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Terrified was an understatement, Andromeda had heard about the ship’s infamous gladiatorial style fighting arena and now she was standing just outside its doors. The idea of a federation ship having something that from her own Grecian heritage and was still to this day widely practiced though the combat was not anywhere near as bloody as it used to be amazed her and scared her. Andromeda was not someone who enjoyed violence, though she knew how to fight, her family had made sure of that and on top of the training, she received at Starfleet she wasn’t quite the weak opponent one might think when the first set their eyes upon her.

Taking in a deep breath she walked through the doors dressed for the occasion. Working from head to toe she had certainly put the effort in, she didn’t like fighting but she loved dressing up in her culture’s ancient history and she looked at the picture. Andromeda, named after the dream goddess in greek mythology wore a gold headband, her hair was up in a high ponytail, on her right shoulder boasted a black iron Galerus a kind of large metallic shoulder shield in the shape of Lionshead, on her arm she had opted for an underlying of Manicae which were wraps of leather and cloth for arm and wrist padding and were protected by a leather Monica which was studded with bits of steel for extra protection. A black leather Subarmalis with purple and red tips made up most of her uniform also studded with steel and iron and was clinging tightly to her waist by a Balthus. This held her xiphos a Grecian specialty, on her back was strapped a Dory another Grecian and more in line with her heritage and Spartans spear. Finally protecting her exposed legs and shins was a pair of fascia engraved with Andromeda symbol, the dream goddess and to finish of the set a shield, small to match her size and power also designed with her own symbolic symbol of the Andromeda System. She could feel the ship angry at her, she was the pure embodiment of Grecian Mythology on a ship so rich in Norse, and it disliked it, several times she found the turbo lift taking her to the wrong floor until finally, she had decided to crawl the Jeffries tubes to get to her destination, she wouldn’t allow this ship defeat her.

Walking into the Thunderdome was something which took her breath away, and not because she was wearing all her armor and weaponry but because of how well they had replicated the feel of an ancient gladiatorial ring. The initial walk had her surrounded by old moss-covered stone walls, the floor painted with what she hoped was fake blood. Further walking it finally all opened up to a spacious ‘pit’ which was surrounded by the stands of the arena and of course no arena was complete without the Emperor’s podium or in this case the Captains she could almost feel how her ancestors had felt.

Brushing aside the reminiscing and wanderlust she looked around to see if anyone else had already arrived for ‘practice’ which she felt she really needed and has asked for some help.

Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

Ensign Luna she was in a t-shirt and sweat pants both were a dark blue in color. Cerenity right behind her the child quick found a seat in the stands. ” I remember you you know the idea is not to kill each-other” Luna said with a smile. She jumped open her wings a flapped them getting into the air. She had an impressive 10 foot wingspan and also had nearly silent flight. She flew over Andomedas head and landed on the other side of the arena. ” I don’t remember you name though My daughter seams interested in you for some reason” she said. She seamed mush more on the friendly side this time.
Ensign Luna

Ande looked down at ehr attire and then to her sheafed weapons and giggled “Oh these won’t hurt anyone, not badly they’re mostly a soft metal. They look good but will just give someone a bruise!” She chuckled taking in the woman’s other comment, “I’m Andromeda Lykaios, your daughter is Cerentiy right?” She waved at the young girl marveling at her mother’s wingspan and ability to fly. Ande would be to scared, she was never good with heights. “So have you come here to practice to or just watch?” The young Grecian asked.

Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

“ yes she is. I came her for some combat practice though it seems I’ll be doing more teaching” she said with a smile. Cerenity giggles and waves at Andromeda. Luna shook her head. “ sence Cerenity seems to like you I won’t stop you from talking to her. Ill make this very clear do not endanger her safety or well being, I am not something you want to start a real fight with ” she said Worryingly.

Ensign Luna

“You have got to learn when to mistrust people and when to simply be wary of them, Ensign” A voice came from the overlook. A large man stood observing the two women, he had made no sound upon arriving so there was no way to be sure when he had arrived, he spoke in slightly accented English, probably Scandinavian origin. “It’s becoming a habit of yours to challenge new arrivals as if we don’t have transfer orders before they arrive” the man was wearing dark, loose clothing, Starfleet standard exercise garments. “So is all that just for show?” He asked the armored Scientist.


Andromeda again found herself looking at her attire, “Well mostly, but only because the actual around design is crude. Gladiatorial fighting was always , mainly for show so their armor was always so extra and their fighting technique all about big boasting moves.” Explained the young Grecian before saying, “I don’t like violence, but if it’s for fun” She shrugged a little, “I guess I can get behind it.”

“ you may be right though I cant read people like you do” Luna said. She smiled at the CIO. She know he was right though with all the new trasfurs the disaperince of Loki for a send time and a child who constantly talked about shadows was making her jumpy. “ I speak to a consular but last I know there was not one onboard” she offered. She was smiling now. Cerenity recognizes Peter she flew at him. Landing next to him she tryed to hug him. “ are you going to fight to, I want to learn” she said smiling.

Shocked at the young girl though quickly relieved by her mother’s next words Andromeda watched the man in the stands, she couldn’t really make out his features but he appeared older than what she was.

“Absolutely not you are way to young” Luna said. The child glared at her mother there was definitely some tension between the two.
Ensign Luna

Peter chuckled at the child’s enthusiasm “Your mother is correct, you are too young to fight, instead you should watch.” He put an arm around the small child, patting her head gently “You need to focus on growing big and strong like Luna” An interesting statement as the giant of a man was more than a foot taller and far wider than the security officer “I didn’t learn to fight until I was an adult” A little white lie. He turned his attention to Luna “You should be proud that she takes after you” He smiled gently at the winged human.


“ I’m always proud of my child, I would prefer she stay in one pice and fallow in my career choice” she said with a smile. Then turned her attention to Andromeda.

“So, I feel like I will be a little outmatched but would you like to spar? We can do weapons or no weapons, non-lethal of course. I don’t think the medical staff would appreciate me turning up in the first week heavily maimed.” Andromeda hoped for the former, her melee weapons skills were better than hand to hand many due to her slightly larger size, her footwork and hip work was actually pretty good she just lacked strength and sometimes co-ordination, she could be a bit clumsy sometimes.

Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

Luna smiled “if you want to use a wepone your welcome to however I have only one request don’t actively America for my wings. I don’t think Dor David would be to happy if he had to treat another broken wing. Last time that happened I woke up with a tube down my throat I really don’t want a repeat” she said. The ensign settled into a low combat stance with her wings open. She waghted for Andromeda to make the first move.

Cerenity giggle “ I know what mommy’s planing” she said to Peter excitedly.
Ensign Luna

Andromeda nodded and stepped back as she unsheathed her sword, she wasn’t lying when she said it would main anyone the metal was made from a soft compound and though rigid had some sense of sponginess to it. Though it would sting if she laid a hit. “Are you not using a weapon?” She asked twisting the sword in her hands and she warmed her wrists ready for combat. It was then she realised how this image could be seen on an old ancient column back in Athens, A Grecian soldier fighting a winged ‘being’ called a harpy. She chuckled as she brought up the shield so it was level with her chin the sword to Luna as she waited for an aerial attack and her legs braced ready to react.

Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

Luna smiled well at lest she know the science ensign was smart. She approached carefully on foot. Luna never attacked first in these kind of matches so for now it was a waghting game. As she a pro he’d she thought about how Andromeda was holding her award and standing. If the scientists could not be provoked to stack Luna would try and disarmed her. So for now Luna circles the science slowly on foot.
Ensign Luna

“So, Lieutenant, who’s your money on?” said as he approached the CIO at the side of the arena. Junior was now wearing civilian clothing that fit be better than the uniform he had arrived in, but he still wore his comm badge though.


“ mommy is going to win she always wins” Cerenity said with a smile. Luna rules her eyes she lost plenty of sparing matches. She always learns more from the matches she lost then the ones she won but her child never saw that.
Ensign Luna

Peter smiled fondly at the child for a moment then turned a cold gaze towards junior, his hand instinctively twitched but he managed to fight back the movement that would send down the blade strapped to his wrist. He ignored the wrong calling of his rank, it bothered him less than having the man on his ship “I haven’t seen Ensign Lykaios fight before but I doubt that any training she has can outmatch Ensign Luna’s experience and genetic advantage” He said, his voice restrained “On that note I don’t engage in gambling, I don’t ever leave things to chance”


“Quite wise. You can never loose that way,” Junior replied, “But you can never win either. The key to gambling is not knowing which way to bet, but not laying down a stake you can’t afford to loose.”

Aware of the child in their presence, Junior didn’t wish to talk about certain things or insult Peter. It would not have been appropriate.

“I recently took a gamble. The stakes were high because I put everything I had down. If it pays off that’s fantastic but if it doesn’t, I can afford to loose everything because I would be no worse off than I was before.”

Junior looked at what was happening in the arena then glanced at Cerenity.

“If I had any money, I’d put it on your Mam too,” he added


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