Docking Bay Two - Junior's Arrival

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Matthew ‘Junior’ Grimshaw (Shady Character/Doctor) in Docking Bay Two - Junior’s Arrival

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Matthew ‘Junior’ Grimshaw (Shady Character/Doctor) in Docking Bay Two - Junior’s Arrival
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“Nevin’s not Section 31,” Junior scoffed, “He’s too honest. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Yes Section 31 know exactly how to manipulate him and get him to do their work but the section is… How shall I put it? Backwards in some ways. Nevin’s parents are Cardassian, he’ll never be in Section 31 as one of their own. It’s not Nevin that I don’t trust. It’s the puppeteer that cannot be trusted.”

“I think we all know by now that you do not need to be involved with Section 31, or even be aware of their existence, to have your life utterly destroyed by them,” Kara replied, glancing towards Sigmundsson. Was it merely coincidence that, just as they had begun to piece together the shadowy organisation’s involvement in the Viking’s woes, that Grimshaw should turn up on their doorstep? Of course, she found it hard to believe that anything happened by chance any more.

“Nevin left here to take up the XO position on that new colony. He was the one that the natives reached out to it made sense. He is capable of command, but command won’t give him one till he’s proven to them he’s ready.”

Junior sighed heavily, “I get the feeling that you don’t believe me and I don’t blame you based on my record.”


“Is my belief in you so important?” she shrugged.

“It is to Nevin,” Junior interjected.

“In the grand tableaux of this battle we face, you are no more than a mere inconvenience, Mr Grimshaw. But I am not opposed to some mutual assistance. If you can perhaps assist us with our current investigations then I see no reason not to help you in return. But it will be wholly on our terms. Do you understand? Even the smallest insect can wreak great damage if they find the opportunity. And I owe it to every soul onboard this vessel to ensure that you do not.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

Peter, now standing right behind Junior, made his presence known without uttering a word or giving away a sound. He had made it clear to the man that he held no high regard for his life. Right now it was best if NAkuto would ask the questions.


“I’m a Starfleet officer. Was a Starfleet officer,” Junior said correcting himself, “One that has made mistakes and trusted the wrong people. Ofcourse this is on your terms. I have no bargaining Chips and have everything to loose.”

“We have all made mistakes, all lowered our defences at the worst possible moment. You are not so unique in that regard, Mr Grimshaw,” the half-Klingon interjected, her tone softening slightly with the threat of distant empathy.

“Last time I dropped in, Mr Sigmundsson threatened to throw me out of the nearest airlock. Something I believe his is capable of and would take great pleasure in doing,” Junior said, “You are capable of providing me with a much more painful end and because I insulted your honour when we last spoke you would be protected from prosecution under Federation law,” Junior offered.

She made no attempt to prevent a grin from seizing her lips at these words, her gaze turning appraisingly towards the CIO. This was the Peter Sigmundsson that she knew and cared for so deeply. His methods might seem questionable to some, but currently there was not another soul in the whole quadrant Kara trusted more than the towering Icelander.

“Mr. MacKenzie, I would imagine would do things by the book. Look at my criminal record, believe it to be accurate then lock me in the brig until I could be transferred back to prison where the Romulans who I allegedly spy for will no doubt locate me and attempt to kill me,” Junior looked at his welcoming committee as he paused for breath, “Each of you could do any of these things at any time of your choosing. Me? I’ve passed the point of no return. I can’t even use a replicator without the request having to be approved by a crew member. How would I even leave the ship?”


She had fallen from the highest rung to the lowest gutter in the eyes of this crew, so it was perhaps only natural that the Viking’s former captain appeared to relish this moment. She was needed. Her abilities were acknowledged and required. Irrelevant, in her mind, that it was only those relegated to the same reputational backwaters as she who would call on this failed warrior. In that moment, she felt the courage and the roguishness of her people course through her veins.

Driven by this recalled confidence, Nakuto advanced on their guest until they were only inches apart. Locking onto his gaze with her own, she spoke deliberately and with precision.

“What exactly do you want, Mr Grimshaw? You want me to contact Nevin and tell him we are the best of friends? Confidants? And what will you offer us in return?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

“I want you to be honest with Nevin. Tell him what you want if you want to tell him anything at all, ” Junior replied, “I would like you to persuade the captain to give me a chance to be part of the crew. That way, I have a chance to show you I’m telling the truth.

“What can I offer aside from my skills as a doctor and someone that would be willing to be your sparring partner?” Junior asked, “I have an intimate knowledge of what thirty one believes is the cause of this ship’s jinx. I sincerely hope they’re wrong, but if they get a whiff that I am willing to share this information with you we all become targets.”


Peter had been quiet, standing behind Junior. He did allow himself a small grin at the comment directed at him. He personally had no quarrels with ending lives that much was true but that wasn’t important, the important part was that his threat worked. He did look at the security chief after Grimshaw finished speaking “For the record, he was holding a former member of the crew hostage and threatening his life. I don’t usually threaten to space people” He looked down at the former Officer “I made an exception for him” A tone of dry humour in his voice “Should we bring the Captain in on this?” He asked the other two.


“In my defence, the hostage situation was staged,” Junior said, “And given my initial hail was seeking assistance and for Captain’s eyes only, I do rather think I should meet her before she suspects that my welcoming committee is anything other than routine, no?”


Kara had lapsed into silence as Sigmundsson and Grimshaw sparred off, the revelation that the man had arrived here seeking employment an outcome she had not been expecting in the least.
“You…seek a position?” she repeated. “On this ship?”

Nakuto could only offer a shrug in Peter’s direction. After all, the Viking had, during her tenure as chief, drawn far more questionable people to it than Junior Grimshaw. And with such a checkered history, there was no denying that he would be right at home amongst this most curious of crews.

“Very well then,” she conceded finally, attempting to ignore the sense that Grimshaw was dismissing her as irrelevant. “Let us go and see the Captain.”

Leading the way out of the docking bay, the half-Klingon trusted the two officers at her back to have sufficient control over their guest as she stepped into the corridor and tapped at her commbadge.
=^= Captain Ravenfall, I request an urgent meeting in your ready room. We have an…unexpected arrival with us. =^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant)

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Junior followed taking his place. He would have been lying if he’d said he’d expected not to be on his way to the brig already, but was none the less relieved at the turn of events.


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OOC: Another bump for the CO - It’s kinda important that Junior has an IC conversation with the CO, otherwise Kara & Peter’s only IC option is to put him in the brig until such a conversation takes place.


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