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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Matthew ‘Junior’ Grimshaw (Shady Character/Doctor) in Brig - Main Sim Timeline

Posted by Gamemaster Matrix (GM) in Brig - Main Sim Timeline
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OOC: I hope no-one minds me starting this thread, just hoping to get Junior involved in the sim and some other characters so feel free to jump in.

IC: Junior had been put in the cell farthest from the door and in what had seemed like hours had passed he had twice thought he had seen some one in his cell. After looking around he had dismissed it as a trick of the light.

He had never seen a brig so poorly maintained. The only thing that worked properly appeared to be the forcefield. The low level of lighting and the strobing effects would make anyone who spent significant time there ill. Junior assumed that’s why security officers came in periodically and briefly rather than being stationed in the room.

Junior was occupying himself doing pressups when all of a sudden the ship itself seemed to bend and twist.

: “Warning: warp core breach imminent. 30 seconds to detonation.”

Junior rose from the floor. and approached the forcefield, but no-one came to turn it off or evacuate.

: “Warning: warp core breach imminent. Detonation in progress.”

Junior’s life flashed before his eyes as he prepared himself for his inevitable vaporisation. “I always knew you were a disappointment, look at where you lifestyle got you,” came his father’s voice. Junior was about to rebuke what he thought he imagined when the next computer alert spoke up…

: “Warning: warp core has breached. 20 seconds past detonation.”

Had the crew managed to eject the core? he moved into a corner of the cell and crouched against the bulkhead bracing for the shock wave that would inevitably hit if they had

: Then everything went black

Junior had no idea how long he had been crouched, but he knew it was longer than the shock wave would have taken.

The room was pitch black even the forcefield appeared to have failed.

“HELLO?” he called as he wondered if this was what death felt like…


“Jolan’tru, friend.” Came a voice from inside the cell.


Junior could not see the face of the person who had spoken, but was instantly hyper alert. Was this person here for him because of his past, or was that coincidence?

“I didn’t hear you come in,” Junior replied in the Low Rihan dialect of the Romulan language. After being marooned on a Romulan world by James McHarrie, Junior had spent a number of years being sheltered by local Romulan civilians who hid his presence from the Romulan military in return for his skills as a doctor.

He was still trying to work out if the faceless voice was friend or foe. Despite having friends on the Empire’s side of the border, he was still wanted by the Tal Shiar, and they were not fussy about how many pieces they got their fugitives…


“A peasant’s tongue. But I should expect as much from you.” A Romulan man stepped into the limited emergency light. “What would you do if that force field fell?”


“That would very much depend on your intentions,” Junior said, “In your culture, I am lower than a slave. To show you respect, I speak the low dialect I learnt, when I could have used the translator. Yet despite my status, you specifically used the terran word friend when you greeted me. Why?”

With his Starfleet training and experience with Romulans, Junior knew the man would not take offence at his open and direct question
- Romulans were known for their instinctive paranoia and mistrust of outsiders, so we’re likely to appreciate his caution.


“My distaste for you is outweighed by a sense of common cause. You would be interested in your freedom, I have an interest aboard this ship. All you have to do is make a course correction and we will let you leave.” By all appearances, he seemed sincere.


“I have nowhere to go were I free. That is unless you were able to secure me some freedom on the Romulan side of the boarder, ” Junior said trying to get himself a better deal. Junior would have his freedom already if he hadn’t trusted others and at this point he didn’t trust the Romulan, but needed to keep his options open. He considered the possibility that Nevin had betrayed him again. Dangling a carrot knowing the outcome would be being locked up again.

Whether Junior was to buy his freedom or to earn Kara’s trust, Junior needed to know what the Romulan wanted…


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