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Posted Aug. 5, 2020, 2:45 a.m. by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) (Miha Kozlevcar)

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Posted by Lieutenant Mike Stone (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering

Posted by Gamemaster Matrix (GM) in Main Sim - Engineering
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While still overseeing repairs of their shuttle from the last trip it made, Mike heard a call being made to engineering

=^=Engineering, this is Nakuto. Are you aware of any key system failures at this time? Particularly involving our diagnostics? =^=

=^= Stone here. I’m not aware of any failure. I’m in the hangar but i can go and check. Can you elaborate what seems to be the problem?=^=

Glitches happened daily. While most were harmless, the few critical could mean huge problems, so checking them was still necessary.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

Stone would hear the thud of her fist against the console, before Nakuto roared in reply, =^= Our systems are lying to me! My ears hear the alarm yet they deny its activation. My eyes see standard space yet they insist we are at warp! I am no fool, Mr Stone, and yet our computers seem determined to take me for one!=^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Kristi was in engineering as the alarms went off and frowned looking around. Everything seemed to be in visual working order. Going to the console, she shook her head and laughed. “Not going warp anymore? I wonder if the warp core is aware of that?” She heard the comm and was about to answer when Mike did. After his reply, she came over Nakuto’s comm. =^=Engineering here, Ma’am. This is Ensign O’Larria. I am showing us having dropped, but the warp core still reads 4.3. I’m working on it now.=^= The line went dead as the Ensign apparently went on to do what she said.

Ensign Kristi O’Larria
(crossed to bridge)

“That’s something new, I haven’t even heard about a case like this.” Mike replied to Kristi.

He was worried, even though he tried to hide it. It was moments like these, when he had no clue, that he loved having Kristi around.

“If display shows normal space, then we dropped out of warp, but the core still doesn’t know about it. I wonder where all the extra energy is going if not to the nacells?”

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

After a few moments stalled out of warp, the ship itself seemed to bend and twist. “Warning: warp core breach imminent. 30 seconds to detonation.

Warning: warp core breach imminent. Detonation in progress.

Warning: warp core has breached. 20 seconds past detonation.

Then everything went black.


Kristi began to panic. “NONONONONONO! You can’t! How can you be breached when there isn’t anything wrong?” She rushed to the vent system in hopes to vent and gain them a few moments. She never made it that far. The ship went dark and Kristi tripped as she and another engineer collided. Falling down and unable to see, she missed the edge of the console with her hand and knocked her head.

For Kristi, more than the ship’s lights had gone out, she was unconscious.


Mike touched around and found a small torch in his toolbox. “Well if we detonated that means we’re dead. I’m not sure where we landed though. I see Viking still around me, so that would mean hell. But since you’re still with me, does that mean we’re in heaven?” He said, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“Let’s go to engineering, we’ll better see what the situation is.”

He tapped his comm, checking if he could call anyone from engineering.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE
((I’m in Engineering… can’t get kiss))

OOC: Hm, I thought from your quarters we went together to the hangar to fix the shuttle, when all this began to happen. I guess I overlooked the part where you said you’re in engineering, so I fixed the post above slightly.

Mike finally made it from hangar to the engineering. The hallways and engineering itself were still in the dark. The warpcore gave off some illumination but it was not much.

“Where is everyone, what’s our status. What the hell happened?”He demanded.

Then on his right, he heard moaning sounds. An ensign stood up, holding his head. Next to him, someone lay motionless though. Coming closer to investigate he recognised who it was.

“KRISTI!!!!” He yelled and jumped to her position. Checking her breathing and pulse and finding them, although both slow and weak, he looked her over. A large red bruise was clearly seen on her head. If there was anything else, he didn’t see it, and he’d need a medical tricorder.

“Get me the med kit, NOW!” He demanded from the NE that came with him from the hangar.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

“Yes sir!” A single torch light turned and illuminated the path to a scratched white box with a Red Cross drawn on it. Returning with the med kit, an engineer who seemed to young to be this accustomed to the ways of the Viking handed Mike a medical tricorder.

Readings indicated that Kristi was overall fine, she had a minor head injury and that was the extent of the damage. One thing was odd. It did seem as though she was dreaming, though she was not asleep.


Mike was torn. He would loved nothing more, then to pick up Kristi and rush to the sickbay with her. But he was the god damn CE here, and the ship appeared to be completely out of power.
After administering first aid, there was not much else he could do. For now Kristi was still out though she appeared stable. The dinner and a movie looked more like a visit to the sickbay with some flowers and a get well card now.

“Well the sooner we get power back, the sooner we can call for aid or use teleporters. Get to the consoles, find out what is wrong.”

He looked around the engineering. Normally it was busy with people, but right now only a handful were here. He looked for any working console, if nothing else, the one directly next to the warp core would have to tell him what was happening.
Did all the lousy repair finally caught up to them and doomed the ship?

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

As Mike approached the warp core, a figure appeared in the corner of his eye. “Captain Stone! Over here!”


Mike was beginning to suspect, there might be foul play afoot. No way were their systems so bad, that an all out failure would happen. Not out of the blue at least. He had one of the best Starfleet engineers looking over his shoulders, and making sure systems were operational. Unfortunately when he needed her most, she was unconscious some 20 ft away.

His security training started to kick in. Kristi was out cold, was she attacked on purpose?

When his name was called out, he didn’t reply immediately. First he checked who it was by turning his light in that direction.

Lt. Mike Stone, CE

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