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Lucas returned to the bridge after securing the ‘guests’ in quarters then had a quick shower and change of uniform. He relieved the tactical Ensign before going through the recent ship logs and sensors reading.

COS Mackenzie

Shortly after Mackenzies’ arrival both Peter and Kara arrived on the bridge to meet with the Captain. Peter spoke up first “Captain, the rescues are all set up, we can move on.” He started “The injured are in sickbay and I believe Lieutenant Mackenzie has secured the others, all in all, a successful albeit stressful rescue. They were a bit uneasy with the whole thing, you might want to meet with them after they’ve had some time to rest, when we have some news regarding their friends” he turned to the Security Chief “I got the feeling that this Code was their leader but not pleased with us being the ones to rescue them, you concur?” He asked.


Viktoryia listened carefully “Well done” She said.

Lucas nodded and replied, “His body language and how he was handling his people would definitely lead me to agree. While his authority isn’t absolute, they do rely on him for direction and to speak for the rest. They didn’t like it when I told them to hang tight in the secured quarters, but I promised to update them whenever the injured have an updated prognosis.”

COS Mackenzie

Remaining silent throughout the briefing, Nakuto felt every ounce of tension accumulated during this mission now congeal in the pit of her stomach. Powerless to contain it for a moment longer, the half-Klingon advanced on the Captain.
“Ma’am, so far they have offered us no explanation for their presence on such an unstable and dangerous planet. Or why it fell to us to risk our lives to rescue them. I, for one, do not trust them. And I…”

She paused and for a few moments retreated into silence. Nakuto was yet to become acquainted with Ravenfall beyond mere pleasantries and had no concept of the woman’s own experiences and beliefs regarding the Viking. Not to mention the others gathered on the bridge. Would they consider her delusional for voicing her most primal and unnatural fears?

Kara let out a deep and heavy breath and ran a hand through her hair - a habit she often enacted when battling with a particularly torturous thought. Then, moving quickly into the vacant counselor’s seat and leaning in to whisper to the captain, she concluded “…and I do not trust this ship with them either, Ma’am. If you take my meaning?”
- Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

She paused for just a moment and looked over at Kara a look of sheer shock on her face. It wasn’t what she said that shocked Viktoryia, but the fact that she wasn’t alone it what she had experienced. “You too?” Vicktoyia whispered back. She sighed quietly as if a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders in that exact moment. “We will talk about this at a later time” she said as she straightened up in her chair. Something about her guests not being and straight forward with why they were on the planet left an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Viktoryia Ravenfall, CO

Lucas was still at tactical busy analyzing readings and other logs. He was astutely not eavesdropping in any way. Just minding his own business.

COS Mackenzie
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Markus shook his head as he turned his attention back to the science station in front of him. The labs were an atrocity. Engineering had their hands full and the ODN relays were still janky. Supplies were missing. He’d have grabbed a kit to start making repairs himself, but this wasn’t his turf, not yet. Not really. But on the bridge things were in better shape. As the ship loitered near the planet he took the time to orient the high resolution sensors on it, letting the ship drink in all the data and scans it could for the time being. If nothing else, it was something to do. It still put him on edge though, like the planet could reach out with a discharge ever thousands of kilometers to strike at the Viking.

A cold knot had settle din his gut as they brought the survivors aboard, and it only screamed in silent agreement with the Klingon consultant conversing with Captain Ravenfall. Not that he was listening in particular. Markus shuddered in his seat, trying to ignore the malevolence he felt. Ever since he’d been in contact with that alien device, life had never quite been the same. Strange occurrences. Feelings and sensations. He’d always been somewhat empathic, but now it came in waves. Or even picking up bits of thought. Impressions. Images of other places and hings. Under his breath he finally murmured, “I have a bad feeling about this.” He sighed at himself. “Great, now I’m quoting Star Wars,” he said a little more loudly in consternation, but mostly to himself.

Lt Woods, CSO

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