OOC - I have returned!

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For those of you who might not remember me, I’m Stephen.

I used to play a science Ensign called Reira Akaba a few years bakc, he’s a Japanese Human ex-Borg Drone. Father in Section 31, we had quite a thing about that. Regardless, I’m back and I’ve missed all of you.

Ooooo, another science JO to torture.. I mean order around… i mean… interact with. :D

Welcome to the asylum!

Sam “Fox” Haynes - Aka Lt Woods (CSO)

Ah, like Viking didn’t have enough troubles as it is, we get Akaba again....
Welcome back :D


Stephen!!!!! hugs I’m back as well! :D
cracks open the bloodwine

Welcome back I look forward to writing with you! DRINKS LOADS OF BLOOD WINE! Parteh!

  • Andromeda

Now this could be fun 😷


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