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After a few moments stalled out of warp, the ship itself seemed to bend and twist. “Warning: warp core breach imminent. 30 seconds to detonation.”

“Warning: warp core breach imminent. Detonation in progress.”

“Warning: warp core has breached. 20 seconds past detonation.”

Then everything went black.


“Hello?” Came the science officers Grecian voice as the ship plunged into darkness, Ande silently counted in her head the final 20 seconds whilst reaching for the torch she always carried on her wrist due to the ships mysterious malfunctioning lighting systems, a warp core and being plunged into complete darkness, however, was new to even her. “Hello?” She called out again as she flicked on her torchlight searching the corridor, having made her way clumsily through the dark and knocking several glass containers to the floor which had shattered.

OOC: I hope you don’t mind me stealing this and introducing the science labs to the main sim, think it would be good for anyone who isn’t in any of the key areas to get involved and be a little scared… *Makes spooky noises.

  • Ens Andromeda Lyakios

OOC: Feel free to get involved, anyone and everyone.

IC: Somehow, not even starlight bled through windows. Stray torch lights were all that illuminated the USS Viking.

Hello Andromeda


Andromeda stepped out into corridor fully now her beam of flight cutting through the darkness but even that seemed to be dimmer than what it should have been. Hearing a voice or atleast feeling a precense behind her she turned around “Hello?! Who’s there?” Her grevian voice trembled.

  • Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

Coming from down the hall, a familiar voice echoed, “Help me!”

Go to her Andromeda. the voice behind her taunted.


Andromeda’s arm hairs stood up, she couldn’t discern whether the voice behind her or was it in her head? She couldn’t tell, just like she couldn’t tell if it had any malicious intention but still one foot went in front of the other towards the echoing voice. “Hello, I cant see you where are you?” She called out again, sweeping the corridor with her torch the beam shaking as her wrist to which it was strapped to did.

  • Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

After what seemed to be ages, someone Andromeda hadn’t seen in too long came into view. She was dressed like she had been out rock climbing. As Andromeda came closer, she would see what she didn’t want to: the face of Selene Aganos. She seemed to have fallen a great distance. Blood had pooled underneath her head.


Andromeda, her usual rose gold skin went pale as she stared at the face of someone she had long tried to forget, “Selene” She said the words escaping her mouth before she even registered them. “No… it it” She shook her head and blinking several times it had to be a trick, Selene Aganos died years ago when Andromeda failed to keep hold of her… it was her fault she was dead. Dead, not here.

  • Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

Selene sat up with a jolt. “Failure. You let me die. You let go of my hand.” She stood and came face to face with Andromeda. “You’re weak Ande. And I will never forgive you.”


Andromeda tripped as she back peddled and found herself looking up at a young Selene, bloodied and bruised from her death. “I.. I tried, I couldn’t” She couldn’t string a constructive argument, she had failed and Selene was dead. She was Dead. Andromeda sucked in a deep breath, “I’m sorry you died Selene but you’re dead and you’re not her. Selene was bright, beautiful and you’re not that” She closed her eyes wishing her away.

  • Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

Selene seemed to be about to speak, but she was gone. Left in her place, was dark, empty air.

Someone called from behind Andromeda “Ensign! Are you alright?”


Andromeda jumped, turning where she sat and shining her torchlight towards the voice that broke the silence, her face was stained with tear lines she never wore much makeup but the little eyeliner she had used was now running. “Who? Whos there?” She asked unsure of herself, the whole situation was causing her young science officers anxiety to sky rocket.

  • Ens Andromeda Lykaios

“Hey! It’s alright.” The somewhat familiar face of one of the ship’s nurses came into the torchlight. She knelt down. “What happened to you?”


Ande let out a long rattling breath as she then helped herself of the floor with the nurse’s aid. “I, I don’t know what it was but” She didn’t know how to explain to the woman what had just happened. Wanting to put it behind her she then asked the Nurse a question, “What’s happening? Why did all the lights turn out, has the ship finally kicked then can?” The young Grecian looked back over her shoulder still not believing what she had just been through.

  • Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

“I’m honestly not sure. I think a few emergency systems are working, but it’s hard to tell on an old trash heap.”


Andromeda nodded thinking, she didn’t want to stay here alone not after that, and perhaps it was something worse. “Lets… Let’s go to medical and see if they know whats going on, at the very least we may find some people along the way. Her voice was far more confident than how she felt.

  • Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

“Alright. You could probably use the company and a walk.” They walked in silence for a moment before the nurse asked “You gonna tell me what happened?”


Ande has hoping to avoid that particular question but none the less the nurse asked her it anyway. “I saw something, someone I know to be dead from my childhood” She said with a nervous swallow. “I think there may be more at play here than the usual creepiness of the Viking, usually the noises and the shadows are just glimpses and trick of the eye but this was different it interacted with me, it knew things about my past.” If it wasn’t so dark the nurse would see that Ande’s usual rose gold skin and turned a shade of pale white from the recall fo the memory. “What were you doing down the science labs?” She asked a little accusingly, Ande thought that maybe the Nurse wasn’t real and was perhaps another version of whatever it was she saw.

  • Ens. Andromeda Lykaios

“Someone else on this floor knocked their head when the lights went out. Not enough to send a doctor, just me. This old ship has played many tricks on us, I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew something about each an every person on board”

Coming to sickbay, they found things bustling with minor injuries.

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OOC: I’m going to jump in if that’s all good.

IC: “Well you haven’t got a concussion.” David grinned amiably at the patient in front of him, “Although I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve administrated a mild pain-killer but try to take it easy for the next couple of hours.” with a friendly slap on the back, he moved away. His eyes were already scanning for his next patient. With a sudden abundance of patients and a small staff, there was no time for pleasantries and Harrington, along with the rest of Sickbays Officers were working as fast as they could to empty the space for the next wave of patients.

“Can I be of any assistance?” he approached the latest arrivals into Sickbay.

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