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Posted July 20, 2020, 3:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Tath'ihl Sharvi (Chief Medical officer) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Ensign Andromeda Lykaios (Science JO) in Pre-sim - Medical Check-in [FAO Medical]

Posted by Lieutenant Tath’ihl Sharvi (Chief Medical officer) in Pre-sim - Medical Check-in [FAO Medical]

Posted by Ensign Andromeda Lykaios (Science JO) in Pre-sim - Medical Check-in [FAO Medical]
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Having just been ejected out of the academy into the big wide world as some people called it Ande was standing in the shuttle bay and on the proverbial precipice of a new adventure which came in the form of the mysterious USS Viking, she had been told a lot about the ship, its history, and even its myths but she had ignored it all. She loved rumor and gossip but this once she wanted to find the truth out for herself. Having had her possessions previously dispatched she was empty-handed dressed in her teal uniform with the standard-issue comsbadge and Ensign pip she made a move for the door.

Walking through the corridors for the first time were both exciting and unnerving, she had of course been on a starship before either though the academy flights or in the holodeck but to be finally here on her ship she couldn’t help but feel the immense amount of pride that came with it. Her destination of the medical bay, it was common for new souls to report to Medical, Counselling, the department head and sometimes the Executive officer or Captain depending on the ship’s standard operating procedures, all of which would come in good time but for her medical was the first stop.

It hadn’t taken long for the young Grecian to find the sign that read ‘Sickbay’ and with the door already open, she stepped in looking around for any medical personnel.

Lt. Sharvi was finishing up with a patient when the ensign came in. “I’m CMO Tath’ihl Sharvi, I’ll be with you in a second, this ensign is almost done with his checkup.” The Klingon doctor told her, looking up at the young ensign. “You can have a seat at that bio-bed, and we will start your new arrival checkup.” Lt. Sharvi continued as he was typing in his pad, but pointed to an empty bio-bed beside him.
LT. Sharvi, CMO

Nodding Andromeda silently took a seat on the bio-bed the chief medical officer had indicated. Looking around Andromeda noted how beat up the medical bay was, just like the science labs which lacked really any new technology and she wondered if she ever needed medical treatment they’d have to resort to using leeches or not. The joke made her laugh silently though the eeriness of the ship had been sapping her of any happiness lately.

Ens. Lykaaios

The ensign jumped off the bed and left the sickbay. Lt. Sharvi turned around to Ensign Lykaaios. “How are you today?” The klingon asked. “So, Ensign Andromeda, welcome to the ship, as I mentioned, I am the CMO, LT. Tath’ihl Sharvi, you can just call me Tath in here. The ship isn’t the newest of vessels, and it has it’s history, but you are in for one wild adventure, and that’s before you even meet Casper the ghost.” he chuckled, as there was no Casper, at least that he knew of, but he sensed her nervousness and wanted to cheer her up.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO.

She giggled at his comment but then asked quickly, “There aren’t really ghosts onboard are there? I have noticed shadows and weird noises but I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for it all” Andromedas last words were more of a statement to herself than a question, she often spoke to herself. I sign of madness apparently but for her, it helped to keep her thoughts in check. “I’m feeling well, a little tired from a restless sleep because of the aforementioned bumps in the night. ” The reply almost prompted a yawn but she kept it down by asking “How are you today?” The question was presented awkwardly trying to work thought her nerves as the build-up of a hiccup began as they often did whenever she was nervous or scared.

Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

“I’m doing good, staying super busy on the ship. As for the ship, there isn’t ghosts, it’s more like this ship has ways of playing out things you wish you could forget, or things you wish you never did to light, if you know what I mean, and it will do it’s best to haunt you with them.” He said, looking at a female security officer laying on a bio bed, resting.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

“That’s interesting everyone perceives their experience aboard the ship differently, some say they see shadows, hear screams others try to explain it away with science.” Andromeda shrugged in her horizontal position. “I think the ship is a conduit, for a higher being whether that’s the gods of old or just some higher form of existence that remains undiscovered. Maybe I’ll figure it out, maybe ill go mad trying to do it.” She smiled her eyes flicking down to find the medical officer. “How long have you been on the ship?”

  • Ens Lykaios, SJO

“It’s an interesting ship. It’ll be fun though. I’ve here for two years. I started as a security officer, but when the past CMO went, let’s just say, missing, which happens on this ship… I was promoted for my medical expertise.” Tath answered. “You look good to go, I have no issues, so you may begin your journey. Hope you like it here, have any questions, I’m usually either in here, or in my quarters, you can come find me anytime.” He told her.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

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