Side Sim: A party, of sorts

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As the Tweedles danced, their movements became more and more frantic and they weaved and flowed around each other. It seemed to take a bigger toll on Dum than on Dee, as the opaque blob stopped dancing and made its way towards Byr.

“Hello,” rumbled Dum to Byr, “do you dance, friend?”

  • Dee and Dum Tweedle
    Co Chief Engineers

“Not really,” Byr replied nervously, his antennae standing straigt up in response. “I don’t believe we’ve yet to be introduced, I’m Ensign Byrnaterro, Chief Science Officer, recently,” he added having only just received the promotion right before the party in the captain’s ready room.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnaterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

Were she not the XO, Valentina probably wouldn’t have bothered coming to the gathering. But she had learned that while ‘rank had its privilages, it also had its drawbacks. It meant she was required to attend formal and informal functions more than had she merely been a Junior Officer or even a Department head.

Stepping into the room, she glanced around at the mix of personnel that the Connie offered. Most of the races they Federation was in league with, were represented on the ship. And even in this small grouping, most of those were presented here as well. Her eyes scanned the room as she looked for the Captain.

Commander Valentina Bellini

Aaron was currently drunk, throwing Tribbles into cups of Synthehol. As he threw another, he shouted, “5 LATINUM SAYS I MAKE THE MIDDLE CUP!” The Tribble missed the cups entirely, sailing over to land softly on Valentina’s head. “Come play Tribble Dunking, Commander!”

Aaron Michaels, CO

A slight gasp escaped the XO’s lips as the tribble thunked onto her head. Her hands grabbed it swiftly to keep it from toppling and she looked in the direction of the voice. Thankfully, this one hadn’t landed in the synthehol yet, so was still dry. “I think I will pass, Sir. With all due respect, of course.” She smiled and nodded to him as he set the poor furry creature back in the Captain’s hands. She glanced around. “Think I’ll look for a couple drinks, myself, before joining your sport.” She nodded once more and turned towards where few were but the drinks seemed to be.


Byr sighed as he saw the little ball of fur shake when it heard tribble dunking. “I think the tribbles understood you by the way, captain,” he said, nodding towards the little quivering furballs.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer, Science


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