the ignominy of her return. Almost impossible to believe this could have ended any other way than the failed captain being brought back to her ship, stripped of all authority, naked with indignity before those who had once considered her their leader. Now, it seemed, they did not even trust her to pilot a shuttle.

As the NE began to approach, Nakuto retreated, her hands forming a barrier before her, an infinitesimal measure of protection.
“Back away, ensign,” she growled in warning. “I do not require a babysitter!”

Her eyes locked onto the advancing foe, she did not dare shift her focus to the shuttle’s other occupants. She could only hope that the remainder of the away team were guarding their guests with the same fervour that they seemed to be applying to her.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Mike was glad, that the shuttle once landed looked about the same as it was before departure. It still look like a barely spaceworthy vessel, but on the outside, nothing major showed. Hearing the commotion inside, he moved in to inspect not just the shape of the ship, but also it’s passangers.

Seeing the defensive stance of Kara didn’t all that much surprise him. The half Klingon would rather lose an arm or a leg then admit of needing help.

Placing his hand on the ensign’s shoulder he simply said “Wait outside, please.” The serious expression was enough, to send the ensign out packing without any complaint.

“I’m glad you all made it back.” He said, genuinely smiling. Not moving from his spot, he could see Kristi was still busy shutting down the systems. “Need help with anything?” He asked, looking at Kara. From what he saw, she didn’t appear hurt, just shaken up.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Peter had been too occupied with going over shuttle diagnostics that he hadn’t paid much attention to what was going on until he heard her growl at the ensign. He looked back only to have the chief engineer usher his subordinate out. He stood up and took a step towards them, he knew that Kara needed to protection but this was a rather unfortunate situation “We had a bit of a shaky takeoff” He glanced at the junior engineer still working “I believe your ensign misread the situation slightly” He said without a hint of accusation in his tone. He knew Stone was protective of his staff, rightfully so, so he didn’t go into details right now “Kara, let’s go brief the Captain” He said turning to his old friend and giving her the slightest smile he allowed himself on duty “Lieutenant” He said to the Engineering Chief signifying the end of this conversation, getting into an argument with the engineering staff on the Viking was not a brave thing to do.


Kristi looked at Stone with a slight frown. A look of worry on her face for Kara. She hadn’t known the woman well before she was gone about the time Kristi had arrived. “No… I just… it got crazy out there so I took us out.” She exhaled and started to relax. When the adrenalin wore off she was gonna be hurting, but right now she was still ok. She just had to hold on till she got back to her quarters. “I think shuttle lessons may be next on my free time list.” She laughed, but it was forced. “Ma’am, I’m sorry I asked him to come help you,” she nodded back to where the Ensign had left. “You were so quiet, I was worried. I’m really am sorry, Ma’am.”

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“No harm done,” Kara replied, unconvincingly, to the engineer. But internally she felt the weight of expectation from every man and woman in the room, as if they were all watching, waiting, for her to crumble.

Turning to Sigmundsson, she nodded a silent thank-you for the offered escape route, then loudly confirmed, “Agreed. The Captain needs to be informed of our new guests. Security, please ensure they are monitored at all times whilst onboard the ship.”

And with that. the half-Klingon turned and marched out of the docking bay as one preparing to charge into battle.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Kristi remained in her seat, an open look of confusion on her face. “What’d I say? I mean, when the storm hit, I was already running diagnostics, I just figured I’d get us out of there.” She glanced up at Mike. “Did I do something I shouldn’t have?” She didn’t now the old CO well enough to judge and the unsettled feeling she had somehow insulted the woman sat in her gut like a bad lunch.


“I can’t say since I don’t know what exactly happened.” Mike replied and came closer to Kristi. They were alone, so he was about to hug her.... when he noticed the gash on her head. The trip back was no joy ride, he finally realised.

“Kristi… you’re hurt.” By instinct he wanted to touch and inspect the wound, but managed to hold back and not even hug her in fear she could be hurt somewhere else as well.
“You should go see a doctor, and take the day off. I brought enough duct tape to tape this ship back to it’s previous, glorious shape of a trash can with nacelle’s attached. No arguing about that.”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Lucas was with the mobile guests in the back on the shuttle, mostly impassive to what had happened with the ex-CO, at least on the surface. He looked to the guests and motioned for them to follow him.

“I imagine you’ll want to see your friends and how they’re doing, but first I’m going to get you settled in to some quarters and let the Doc have some time to treat them. So take a shower, have some food, and get some sleep. I’ll update you when their condition changes.”

COS Mackenzie

Codem looked as though he was about to make demands, but Izzin placed a hand on his shoulder, speaking first. “Of course, Lieutenant.” He glared at Codem as he and Alera herded the man along behind Mackenzie.

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