Side Sim - Returning from the dead... MEDICAL (Attn CMO)

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Viktoryia wrapped her arms around Kali and just held her for a moment. “You’re safe now!”said and she tried to get her to lay back down. “Breath Kali! Your going to hurt your self even more. Vik glanced up at the doctor hoping he would be able to give her something to calm her down again, but as she waited she on to her.

Viktoryia, CO

Tath grabbed a device and put it to Kal’s neck. “This should help with your pain.” He said, surprised she was able to lunge at the captain like that, but he was happy to have her back. A whole year had passed since she left, and it felt like it was just yesterday. He had missed her.
LT. Sharvi, CMO

A soft sigh was Kalika’s response to the hypo as she leaned back and inhaled, relaxing. The pain blocker made her body relax for the first time in ages and she in doing that the relief she felt was almost overwhelming. “I don’t know what happened.” She glanced from Tath to the Captain. “One moment I was in the hallway with the others. The next, I was on a biobed being told I had been electrocuted. Apparently there was a power surge and something shorted out in the hallway. It took me a couple days before I realized I wasn’t on the ship… this ship. It’s a mirror verse of some kind. But the ship is in far worse shape.” She felt adrenalin starting to drag her down as it finally seeped from her system. “I was there for … well for however long I was gone. Then there was a battle. I was back in that same hall when a shot compromised the hull. A nearby panel blew off and there was fire… and plasma… and…” She closed her eyes trying to erase the image from her mind. “Last thing I remember is my back on fire and then nothing. Then … here.”

It was painful to remember but she was glad she was here. “So much trouble there… hardly slept… hardly ate…” She looked at them both, one hand still in the CO’s grasp, the other reaching to touch Tath. “I’m sorry… but please, put me to sleep. I want to sleep where I’m safe… please…” She needed to be removed from the derm pads on her back and healed. It would be hours till the regens were done with the multiple cycles her back and arm would take.


Tath put a hypo at her neck. “This will help you sleep.” He told Kalika. When she had closed her eyes, and was sleeping, he turned toward the captain. “It’s going to be a long night for her, I’m going to stay here and watch over her, if you want to go to your quarters and try to get some rest… I can keep you updated on her status, or set up a bio-bed with a blanket for you, no trouble at all. It usually gets cold in here.” The Klingon doctor said. He barely took his eyes off Kal.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Kalika whimpered at the hypo and as she started to pass out, tried to plead. “I … don’t want to… slee....” she was soon passed out and a few moments later, her heart finally started to slow down and her body relaxed, including her death grip on the CO’s arm. A moment later, she actually looked at peace for the first time since she was found.


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“Sleep my sweet” she said as she carefully ran her hand through the other woman’s hair “you’ll feel better when you do” She then looked up at the doctor. “I think I will stay here with her. I don’t want her to think I have abandoned her when she wakes up.” She was fighting back the tears as she waited for the doctor.

Ravenfall, CO

Several hours later, Kalika started to stir. As she fluttered her eyes and looked around, the young woman found the Captain sleeping beside her as if she had been keeping watched. Her hand reached out to touch Vik’s hand. “Captain…” the soft voice said. A smile slowly lighting her face.

“Sweetheart” she whispered as she looked over to Kali and took her hand in her own. Viktoryia hadn’t been asleep, and it could probably been seen on her face.

She glanced around to try and see where the Doc was, her bed alarms humming softly with the motion and rise in vitals to ‘waking’ levels.


Lt. Sharvi was asleep in his office, but when he heard the alarms humming change, he woke up and went out to stand beside the Captain. He checked the systems. “How are you feeling, Kal?” He asked.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Ravenfall, CO

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