Side Sim - Returning from the dead... MEDICAL (Attn CMO)

Posted Aug. 4, 2020, 10:22 p.m. by Lieutenant Kalika Darz (Security officer) (Melissa Aragon)

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Several hours later, Kalika started to stir. As she fluttered her eyes and looked around, the young woman found the Captain sleeping beside her as if she had been keeping watched. Her hand reached out to touch Vik’s hand. “Captain…” the soft voice said. A smile slowly lighting her face.

“Sweetheart” she whispered as she looked over to Kali and took her hand in her own. Viktoryia hadn’t been asleep, and it could probably been seen on her face.

She glanced around to try and see where the Doc was, her bed alarms humming softly with the motion and rise in vitals to ‘waking’ levels.


Lt. Sharvi was asleep in his office, but when he heard the alarms humming change, he woke up and went out to stand beside the Captain. He checked the systems. “How are you feeling, Kal?” He asked.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Ravenfall, CO

“Sharvi?” Kalika smiled with evident happiness and relief at seeing him. “I’m ok, I think. I hurt still, but more like stiffness than anything. And confused.” She tried to laugh, but her eyes closed a moment in pain. Looking back up, she shook her head at the Captain. “Sorry I’m late.” She squeezed the woman’s hand and looked back at the Doc. “I realize I’m back, for whatever that means.” She let her smile drop a bit and looked from one to the other. “How long was I gone?”


“Almost a year.” Tath said, now holding her hand.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

“Wait… a … a year?” She tried to sit up, her hands moving to the edge of the bed to bolster herself. “No… it can’t have been a year. It was only a few months.” She was confused but lying down was just stressing her out more. “I need to sit up, please.” The look at Sharvi as she asked was as pleading as the sound of her voice.


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