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Join the fight & the Black Fleet SIM on Black Rock!

Fleet Six is the Fleet at the edge of the universe, the Black Fleet. Our home is a black rock and there are many enemies out here that want to take Starfleet out of the equation. But we won't let them, no matter if they are Vren, Breen, Ancients, Elders or the evil mastermind that once wore pips on his collar. Not in the present, not in the past. We stand united in our resolve and although our hearts also have different shades of grey, we won't let the darkness win. Do you want to join the fight?

Award for "Best Fleet" received in: May 2008, Oct. 2009, May 2010, May 2012, Feb. 2013, Nov. 2015, July 2016, and February 2017!
Last MOTD Update: 4.12.2023

Fleet News
  • 9. Oct. 2016: The Genesis is rechristened the USS Genesis, NCC 85101-B (Manhattan-class)
  • October 2016: Pom-Pom Award goes to David Shotton.
  • September 2016: The Black Fleet SIM has started! Read more info on Black Rock.
  • September 2016: Author Award is awarded to Sharon & Julia (read their thread on Black Rock)
  • August 2016: Julia Hager stays FComm in the new Term of Lindsay Bayes and Ray Branch stays as AFComm
  • August 2016:The new Ship Class for the USS Genesis, Victoria Mark II is up for review in the Engineering Dept.
  • July 2016: Black Fleet wins the STF Award for Black Fleet again! The Wolverine gets the best Ship Award! Read more here
  • July 2016: Black Fleet News & all Reports have all been posted to the Black Rock CO's Log.
For previous news, see news archive here.
Fleet Crew Support

Support for players and Fleet activities

  • There is ALWAYS a reason to post! You don't know what to post? No problem! Check out our 10 Tips & Tricks for getting involved, collected by Fleet 6 Oldies here!
  • You would like to get inspired by reading outstanding threads that got the 'Author Award'? ~ They will soon be published on Black Rock!
  • You need help? If you are looking for a specific role/character to play or a specific position, please mail the FComm or the AFComm. We will find it for you in the Black Fleet!

Fleet Vacancies - Senior staff

For junior staff vacancies, please see each ship or contact the CO. If interested, please also contact the CO.

  • EUROPA:Counselor, JOs, Swings
  • GENESIS: Comms Bridge Officer, Specialist Scientists, JOs, Swings
  • WOLVERINE:Chief Medical Officer, Swings, JOs
  • OED V: Establishment Owners (Swings), Civilians, JOs
Fleet Hub: Black Rock

"Black Rock" as the Asteroid is lovingly called by F6 personnel, is much more than just an OOC area for the Black Fleet. It has specs, a history, a visual and it is the home of the two Fleet Captains and a meeting place for everybody involved in Fleet 6 operations.

  • OOC Discussions how to improve the best Fleet in STF
  • OOC monthly Fleet reports, Fleet news and Fleet Awards
  • OOC Fleet competitions and special events (e.g. short story competition)
  • IC Meeting of the two Fleet Captains and the Black Rock Starbase personnel
  • IC short stints with your character to meet up with somebody in the Fleet

Fleet Awards

These awards are given for outstanding service by members of the Black Fleet. Click on the name to read what they have done for our Fleet.

Pom-Pom Awards

The Pom-Pom is for IC participation for any role player or GM on any ship in the Black Fleet. Recommendations are made by CO, XO and GM through their monthly reports.

Golden Carrot Awards

The Golden Carrot is for any club member who went above and beyond in their OOC responsibilities. Recomendations for this award can be submitted by any member of the Black Fleet.

Author Award

The Author Award is given for high quality threads, written with inspiration and depth in the Black Fleet. Submissions can be made by every Black Fleet crew member, including for their own thread. Please mail the thread link to the FComm and the aFComm. Awarded threads will be published on Black Rock as an inspiration to other players.

For previous Awards, see news archive here.

CO: James Sinclair
XO: Lindsay Bayes
GM: Self Sim
Class: Alt RPG Planet
Ship Homepage: OEDV
Posting Speed: 5 days for all crew

Description: OED V - Want to play a Bolian Archaeologist? A Vulcan Race Shuttle Pilot? Commander of Orbital Operations, and the OED V Space Port? OR Bob the Security Guard? OED V is the only place all of these are easily possible. We are an ALT RP environment, We are STF's Only Colony Sim with Governmental and Starfleet Positions. Come meet all the wonderful characters, on OED V, we run on the PRISM system, that is right Player Run Sims, its like a Side Sim only cooler.......Current Sims Running on a Colony Near you include, The Judgement of Kalidon, Good or Evil, Desperation, Poaching Day at the Oed Zoo, and many more.....Come See what we are all about!
CO: Luke Hung
XO: Hjortur Ingi
GM: Russell Watt
Class: Manhattan Class Heavy Researcher
Ship Homepage: USS Genesis
Posting Speed: Standard

The USS Genesis, is first and foremost a ship with a very long tradition in high quality writing and roleplaying. This is the only ship in STF with it's own extensive website with a full history, continuous sim archive of past missions, extended crew biographies, special IC and OOC Awards and much more. Because for us it is about the magic of an interactive story well written that grips your heart an imagination, rather than rank or titles. If you want your character gain a life of his own and see your imagination become a kind of reality, join the Genesis.
CO: Joe P.
XO: Gavin Burkhardt
GM: Russell Watt
Class: Discovery Class
Ship Homepage: None
Posting Speed: Standard

Description: Commanded by Joe P., this Discovery Class vessel is one of the newest ships in the Fleet. A small ship with a crew of quality posters. The Europa provides a close and intimate environment with regards to role playing and they post at a medium pace. Excellent support is always given here.

CO: David Fergusson
XO: Bob Spicer
GM: Robert Archer
Class: Mariner Class
Ship Homepage: None
Posting Speed: Standard

Description: The Merrimack is not like other Star Fleet ships. We are alt-STF ship set in the TOS-movie era period and there is no Merrimack A, B, C or D! It the oldest and best STF alt-environment ship and things are played a little different. The ship is open only to second character players. It has experienced members and the longest serving Captain. The posting rate is slow to medium fast, but quality counts. This is a time when Warp speeds were slower, when female crew still wore micro-minis as standard uniform and Captains still went on landing parties (never away missions.) A time before Ship's Counsellors or Holodecks. A time when replicators only produced rather dubious looking food dishes. When communicators were located on the corridor walls. When the Klingon Empire was still aggressive if not the enemy and beta Quadrant still seemed a very long way away. Long before anyone had heard of the Borg, or Ferengi, Bajorans or Cardassians. The ship is also 90% Human, although TOS aliens are allowed. You can play a Junior Officer, or your pick of any custom character you can think of - Nurse, Yeoman, Navigator, Helm, Captain's Chef, Ship's Historian, Ship's Physicist, and Transporter Chief.
CO: Ray Branch
XO: David Shotton
GM: Gene Gibbs
Class: Brazen Class
Ship Homepage: None
Posting Speed: Standard

Description: "Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets has many enemies, both known and obvious, hidden and mysterious. It was for this reason the USS Wolverine crew was assembled, to infiltrate, expose and derail the plans and plots of her enemies Welcome to the darker side of Starfleet. The Wolverine is assigned the missions other crews would hesitate to accept. The crew is the best at what they do, but what they do isn't always very nice. . .nor do they always follow the rules Darker, grittier, where sometimes the lines have to be crossed for the greater good of the Federation. That's life on the Wolverine!!! The Wolverine will accept both new and experienced players. Come and join the grey side!!"

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