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Viktoryia had been working in getting caught up on the never ending paper work. Her biggest project had been crew, or the lack there of. As quickly as she could get new officers, more of her crew would disappear. She was looking over the news arrivals, and wondered which of them would dissapear first. She had been lost in thought when the alarm sounded and it nearly scared her out of her chair.

The shadows that had been following her since her arrival danced and snickered across the bulckhead under the viewport. She moved quickly toward the bridge and stopped only when her ready room was plunged into total darkness. A tiny shreak could be heard as the shadows dissapeared.

Her heartbeat had already been beating fast and nearly doubles it’s beats pre minute when the darkness hit. She gave her sight a few seconds to adjust to the darkness, but still she saw nothing. The one thing she hated more that what the scientist had done to her was the dark. She was scared of the dark.

She tapped her comm badge =/\= can anyone hear me? =/\= Her voice trembled as she spoke.

Viktoryia Ravenfall, CO

When the lights went down, Kalika had been in her quarters, resting. She hadn’t been cleared for duty yet, so she had been catching up on ship mission logs and trying to piece back together the six months she had been away. At the sound of the Captain’s voice, she tapped her own badge. =^=Captain, it’s Darz. I can hear you. Are you hurt?=^=

She was on her feet going for her boots. She was in simple black slacks and a blue shirt and wasn’t going to take the time to put her uniform on. “Computer, locate Captain Ravenfall!” She demanded as she zipped up the boots and waited for the computer to give her Viktoryia’s whereabouts.


The computer responded =Captain Ravenfall is in her ready room.=

In the CO’s ready room, all was dark. Something familiar came to Viktoryia’s ears. The sound of a familiar gait. “Hello Viktoryia.” a deep, masculine voice said.


Kalika took off as fast as she could move in the emergency lighting that flickered all over the ship. It would take her a few minutes, but she was going to make it to Raven. The woman had saved her life. She wasn’t going to turn her back now just because of a loss of position, or the fact she wasn’t officially on duty yet.


Viktoryia drew in on her self even more at the sound of the voice she had tried to forget all these years. “You’re not real!” She drew in a few shallow breaths as the tears started to fall. “I killed you! You’re not real!”

Panic over took Viktoryia as she tried to claw her way out of her Readyroom. It only took her a few seconds to realize she wasn’t going anywhere. “What do you want?” She questioned?

Viktoryia Ravenfall, CO

“Viktoryia. We raised you. Gave you everything you need. All I ask is that you cooperate” he hissed as he reached for her arm.


Lt. Sharvi was in his office in sickbay when he heard the trasmission between Lt. Darz and the captain. He didn’t hear a response back. =^= “Lt. Darz, did you get a response, where is she? Is she ok?”=^= he asked after tapping his combadge. He got up and went outside sickbay with his equipment, he wanted to be ready to head to the captain as soon as Lt. Darz responded.
Lt. Sharvi, CMO

Kalika was running full tilt for the Ready Room. Another 50 feet and she’d be there. =^=Almost there, Tath. I’ll let you know soon as I do. Stand by!=^= The shortening of his name she hadn’t done since before she left and was having lunch with him. It had been almost a joke between them. Her absent shortening, an accident in the heat of a conversation about biology versus chemistry, had left him teasing back with calling her Kali. He was the only one who ever got away with the nickname to her. And in that moment, as she ran towards the Captain’s fearful call, she wished for those days back.


Viktoryia was in tears as she replied “You did no such thing!” Her voice shook as she tried to escape her office. “Gloria Ravenfall raised me! You was going to kill me so I killed you! Your not real!”

Ravenfall, CO

Kalika arrived just then, her body barely keeping from hitting the door as her hand moved to the pad to open it. “Captain!?” She called to the woman searching the room for a quick assessment of what was going on. She wasn’t armed, something she wished was different. But if there was ‘that’ kind of danger, maybe she could distract whoever it was long enough for the Captain to get free.


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