Corridors: Taking Reira to Sickbay

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As good as his word, the doctor was careful to avoid the ‘busier’ corridors on their journey to Sickbay. Once they got closer he knew he would have to ask Reira if he thought he’d be able to walk their with David’s support. If Akaba was who Harrington thought he was (and his gut told him he was) then he owed the other man the chance to preserve his dignity if he could. All the questions he wanted to ask were burning inside him, but he knew he had to be careful. To bide his time until the two of them were truly alone before he could ask.

His chance came roughly halfway to Sickbay in the heart of the ship, where no-one dared to venture anymore. Taking a good note of his surroundings just to be sure there was no-one there he lowered Akaba to the ground. “Sorry, I just need to streach my back for a bit. I’m not as strong as I once was.” He apologised, the apology not really a lie. Despite Reira light weight Harrington’s body was beginning to feel a touch of strain, he’d weakened since he’d first arrived on the Viking, the lack of sleep and poor eating habits did mean he tired easily.

Twisting his back this way and that to streach it out, David apprised the other male. “While we rest, do you mind if answering a few questions?” then realising how suspicious that could sound he added quickly, “It’s for personal reasons. I’m trying to find someone and I was told you might know her. Did… do you know of an officer named Briar Harrington?”

Dr Harrington

IC: People seeing him this weak genuinely scared Reira. The prospect of being that defenseless was a concerning one to the former Drone as he rested against the bulkhead, slowly getting his breath back. The black heart of the Viking, beating with it’s eldritch malevolence and cruel machinations… How he wished to plunge a bat’leth into it, end this ship’s curse once and for all. He used to believe as a naive, eating disordered Ensign that this ship’s dark demeanour had a perfectly scientific explanation to it, that the other races weren’t as advanced as he was. Clinging to his Borg superiority to hide his insecurities, suppressing his human side to achieve “perfection”. He was no longer that scared child, the Science Ensign now knew that whatever cursed this ship was beyond scientific understanding, that not everything could be analyzed with a tricorder.

“It’s fine, I’m a bit heavier than I used to be.” He stated, closing his eyes for a moment as he thought it over for a moment… Luna seemed to think another attack from Leo was imminent, but Reira was more doubtful. As always, Section 31 had kitted Leo out in their finest warship since it was techinally his own fault the Lanius was destroyed after he made a Tactical Fusion Cube attack it. The Lanius survived, but it was only able to limp home to Jovian Orbit and was about to dock with the Io base before it’s twin warp engines finally detonated. Leo was furious at the loss of the ship, hence why he was so desperate to capture the former drone. No doubt he wanted to exact revenge for the loss of the Lanius as well as mold him into what he had become. The plan was the same… Download the Executioner’s schematics, find a weakness. Use it so the Viking would survive… There were days where surrender seemed the most appealing option, he was so tired of fighting.

“Not at all.” He stated once it became clear this was a personal enquiry. “Lieutenant Commander Harrington was a friend of mine, she was the First Officer aboard the Viking when I first came here 4 years ago… We talked quite a bit, I guess she wanted to make sure I was fitting in because of the ex-Drone aspect. Good sense of humour although there was one situation it went a little too far.” Reira stated, not noticing the small smile on his face. “She entered my room, I was… rather busy with my partner at the time, the CMO John McHarrie. I think she rather enjoyed seeing me flustered, the normally calm and collected Science Ensign. I’m not sure what happened to her, I’m sorry. This ship… It tends to swallow people up.” Reira stated. “Was she a friend of yours?”

Ensign Reira Akaba (Science)

OOC: I genuinely have forgotten what happened to Briar. Good to see you again, Cass.
OOC: So have I lol, so using it as an excuse to have her brother do a little sleuthing ;) It’s good to be back again. Great post btw!

IC: As Reira talked, David found himself smiling nostalgically along as well. The Briar/Harry that Reira described reminded him of the sister that he remembered from their shared childhood. The little sister who had adored big brother ‘Davie’. Who had smiled and laughed and played with him. The sister that tore her clothes and split her lip defending him, but would tease him relentlessly just because she could. The sister that David had thought he had lost, years before Briar Harrington went missing on the U.S.S Viking. The sister that David had been searching from was sullen, sulky and bitter. Their last conversation had been tentative and awkward at best. They had only just begun trying to patch their differences. He had been so, so happy because he thought that maybe… just maybe he would get to see that side of her again.

“She was…” David swallowed. For some reason the words my sister were so difficult for him to say. Perhaps it was because he had never expected to see the care-free side to his sister again. He had always hoped, but he had never believed that she would be that version of herself again. Not since she that fateful party 17 years ago. He had never understood what happened there, only that she had changed forever since. Why hadn’t she wanted to go? And yet… this lilac haired male before him… this Reira Akaba had done it. Without even trying Akaba had made Briar/Harry laugh and joke in a way David hadn’t been able to in years. Reira had been more like a brother to her than David. The blonde sagged against the bulkhead behind him. No wonder she had been angry when he had suggested she transfer off the Viking. Haunted and dangerous, it might be, but she had been herself. He hadn’t understood then, why she was so attached to the ship the flying bucket of metal and bolts. But looking at the officer across from him he knew it wasn’t the ship that she had been attached to.

Harry had loved this ship and everything on it and it had swallowed her whole. He wiped a stray tear from his eye. Hoping that the other male didn’t notice that he was crying. Four years later and Harry’s disappearance still felt like a dagger in his heart. He still hadn’t given Reira an answer yet. “David Harrington,” he introduced himself, holding his hand out for Reira to shake. “And any friend of Briar - Harry” he quickly amended, knowing that had been the name she had been going by, “is a friend of mine.”

His green eyes, so similar to his sisters, shone in the darkness of the corridor. Four years of worry and endless searching had taken it’s toll on the brother of Briar Harrington. He no longer looked like the confident Captain that Briar/Harry had described once, the ‘Golden Boy’ as he had been named. The brother who had, had it all while Harry fought her way out of the shadows, to have her own strengths recognized as easily as his was. He was nothing but a shriveled Ensign doctor. Oh how she would have scoffed to see the perfectly poised brother she had been so jealous of, utterly defeated… because of her.

Dr Harrington

” Reira Dr. Harrington, is everything ok” She asked coming up behind the pair. Her daughter a few feet behind her. ” Reira” Cerenity called excitedly. Luna shook her head. ” Sorry Reira until i know for sure your crazy dad is not going to come after you and attack us i cant leaver her to her own devices.” she said.
Ensign Luna

“Fine Luna. We’re just resting.” David said his eye’s never leaving Reira’s face.

Dr Harrington

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