Pre-Sim - Sickbay - Lt. Woods transfer medical intake

Posted July 21, 2020, 2:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Markus Woods (Chief Science Officer) (Sam Haynes)

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Posted by Lieutenant Markus Woods (Chief Science Officer) in Pre-Sim - Sickbay - Lt. Woods transfer medical intake

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Mark sighed as he made his way along the Viking’s corridor. This was his sixth tour, his six post. It still annoyed him, having to deal with the pokes and prods of the onboarding process. His medical records were on file via subspace, as well as the copy he carried with him. The transporters scrubbed his entire system of harmful bacteria and toxins every time he went through it. At this point, checking in with sickbay was just medical masturbation. But, the regs were the regs.

So it was he found himself passing through the portal into the main med bay of the ship. He scanned about, spotting several medical personnel moving about. He flagged down a nurse he didn’t know the name of yet. (Nameless Nurse) “I see things are a little hectic,” he said, trying to be sympathetic. “I need to get checked out and cleared per my transfer to the ship.” He winced a little in sympathy. it was one more thing on Sick Bay’s plate. One more menial thing they had to do because of the day to day operations. He didn’t want to be a burden, but this was required. Unless he got Captain Ravenfall to waive it, but in medical matters the CMO had veto power. Better to not make enemies on the ship, Day 1.

Lt. Woods, CSO

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CMO Sharvi looked up from the patient on the bio bed that he was attending to. He turned to the nurse, “Tag ya, he’s stable, and he just needs to rest. You can help that one over there, which he just needs checked up, and then take a break, you deserve it, and I’ll take care of our new CSO.” He told her and she nodded. He turned toward the new CSO. “Lt. Woods, welcome to the Viking. I’m your chief medical officer, Lt. Sharvi. How was your shuttle ride? As busy as we are, and as busy as you’re about to be, if nothing medically happened to you on the ride here, I already have all your files, and since this is just a transfer, I’m ok to just sign off on this and you can be on your way to more inportant things. I mean this is important, but there’s more pressing things we both can be doing, if I’m an honest Klingon. ” He said to the CSO.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

The dark-haired human looked a bit taken aback. They were both the same height and almost the same stature, but the Klingon had a couple of kilos on him in muscle mass. “I’ll admit, I’m not used to seeing a Klingon in science or medicine,” he said. “I would imagine there’s a pretty good story behind that.” He shifted his weight as though mentally shifting gears. “While a sign-off would be nice, Command wants to make sure I’m checked out regularly. On an earlier mission I was exposed to a device that had some unique effects on me. So as part of the study they need periodic scans just to ‘monitor’ my situation.” He shrugged once, almost apologetically.

Lt Woods, CSO

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