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Codem paced nervously, while Izzin and Alera watched him, the former looking annoyed, and the latter having an amused grin on her face. “Relax, Codem. S’Dan and Rivers will be fine, and once we know that for sure, we can see about getting them to drop us off wherever is next.” She said, still with that slight grin.

“Ivari VII. M-class, mostly desert, with a few temperate pockets, plans to seed it to regulate weather cycles and provide a more varied climate.” Izzin recited, always on point of this stuff. “Though now that we’re three weeks behind we’ll have to pick a new target.”

Codem stopped pacing, sinking into a chair. “And a new ship, ramp up recruiting drives, etc etc.” He said, rubbing his face. “I can’t believe we went from 15 to 5 so quickly. How’d we miss that storm?”

“I can’t know for sure until we talk to S’Dan, but I think the Ionosphere was already messing with sensors, then when we clipped it, the storm was raging and took us down before we could compensate.” Alera mused, standing. “He did grab an iso chip before the console blew up in his face, so I suspect we have the data, but without being able to run it tough the ship’s systems, I can’t know for sure.”

Izzin nodded, “and Rivers knows atmospheric variations quite well, we’d need him to tell if we clipped the Ionosphere before or after getting hit, and where the breakup occurred on the ship due to shearing.”

Codem nodded. He had hand-picked all 15 members of the group, each had specific strengths and weaknesses they needed to compliment each other, and now he was down to the most loyal of his 4 friends. “Now I guess we wait to see what we find out about S’Dan and Rivers.”

GMT Munchlax

There was a chime heard from the door which then parted and in came Lucas. He looked over the guests briefly to check their conditions before he spoke, “Sorry for the sudden intrusion but I figured you’d want to know immediately of a change in your friends’ conditions. They are currently stable but their road of recovery is going to be a bit. It’d be quicker if we brought them to a starbase, but I’m not sure when we’re going to swing by one.”

COS Mackenzie

Alera put a hand on Izzin’s shoulder to stop him from speaking, as Codem stood, turning to Lucas. “Can we ask an important piece of information?” It was a long shot whether or not the Viking could know, but it was worth a shot.

As he opened his mouth to continue, Codem’s eyes widened as the lights flickered ominously and a soft groaning noise was heard. “Uh…what is that?”

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